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    • Look Out Austin!

      6 years ago


      I'll be in you in 4 days to pick out and put an offer on a house...then again in 3 weeks for RTX...then I'll be in you PERMANENTLY as of August 23rd!

      Can't wait to make this move!

    • 6 years ago


      Also - whoever decided to throw this up before the podcast started yesterday is awesome!

      DP > Most


    • Status Update :)

      6 years ago


      Wow, I've been a slacker with respect to journals over the past year - but I can't say I've ever really kept up with writing, so maybe I'll start a new trend and try to update more often :)

      This year has been filled with business travel and a ton of career (and family) work for me. Jan - Feb were crazy travel months for me. I was all over Europe and was only able to spend one weekend at home. March was consumed by some local travel, family birthdays, and of course ECCC. I live in Pittsburgh - but last year at RTX @sirnarvy mentioned that I should make the trip to Seattle to work the con. Turned out to be a fantastic decision!

      Enjoyed swapping RT war stories with @SailorTweek and @sirnarvy...and met some very hard working and awesome people. My favorite new peeps have to be @xyly and @hitgurlzdad . They are an amazing power couple - their working relationship is fantastic...and they are a blast to be around :) So - stop on by and get to know them!

      Also, for the last few months I've been working through a move to Austin, TX. My company has an office in Austin and I'm going to be directing all development activities as well as working closely with colleagues in San Jose, CA for the next few years. This means less European travel for me - and much more domestic travel between TX and CA. It is a huge improvement to my travel schedule and will give me much more time at home. Plus, I'm super excited to be moving to such a great area. Nothing against Pittsburgh, mind you (as I'll always bleed black and gold) but I do really love Austin.

      It is crazy the way that life works - I can honestly say that if hadn't watched a random episode of RvB a few years back I wouldn't know about this amazing community of people, and if I hadn't decided to throw in a guardian application to see what happened, I probably wouldn't have even considered moving to Austin. For sure, I wouldn't have met the amazing people that I have over the past few years.

      So, my house is on the market...and as soon as I have an offer I'll be flying down to Austin with my wife and daughter to pick out a house. Then of course we have to wait for closing and all of that crap so, I booked my flight and hotel for RTX just in case! With a little luck though I'll be closing right before or right after RTX, so my travel plans may involve leaving for RTX and never going back!

      Till next time!


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      I'm pretty sure this is one of the best things I've seen in a long time:


      Thanks to @jack for the lolz this morning!

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    • Shout out to Mark Nutt

      6 years ago


      ...because fuck you, that's why.

    • Post RTX - Part 4 (Sunday)

      7 years ago



      OMFG - what is that buzzing noise? Please make it stop! Wait, is that my alarm? Oh god, why!?

      Ok, so it isn't that bad - at least I didn't attend RTSQ Barlympics like some of the guardians did! As an aside - I heard it was a fantastic time smiley1.gif

      Anyway, nothing that a couple of Advil, a 5 hour energy, and a grande iced coffee can't remedy.

      So - I got up at 5:30, and learning from my experience the previous day that attendees would be lining up extra early, I skipped out of the live action shoot and headed straight to the convention center after said remedy was administered.

      Sure enough, when I arrived around 6:15 there were already attendees in line! I tightened things up a bit, took a guardian or two around to Canyon (Ballroom B/C) and started line management again. Today our plan was a bit different - we wanted to make sure we capped the lines at a certain point so we didn't have people waiting that ended up not making it into the panels. That way, they would be free to roam the floor of the exhibit hall or attend other panels instead of wasting their time waiting in lines for nothing.

      The plan worked pretty well. We managed to get almost everyone in line into the second RT panel and the AH panel as well. Immediately after this, the line for the live RT Podcast started forming. We were really worried that we'd have to turn a ton of people away - but at the last minute (well last 40 minutes) one of the guardians (Derek) had the idea to remove the divider between Ballroom A and Ballroom B/C to allow more attendees into the room. Thankfully - Freeman was there to help - those guys and gals were awesome, and within 40 minutes we had an additional 258 seats in the room. This turned out to be enough to fit ALL of the attendees that lined up to see the podcast. I was extremely happy to see that we were able to fit everyone in.

      Just goes to show that even on short notice, a well coordinated set of hard working people can get a job done. I hope that everyone that was sitting to the left of the stage in the diagonal row gives the guardians a shout out for that one!

      I was able to sit in on the panel (because we had to keep attendees from roaming into floor space) and I have to say it was one of the funniest podcasts I've experienced in awhile. The story about Gavin's "knob" literally had me in tears. Also, Jack nearly made Burnie puke on stage. That was classic. If you haven't seen it yet - stay tuned for it tomorrow!

      Following the podcast, I just helped out where needed on the floor, upstairs managing lines for the afternoon panels, bought coolcaiti a coke, and just generally watched things wind down. We cleared the main hall right at 6:00 and after a few pictures, some words of thanks from the RT staff, and some goodbyes I managed to make my way out of the convention center around 7:30.

      On the way out I ran into Burnie again - so I shook his hand and mentioned how great the BIGGEST RTX EVER really was. It was an amazing accomplishment for those involved, RT staff and guardians included, to keep everything orderly and organized.

      I can say that I'll certainly be back next year - as a guardian if I'm lucky enough to be picked again. It was an incredible experience and made me feel great to give a little back to RT. Can't tell you how many times I've laughed, been cheered up, or just enjoyed listening to a podcast on a long trip because of the incredible company - and the people that work there.

      I guess you could say that as long as there is a RoosterTeeth - I'll be a RoosterTeeth fan.

      smiley12.gif ,


      tl;dr; - RTX2012 was awesome. RT is awesome. The guardians were awesome. Go to RTX2013.

    • Post RTX - Part 3 (Saturday)

      7 years ago



      RTX DAY 1 w00t!

      Arrived at the convention center at 6:30AM. Even though the exhibit hall doors weren't opening until 9:00 - there were RTXers there already, eagerly awaiting security to open the doors so they could get in line.

      After our guardian meeting, last minute assignments, etc. we moved out to the hallway to get into place on the exhibit hall floor, guarding the doors so people didn't walk in too early, or managing the, um GIGANTIC LINE OF THOUSANDS OF RTX ATTENDEES THAT WRAPPED THE WHOLE WAY AROUND THE CONVENTION CENTER.

      I have never in my life experienced a line of people so long in my life. Seriously. Here is a diagram of it. It is the line RED It starts at the green dot and ends at the blue dot. Keep in mind that EH-1 is 210'x210'. That is a huge line.

      You may be thinking - what is better than a half of a mile long line of rowdy RTXers? Letting a half of a mile long line of RTXers into an exhibit hall that is filled with tons of incredible exhibits, activities, RT staff, special guests, cosplayers, and of course - Halo 4! The energy in the room was incredible - even though the lines were long and certain exhibits were crowded, everyone was in good spirits and the guardians really helped to move things along smoothly.

      I pretty much spent the next 8-9 hours helping to manage the incredibly long lines that formed for the most popular panels. I don't think anyone expected the amount of interest in most of the panels. There were a ton of things to do in the main exhibit hall - but nearly everyone wanted to see the RT and 343 panel on Saturday morning. The line formed early - and the lines formed fast so you had to be on top of the schedule if you wanted to get into these panels!

      Over the course of the day I met Miles, Geoff, Kathleen, Michael, Ray, Ryan, and plenty of other RT staff that were walking by, signing autographs, and taking pictures with attendees. I can tell you for sure that no less than 20 pictures of RT staff with adoring fans were taken by yours truly.

      Around 5:30 - things in the exhibit hall were wrapping up and the line for the evening entertainment in Valhalla was beginning to form. I helped to organize this line while the other guardians were clearing the main hall and closing things down.

      When the guardians finished clearing the hall and came out to help with the lines forming for the evening entertainment - guardian Chris and RT Gus asked me to work the private Halo 4 party that was going on in the main hall. This was fantastic!

      Aside from stealing (well, borrowing) Mega64's speakers to help with some musical entertainment in the form of an early version of the Halo 4 soundtrack, I got to meet a few of the 343 production crew - including the one and only Frank O'Connor - and spent a few minutes chatting with Gus. Certainly a fantastic time.

      The private party ended at 10 - so I called my wife and told her to get her butt back to the convention center for the musical entertainment. On my way back to Valhalla - I ran into one Jason. Tucker has to be one of my favorite RvB characters - and since New Old Car is hands down my favorite short - I couldn't resist the urge to have one of the guys I randomly met at the D&D Pub with Jack (that just happened to be walking by as well) snap a picture of us. After that, my wife arrived and I was able to catch the tail end of Trocadero - plus see all of the Jeff Williams/Lamar Hall/Awesome Orchestra performance. It was amazing to see the songs that I know and love from RT Shorts and RvB live. For me, the highlights were certainly the well arranged orchestral pieces from Season 9 - as well as "Talking That Shit" and "I Say Ooh" - from some of my other favorite shorts.

      I ended up leaving just as the show ended around midnight. Went straight back to the hotel room, brushed my teeth, and fell face first into bed. I guess 18+ hours on your feet will do that to you.


    • Post RTX - Part 2 (Friday)

      7 years ago



      RTX DAY 0 YEAH!

      Arrived at the convention center bright and early at 7AM. Met Chris - my awesome team lead, Mary - his awesome wife and all of the other guardians on the Friday shift.

      We stuffed bags. Lots and lots of RTX bags. The mountains of bags were endless. With about 30 people stuffing, we got a ton of work done in a short amount of time though. Yeah teamwork!

      When the bag work was under control and drawing to a close (haha) Chris asked for some volunteers to help Adam move the live stream PC's to their eventual destinations in the panel rooms and ballrooms. As it turns out, the fact that I'm slightly computer savvy smiley0.gif came in handy. After an enormous amount of technical problems and troubleshooting - Gus, Adam, David, plus the nerdy guardians helping managed to get things sorted out. (Though I think Adam ended up staying until security kicked him out.)

      I think I left the convention center around 8PM - but I can't remember. Headed back to the hotel, prettied up, stopped by Buffalo Billiards with my wife to crash the RTSQ charity auction and say hi to a few folks (didn't have SQ tickets) then went to a late dinner at the Iron Cactus for a few margaritas and some lobster tacos. Not a bad day - not bad at all.

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      5 years ago

      You'd better apply to be a Guardian for RTX 2014 today...or I will hunt you down! smiley13.gif

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      6 years ago

      We could have talked all night sunday! There will be more time for that (kinda) at ECCC and certainly at RTX! smiley13.gif So very happy to have you aboard!

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