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    • JaCon Panel Video Update

      14 years ago


      I get my new editing software next week. I'll have the footage up by the 16th. I'd love to do it sooner, but I'm straight in the middle of Hell Week and Pre-Finals right then.

    • Oh yes, it is updating....

      14 years ago


      My new computer is so sweet.

      So very sweet.

      Plus, buying shit for it just gives me an excuse to go to Costco.

    • Molyneux = Genius

      14 years ago


      Some guys want to make a The Movies web NETWORK.
      I'm not this ambitious, but its a good interview. I wish them luck.

      EDIT: Razzy is my new favorite actress. Chopping up onions to sound groggy and sick....

      EDIT x2: Look for an Elm Way interview up on The Movies Planet, the single biggest TM fansite on the web and the thing in the link, in the next few weeks. The webmaster and I have been talking for a bit over the e-mail, and it looks to be a go. I'll try not to embarass machinima, but I'm not sure.

    • Demons in my House

      14 years ago


      Well, I'm calming down from the Lost fiasco, thanks to Bittorrent and its 'quasi-on demand service'. I will have it within my grasp in fifteen minutes.

      Most people get freaked out and try desperatly to find another torrent when confronted with the 127 minute ETA. But the thing you have to realize is that BT is as inaccurate as it is fast. Numbers mean far less than Hurley on this island internet.

      But I digress. I am here to talk about the forces of MAGIK that have entered my basement lair when I was gone at the learning place which I hate more and more each passing day.

      I entered my bathroom, and immediatly am thrust into a world turned upside down. The rug looked ... clean and laundried. It was moved. And then... I noticed other things.

      My bathroom was clean.

      Now, I clean my room once a week, and fully once a month more recently as my free time dies. As an increasingly independent man, and an AS patient, I don't like disorganization or unclean stuff.
      But this was clean.

      My shower is like a fucking city post A-Bomb. There is literally NO getting out the dirt and grime. It's just too in there. I've tried every product known the man. Apparently, I haven't tried a cleaning lady. That was a horrible joke.

      My bathroom looks like Prince William could stay there.

      I just felt like this was worthy of a post. I'm going to take my shower now.


      14 years ago


      Nobody feels my pain.

    • Midterm Return

      14 years ago


      I really F****ng hate how my Rainforest exam is graded. And now my Violence in Cinema exam.

      I am sick of- if you're going to have a test, have it be right or wrong answers. I know we're here to learn, but midterms and finals are not fucking gray areas. I don't wish to be graded by any number of TAs with different tastes and styles on "if you impress us, you win". That's bullshit; I will not recieve an F for that shit; especially since I know film.

    • Simon McKay

      14 years ago


      Well, tonight finalized my main characterness on One Roof. We wrap Season 0 (S0) this weekend.

      I'm finding it more and more amusing that I'm a dumbshit at reading signals, and half of that I CAN attribute to the AS.
      I just thought I was getting them....

      THIS is why I hate my Rainforest class:
      "Here are some links to review if you’re not sure whether what you write qualifies as plagiarized material..."

      I'm pretty sure if we write it ourselves, its not written by somebody else.

    • Rejected by a whole new country

      14 years ago


      Well, O'Grady said no.
      That's a lie, she didn't say no as much as she just said 'You know how much I think of you as a friend'.

      It was one of the more awkward moments of my life, but every second of it had a bit of beauty in it.

      Yes, Razzy, you get full details.

    • ... they also say 'Polluted-Drunk'

      14 years ago


      If Lycanthropy is a nocturnal disease- and in some cases which have waned considerably since the early 1900s, a LUNAR-based one- that shifts your organs, pumps your muscles full of obscene levels of testosterone and andrenaline, and alters your DNA to that of a wolf creature.....

      Then I have the exact opposite, end-of-the-spectrum disease.

      Last night, I showed signs of this transformation, feeling ill, but not so much sick as just staying up untill 4am and not knowing WHY. Tonight, the metamorphisis takes place.

      I'm becoming a leper.

      ... and my Chautauqua midterm as well as Aoife Day are tomorrow. As the accented Irish say: feck.

      Jessie "I want to Run" Cowell just made me all better with his latest video.

      I just realized that my character, Jessie, was given the last name McKay, by ME. I glossed over the obvious. I am the fool once more.


      JLarson1616: howl howl howl
      invaderrizz: that's nasty dude

      I'm becoming King Lear?
      I'm James Earl Jones!


      Greatest thing I've heard on the forums all night:
      In regards to marketing tie-ins,
      "Putting Vader on everything.... makes him a pussy."

      Speaking of Lord Vader: Kat can now kill people with her hand.


      I have two new projects now that I'm going to be doing alongside Elm Way. Don't worry, they both are trailers. One will be something Tone and I have been working on for a month now, and another is a new thing entirely that has been with me even longer than Elm itself.

    • Girl Update

      14 years ago


      Not today. Too sick.

      Plus, the program midterm is tomorrow, and we're in the same program.

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