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      4 years ago


      So I'm going to a convention in my state, namely Otakon, this summer. I am planning on doing a Rule 63 rendition of "Intruder" Blake and am having a hard time thinking of a good male substitute for her bow. I have everything thought up so far other than that. I could use a trilby, but I'd rather be a little more low profile than that and still match the overall design of that outfit.

      Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you RT!

      4 years ago


      So this is going to be super sappy, but I've been going through tough times recently having transferred to a new college and living on campus for the first time. Your company has always been the comedic relief I would go to the internet for almost daily. I've felt like there was a lot of weight on my shoulders and it's enhanced my em-path type tendencies to over think and notice things.

      Red vs Blue has always been comedic and stupid with just enough plot to make it linear, but as the series has evolved over the years, it's kept it's base and not deviated from it's original foundations. What has changed is what the characters are serious about in times that they're being serious. Some of the lines in that show give me chills and I can't help but feel emotional over them. Look at Church's ending monologue in the finale of RvB Season 8 or Sarge's speech right before the Reds and Blues departed from the Freelancer outpost in the same Season. There have been so many good lessons to be learned from RvB while still being the obnoxious, asshole, smart ass pricks we all have grown to love and give a shit about.

      People look at gaming communities and often think they're a bunch of idiots that got lucky and get to play games all day. I beg to disagree:
      Geoff co-founded Achievement Hunter and it's grown into a cult following in just a few years.
      Jack has spearheaded both Extra Life 4 Kids and the 8-bit Salute to make a difference for those that need it.
      Michael has become an (in my opinion) established voice actor when his humble beginnings were yelling at video games in frustration.
      Gavin was/is an amazing Phantom operator and can capture slo mo scenes like nobodies business.
      Ray came from about where I am right now, just a random dude and now he's a large active part of the community that he helped create.
      Ryan managed to video edit like a Mad King, he takes care of GameFails, Fails of the Weak, and so many other shows, and did I forget to mention he takes care of the "Fails" series' by himself?

      RWBY is a show I hear a lot of people in my life giving flak about and I respectfully have to disagree with them whenever the subject is brought up. Monty came from humble beginnings and has made a bad ass series that has been officially licensed by Japan. And I bet you're wondering why I didn't list Lindsay with the main AH Crew, well that's because I'm grouping her here with Team RWBY. All of the characters in that show are ones we can relate to, some I've realized more than other recently, so let's just go in order of Team and name, shall we?
      Ruby is like the kid in me, I've thought that I was better than originally thought and I wouldn't need anybody's help to be successful in college. I was dead wrong, but just like here I've matured and have gained good friends that have helped me through this semester.
      Weiss is the misunderstood "bitch", if you will that has a lot of weight on her shoulders from her expectations, hers are clearly stated and present, but mine are a little more in the shadows than hers.
      Which segues me into Blake's character; her character is the one I feel like I'm most like, where I lived I was a minority in a town of mostly white people and I was discriminated against quite a lot as a child, just like Blake I wanted to start a new life and get away from all of that, which is why my parents were so enthusiastic with me choosing the college I did. The friends I've made here didn't know everything about my past and I've been slowly opening up to them (albeit trying not to depress them).
      Yang would be the part of me that's care free and procrastinates just going wherever the wind takes me, trying to not worry so much about the destination, while I do have one set, just also enjoying the journey that will get me there.
      Jaune is like me in the sense I've been doing terrible since I got here, but like I said before, I've made friends that have been helping get me through it all and they are no doubt one-in-a-million.
      Nora is my ADHD incarnate (heh heh) I can have overly manic states just like Nora constantly has and can have violent tendencies, granted I don't actually follow through and commit the act, I still am like her.
      Pyrrha kind of goes along the same thing as Weiss; whether I did it myself or other people did, I have felt like I was put on a pedestal that isolated me and was hard for me to interact with other people.
      Ren would be my calm serious side. While I can be immature (God knows I am) I can also get things done when I need to and be the voice of reason.
      Ozpin is a great motivational speaker. I've found my arms covered in goose bumps from some of the speeches he's given in the series. His dialogue with Ruby during the ball about bonds and time? I actually felt a deep emotional response in me that reacted to that in such an amazing way. It's true and often times his lines are ones to live by.
      Unfortunately the rest of the cast is a group we don't know quite enough about yet for me to identify with. What I can say though, is based on what everyone has stated they wanted to become a Hunter/Huntress for has the same underlying reason I want to change from Computer Science to Visual Arts; I want to help make people's lives better through entertainment. With Comp Sci I wanted to make video games so people would have the same social outlet as I did as a socially awkward juvenile, but I've learned that programming is something I'm no good at. Looking back I noticed I have enjoyed various forms of visual arts and it serves as the same therapeutic break from life that all of us need sometimes. So basically I want to say thank you, to all of you at Rooster Teeth for being my estranged psychiatrist, motivation, and, dare I say, family. You may consider yourself a Web based entertainment company, but I see RT as so much more. I see you all as artists.

      Thank you,
      Chase P

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