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    • Help Me Please Get Names to These Autographs

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      Okay, so this is something I have been holding onto for nearly over 2 years now, and I think im kinda ready to try and figure out all the Signatures on this.

      This link below to a tweet, will contain the pictures of the Autographed Volume 2 dvd of RWBY, with a fair amount od names. Some I can already tell whos they are, but others, not so much.

      If you all could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


      How I came to got this:

      Pretty much, as Volume 3 of RWBY was releasing, they had a break during the winter months for a winter break. At that time, I think Miles, Gray, Kerry, and maybe one other person had held a livestream on youtube, through the RoosterTeeth account. I was fortunate enough to see this livestream, so I tweeted question, and was really engaged as to what Gray, Kerry and Miles had to say about RWBY. It was a great RWBY livestream, and I went to bed that night, pretty hapoy. I woke up the next morning with a DM from the RoosterTeeth twitter account, saying I had won a giveaway, and that I needed to give the address to recieve the gift. So, I did, and thats how I ended up with this.

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    • Volume 3 Chapter 12 Pyhrra Discussion

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      So, first thing i want to say is i had posted this section of text in the general discussion of the episode. But i feel like Pyrhha needed here own discussion because of the endless possibilities that went on with her. Aswell, if you have not seen the episode, it is currently out now

      So, i know what im about to say will maybe make people mad, but i dont think Pyhrra is dead. Here is. my reasoning for what i said.

      So, Cinder shot Pyhrra with an arrow, but not a normal arrow. It didnt have the same affect on Amber as it did Pyhrra. So, im gonna make a real auick list off effects it had on Pyhrra conpared to Amber.


      Gets shot in chest

      Area of where arrow hit releases Red Particles

      Goes Limp

      Turns into "Orange Dust"


      Gets shot and dies by arrow in chest

      No reaction or after affects

      Now, this makes me speculate that Cinder used a special arrow on Pyhrra. As we now know, Cinder was a "Knight"(A hand of Salem) to Salem, which makes me believe Pyhrra was teleported. Now, where exactly, to the place where Salem was at in the scene. The reason being is the background was red and corresponds with the color of the particles given off. Also, there is a chance that the arrow wasnt deep penetrating.(Dont quote me on that XD) Here is the reason, when we saw the side shot of Pyhrra before she got disinigrated, you could see the arrow sticking out really far, like it wasnt a deep wound. This makes me also to believe that it was used as a "Sleeping Agent".(I forgot what the shots are called thta make you pass out) And it was a strong dose at that. That could explain her reaction to it, grasping for breathe because the strength of the Meds.

      Now, if you say the red particles was blood, no it wasnt, based on the fact that Amber didnt bleed when shot by the arrow in the same area. The arrow should have the same effect on Pyhrra as it did Amber, but it didnt.

      Also, portals and teleportation is a thing we have seen before in RWBY. We saw it with Raven on the train, where see went through a portal.(The portal possibly leading to the dimension where Salem is??)

      So, here is the question. If they did kidnap Pyhrra, what reason would they need her? Well, its easy. Salem said she wanted to see Ozpin burn, and that could be torturing him. Well, Pyhrra could be used as a bargaining tool. Also, this is where i hope that we would see Jaune's semblence come through, where he needs it most, for Pyhrra.

      Now, if you think this is crazy, tell me why because so far, what i said, makes a lot of sense.


      Aswell, we have seen that illusion can be made possible with Emerald. We dont know whta Salem's semblence is, so there is a total possibilty that we can have some sort of mind control on our hands here soon. With Pyhrra, Ozpin trusts Pyhrra and if Pyhrra is being mind controlled, then truly, they found him. Then i think Ozpin would surrender because he doesnt want to kill Pyhrra, and that is where Volume 4 will End. I feel like that would be a good ending point, right

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    • Props to everybody who worked on RWBY vol 3---SPOILERS---

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      Now, this is all i want to say. With every show i have watched and every movie i have watched in my life time, no show has made me feel more emotional and realistic as this has. Now, here is why i say realistic. When Pyhrra was killed, most of us(Im guessing most of us, but i dont speak for everyone) felt sadness and we were in complete shock.

      With regards to that. i felt like i was in Jaune's position. Knowing that someone you were very close to is gone, and i felt so sad. This show has given me the feeling of loosing someone in real life(I have lost someone, i lost my grandma in 2014 due to heartattacks), but with a made up character.

      Im making this because im giving props to you all for doing something that i havent experienced before in any show that i have seen, and i cannot wait until Volume 4 hits, and when it does, ill be there, excited as i always am for a new episode

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    • Volume 3 FINALE Discussion, feelings and Predictions. !!!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!!!

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      Well, i must say this was very emotional. We can infer that Ozpin has DIED.(I think we can agree on that). Pyhrra Has DIED.(By Cinder) and We can now infer that Blake is going for personal revenge on Adam. Aswell, we now that Weiss may not be back for a long time. We can also Infer that Ruby Rose is the Winter maden. (Freezing, eyes turned White, the color of snow). And we possibly have our new group of individuals here. So, We dont know if Blake will come back, and and dont know about Weiss. We dont know if Yang will move on and that leaves us with Jaune, Ren, Nora and Ruby being the only active ones currently. Now, we didnt see Jaune's semblence but i would be really happy if he is able to bring back someone to life with a sacrifice, because i want PYHRRA BACK NOW

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    • Pyrrha will live, and here is why

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      So, we all know Pyrrha is in some deep crap right now. Penny is getting hacked into, and she is a robot. Pyrrhas semblence on works on humans. Right? Not exactly everyone. Here is my reasoning. I was watching a Youtuber by the name of LostPause react to Forever Fall Part 2. (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVENT SEEN UP TO THIS POINT) In that, Jaune is attempting to kill a Ersa. Pyrrha comes in and saves the day, because she used her semblence. Ruby the askes,"Woah, how did you do that?" Pyrrha explains her semblence and then Ruby responds with,"So you can control pulse." Then Wiess responds with' "No you dunce. She can control magnetism." If Penny is a robot, she can control most of Penny then. I think this be a quick fight, the only problem is this. She accidentally was overcame by emotions and threw Jaune into a column wall. This leads me to believe that wouldnt want to use that again on anyone. Now, if you want to see what im talkign about with the magnetism stuff, i will be leaving a link to the YouTube video.

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    • Volume 3 Chapter 6 Discussion and Thoughts With Future Problems

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      Well, a lot of stuff happened in Vol. 3 Chapter 6. First, lets talk about Pyrrha. He situation is a very difficult one at that. You can tell she is having a rough time with it. We saw in the singles round that she had some emotion going through her. Now, for all the people who are talking about who the different seasons are, and who have the powers, it can be totally random. I mean, we know that Pyrhha might become the new Fall Maiden, but the other ones can be completly random. Aswell, i do not think that have Summer in your name makes you the Summer maiden, unless, they are apart of the 4 characters apart of the FairyTail. Now, with Pyrrha, if she takes the choice of become the new maiden, a couple things can happen. There is a total chance that she can gain all of Ambers memories and truly see what happened during that time in which she got attacked. Pyrrha then can identify Cinder, since, we think she is the one who took it, and there would be that. But on the other hand, Pyrrha can have a totally different personality now. Or, i think that there could be nothing to pass on.

      Another idea i though of is if Pyrrha wont do it, would they use Penny instead? If Penny was used in that, she would be an obvious target for Cinder and them. The only thing is, if Penny looses her Aura, i would expect those powers to then go to Ruby. It is a total possibility.

      Another thing i would like to mention that is important, is that people are saying that Cinder took Ambers power from her and left her in that state. The only thing is, Cinder had those powers in Volume 1 Chapter 1. Was Amber down there for years, or what is teh case with that.

      Now, onto Yang. Personally, it was Neo, Mecury or Emerald. I think it was Mercury relating back to the Doubles round with Coco. She turned around to see her partner(Sorry, i havent memorized his name yet). Well, it was totally possible that it wasnt even him, and it was just an illusion from Mercury. After all of this, she will have to go have a talk with Ozpin, Ironwood, and them. She will explain what happened and truly at that point, i feel like they will go to Mercury and Emerald and put them in prison/under war arrest. Now, here is the true question. I need you to think back to Volume 2 Chapter 16. Where the fudge is Adam at and why was he mentioned in that episode to never be seen since then? In the open cutseen, he is shown in front of an army of White Fang. They just waiting to strike or what? Thats all i have to say for now.

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