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      I'm an aspiring filmmaker in Collage/University at the moment and I have noticed something whilst on set: everyone I have met has a different story about how they joined the film/machinima industry. I'm wondering about how some of you got into it. Perhaps we can all take inspiration from our stories and learn something about the industry in the process.

      Please note: I am a Brit so picture myself with Tea and Scones whilst I tell you my story:

      I started my University/collage life studying Chemistry. It's the time of your life where you think: "well, I'd better do something with my life" and Chemistry was one of my best results after school. Seemed like a no-brainer.
      Usually, a new place and time in my life equals: "I can be who ever I want" but it ended up with myself being unhappy, living in a 6 bedroom flat by myself for a year and suffering with the deaths of my Grandparents a couple of days before I sat my exams. So, as you guessed, I kinda did bad in my exams results. I had taken another year to repeat the course to see if I could have no drama and pass my exams. During this second year attempt I realised something: "I really hate Chemistry"

      This lead me to go and make a re-assessment of my life. What do I like doing? Something that I could make a career out of! So I stopped for a moment and had a deep long thought about this question.
      Nothing. Absolutely nothing came to my head. Then I realised something when I was watching YouTube videos: "Why can't I go and do what they are doing?" then adding the mixture of TV and Film having the same question:

      "Why can't I go and do what they are doing?"

      That is where I am now: Studying films, practising what I preach and taking opportunities to get myself on productions and noticed so I can make a career out of it. Still a lot to learn but taking the most optimistic approach possible.

      What about you? What got you into filming/machinima industry?
      Any advice for people to get better at it?
      Any and all comments are appreciated :)

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    • up-to-date with myself

      5 years ago


      I know, I know. I haven't posted an entry for 8 months but I swear, I've been busy.

      I've been on film sets as something different than a runner (someone that runs (duh) and makes coffee/tea for everyone) and I've built my first computer.

      I have been on a BBC production called: "Now Or Never", A feature film called: "Kerb Krawlers", A short film about Drag-Queens, another short film about a bingo-caller with turrets and have been awarded an internship for 6 months at a production company.

      The computer I've built is for all my projects. Current and future ones. But that being said, I also want to game on it but don't really have many friends so it would be kinda boring at the moment.

      That being said, if you want to hangout whilst gaming, don't hesitate to ask. It would be great to know more people from this community.

      Just don't be afraid to contact me on here.

      What about you? Done anything since your last journal post? Let me know!

      Keep staying awesome.

    • Future

      6 years ago


      So, I have finally got a game capture device. Only thing is, I need a T.V with a HDMI input. Its strange not having a modern day T.V but finally i will be having an upgrade. This then means that I can start making Achievement Hunter videos very soon.

      Small scale is best though. Better get an arcade game and show it because everyone else will trample me with their superior knowledge and experience in making them. Hopefully I can get to that level, if not surpass then.
      Dreams, ehh..?

    • THE PLAN

      6 years ago


      So, I have a plan, finally, of what I can do. I am going to do my YouTube channel BUT I will also make community videos on here.

      While I'm At it, I might as well get another account on YouTube and make it a gameplay account seeming I will have the tech to do so.

      What would you like me to do for them? ANY ideas are very appreciated :)

    • Vlog Details

      6 years ago


      So finally after a lot of procrastination, I have decided to make my Vlog VERY soon. I will keep you informed when it comes out (same name mind you: GoHardAaron) on YouTube.
      Perhaps we could be friends?

      Stay cool people. X

    • ME

      6 years ago


      Well, surely you would want to know about myself eventually so you can rip the shit out of my flaws. don't worry, i"m going to do the same to you.

      I was born on 23rd of September 1991. i have suffered from social anxiety and depression since the age of 7 and have recovered from in in the past year.

      i am very vocal about myself and what i think but i do have a degree of intelligence.

      I studied at the University of Glamorgan in Chemistry for 2 years but dropped out because I was not enjoying it. at all.

      I realised at this time that the only items that kept me going was Youtube videos and comedy ( naturally that's why I'm probably on this site) and decided that my happiness and true goal should be to pursue my happiness. I decided that I should become a filmmaker and post videos on the Internet.

      and that pretty much puts you up to date with where i am now with my life.

      I guess I will leave that there
      This has been a pillock called Aaron on the Internet posting detailed piss-taking opportunities,
      signing off

    • About myself

      6 years ago


      It has come to my attention that you people that are reading this will most likely have never known me. So I decided to make this journal so you can understand a few items in my life.
      ( I know, narcissistic bastard ain't I?)

      I was born and still live in a place called Bridgend. Bridgend is a place in the south of Wales.
      Wales is a country in the United Kingdom.

      Lets get this straight to the stereotypes then. The Welsh have the stereotype of having sexual relations with sheep and Bridgend has had the World Record for suicides for two years which was followed by the World Record of underage tenn pregnancies.

      This has lead to jokes like: " What do you call a Sheep tied to a lamppost is Cardiff ( the capital of Wales)?
      Answer: A leisure centre

      Yep, that pretty much sums up where I Live. Next journal will be about myself as a person.

      In till then, keep being cool people
      Aaron signing off.

    • 2019 years ago

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