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    • Calling Bullshit in Final Fantasy X

      1 year ago



      Here's something which kinda irritates me in some games or t.v shows (anime specifically). This is Auron, the best character in FFX, basically the wise old man persona who is mapped to be the tank character. When I first played this game i thought Auron was a old geezer, maybe mid 40's. But from one line which he says near the final act of the game he says "I was about your age, 10 years ago." (not a direct quote but I'm no journalist.) 

      he says this to Tidus, the whiny yet a personal favourite character in the series. Now Tidus' age is unknown, but being a child in flashbacks 10 years prior probably suggests hes 17-20 years of age. For a reference this is what he looks like in the game:

      2698142-ffx-tidus-sending.jpegso knowing this. You can make the guess that Auron is around 27-30 years old.


      and that is the problem. I hate mis aged characters. 

      yeah a massive post just to get across a pet peeve of mine. 

      P.S: FFX is one of my all time favourite games. Very happy that it was remastered for PS4

    • Dissapointment!!!

      1 year ago


      No words can describe how annoyed I was when I realised there was NO scene in the Death Note Netflix Movie where Light takes a potato chip and eats it!!!!!!

      get your shit together Netflix. You had one job.

    • After 81+ hours, Joker is still looking cool...

      1 year ago


      Bet you never saw it coming? ;)

      So about a month ago i decided to get a PS4. Main reasons why where in a previous post i uploaded when i first brought the thing. and in this long list of games which i wanted to get my hands on, Persona 5 was pretty much top of my list.

      when i first got the game, the bloke who sold me to said to me "prepare to forget what the sun looks like." At first i just laughed becuase i thought he was being sarcastic. Though now after i finished the game after clocking in 81 hours at my last viewing i can safely say that this game is pretty much the most interesting, addictive game I've played in a long time. 

      To be honest i have no clue where to start, this is just me rambling becuase my brothers despise JRPG's more than Candy Crush, so imma be spoiling this so theres your warning.

      many would agree that the bittersweet feeling of finishing an amazing game, book, or tv show  is probably the best feeling someone can have while getting invested in the world that is being built. while you go through you feel down about finishing it becuase you wont see these characters again. Or go through different story arcs seeing what happens to these characters. For me this has only happend to me for 3 games: Bioshock, Final Fantasy 10 and now Persona 5. 

      I think the reason why i personally love this game is the way it portrays its characters, in most anime (i make this comparison for obvious reasons) the main protagonist is this perfect unstoppable teenager which can do most things older people cant do. And granted the whole plot of P5 is basically "fuck adults, teens are the best" but I loved how every character in your party had that one thing which made them an outcast and how they where all brought together. Ann being the hot transfer student who felt like everyone judged her for appreance, Your character for being a misunderstood deliquent, even the annoying mascot who didnt know his past (stop telling me to go to bed Morgana, you cant even remember if you are human or not.)

      But there was one character out of all of them which stood out for me. And it was definitely the reason why I went from playing the game a few hours a day to pretty much all day every day. this whole part of the story really made me sit back and just feel determined to do something. This was the 4th chapter in the game where you save your guardians adoptive daughter from a life of depression, anxiety and hermitism (if thats the correct terminology). Futaba and her story really stood out as the highest point of the entire time i played. a young girl thinking she was responsible for her mothers "suicide" had me feel weird. As in i actually wanted to rush through this part to see when she gets better. This especially spoke to me due to my past with depression and anxiety, but stemming from something entirely different than this character went through. There where parts where you have to solve puzzles of pictures for parts of her life while she tells you how she was the cause of it all amd how she wanted her bedroom to be her tomb all with some pretty amazing music (go find it on YouTube, its called The Days When My Mother Was There) rattling in the background. Furthurmore, i was treated very well to getting a very funny joyful character who was pretty much my favourite character. All made a much better turn from the kinda low point of the Madarame Chapter, but that gave me my strongest party member so i guess that makes up for it. 

      so if you have a ps4. Do yourself a favour and invest your money on this arguably game of the year winner. Even if your not into anime, or japanese culture in general (i wouldnt say im obsessed or a "Weeb" which i never knew what that was until recently) ots just a style to show their take on art. who cares if some lines are cheesy, or if the mascot doesnt shut the fuck up in his squeaky voice. Its still brilliant and ill miss it, i know i wont get anything extra from it but theres always replaying it sometime when im older and have forgotten everything which happens.

      thanks for reading. I just really wanted to vent positivity for sonething which has clearly been made with love and effort! 


    • Gouganator's 7 Favourite Games: Day 4- Fallout: New Vegas

      2 years ago


      Hello my favorite Fallout game!

      I have to always disagree with anyone who says that New Vegas is a crap game. Its personally my favourite setting in the fallout games ive played (I'm looking to play 1 and 2 in the near future) but its so much better than the Green and Gray of Fallout 3, and, well 4 was great in its pallet but New Vegas just felt so much more atmospheric to me. 

      But talking about colours is boring as hell, the main part of it which appealed to me more than the others was the main quest line. Just being a lonely delivery man on the path of revenge, trying to kill the man who "killed" you for a package which was being delivered to New Vegas, it just feels so much more badass than the story of 3 which was "I wanna find Liam Neeson" and Fallout 4 "Where is my son?". To then which grows to something larger and could lead to you owning the damn strip itself.

      And that's not even talking about the expansions, 4 brilliant stories and locations which could have easily been released as separate games. And with the underlying story of that one guy whs been mentioned thought the whole of the base game and the expansions, eventually teasing the divide and the shit which will go down on there.

      Not really much more to say. its awesome. play it, probably super cheap too!



    • Swapping Sides

      2 years ago


      Its official. This week I am betraying Microsoft, the xbox has been my console since 2008, I have over 78,000 Gamerscore and I do like the console. However. I think its about time to migrate over to PlayStation. I've had fun with the Xbox but there is so many games I want to play which are exclusive. And ive had a rough half a year, so I think its time to treat myself.

      Heres to a new start in my gaming life!

      ps: I will still play battlefield and overwatch on xbox XD

    • Gouganator's 7 Favourite Games: Day 3- Mass Effect 2

      2 years ago


      Remember when I said a lot of games on my list are RPG's?

      It was very hard to think of where exactly I wanted Mass Effect 2 in my list at first I was going to put it 3rd. But eventually decided to put it 5, as the other 4 on this list have a VERY special place in my heart and hopefully games ill show my kids one day. If that ever happens XD. So 5th. Mass Effect 2. Personally my favourite space game ive ever played. And most likely Shepard being very high on the "Greatest characters in video games according to Gouganator" list (hints for future posts which I like to post which no one reads ;D)

      I think everyone who has played the Mass Effect trilogy before knows why the second game is Tan-Fucking-Fastic. Amazing cast of characters with their own personalities and story arcs, well most of them anyway *Cough* Jacob *Cough* recurring characters from the previous instalment make it even more fun to play every side quest and explore ever hub there is. Which I have done many, many times before. Though my favourite has to be my second playthrough of 2 with Co-mander Shepard. a pun which always made me laugh over how dumb it was. Being a total arsehole to anyone and everyone, punching reporters, head butting Krogans, intimidating people and threatening to cut their testicles off. all great times which I wish I could forget and re-live for the first time. ever seen that video of the woman crying her eyes out because she would never go through watching a Twilight film for the first time again? That was me at the end of ME2, except less tears of lameness that is Twilight. 

      What stood out most for me though is the Suicide Mission. the final stage of the game where you gather up all those resorces you spend hours on probing planets hearing "Launching Probe. Probe away. Anomaly Detected." ever damn second (only downpoint of the game). Getting ship upgrades so you can battle the enemy one last time. With the added fear that you can lose crew members, even when I knew my Normandy was maxed out and practically in-killable I still had my heart beating just a little quicker than usual when going through the whole section. And trust me I had a lot of people dying in my first playthrough, only 5 people survived, funnily enough the only ones which I never did their loyalty missions first time around, poor Mordin getting carried off by the bees. His loss was never forgotten!

      Sure the gameplay wasn't as good as the first one, and at times probing was very long and boring. But it will always be the best Mass Effect game, Fuck Andromeda. and that's really it! I know these haven't been daily but who gives a damn? no one is hell bent on wanting to know when my next post is :P This isn't galacticraft, it will be added to eventually XD

      Thanks for reading! number 4 will be posted soon!

      P.S- Mass Effect 2 didn't have Shepard walking like he shat himself and was jogging to the toilet like the first one did.


    • My Thoughts On: The 13th Doctor

      2 years ago


      I have never been a Doctor Who super fan, I've been a casual viewer for a long time, started watching in David Tennant's last series and have been watching ever since, only due to being nothing on Saturday evenings. Most stay at home people in England know this. However when I learned that the next series will be a fresh start with a new head writer with a new cast and such, I decided to watch all of the "New" show, from Eccleston to Capaldi. I got into it, liked the stories and characters call backs and such. Thought David Tennant was annoying and clumsy, Eccleston was cool and should have stayed longer, Matt Smith was ok but the writing just got too confusing and all around difficult to follow for casual viewers. 

      However it was Capaldi which really got me thinking how cool his character was. especially in his last and most recent series, he is by far my favourite actor to play the Doctor. Then today came, they revealed who the next Doctor is. Honestly I'm disappointed, and for a few reasons. In no way am I annoyed that they chose a woman for the role. I don't really care about it but it does seem like ticking boxes to keep people happy, much like the very PC character of Bill, who again was a good character but just because they could they forced down the viewers throats that she was a black lesbian foster child, she got (I'm my eyes anyway) just a way for the writers to say "hey look how diverse we are?!" which really shouldn't be in a sci-fi show for family entertainment. 

      What really makes me think this new actor is a bad idea is because of how ordinary she is. Shout out to my mum which made this observation about her looking like an everyday person. Really isn't a bad thing in real life, but the doctor should be unconventional, not really ordinary looking. usually the character wears old, uncommon clothes whereas in this advert it looks like she went to her local Primark to shop for a cool hood and trenchcoat. 

      Another thing which I could see happening which I hope to god that I am wrong about. I can see her being quirky, try hard to be hip and cool like Tennant, which I don't think the character should be, personally I think the character should be old, wise and more of a father figure to characters, which Smith and Tennant are defiantly not. And I cant really see this new actor to be like that aswell.

      All in all I think I could be wrong about her, she could be an awesome badass like Capaldi. however right now I am sceptical of how she will act. and please don't make her be all modern and try hard cool. I guess we will see at Christmas!

    • Failed Exams

      2 years ago


      So just got my results back for my University modules. one I passed with flying colours, the other I fucked up so royally. Even though I have to complete some coursework to make sure I can stay on to the second year my confidence in myself has pretty much been shattered due to me thinking I did good on this fucked up exam. I don't even think that I'm smart enough to go on, just thinking I should give up as I cant even get through the first hurdle. Just need someone to talk to, parents are just disappointed and I cant bear to face them :(

    • Gouganator's 7 Favourite Games: Day 2- Fire Emblem: Fates

      2 years ago


      I am a massive fan of RPG's, no matter what country they originate from they have always had a special place in my heart. in fact, most of the games on the top 5 are RPG's. which now that I think about it is pretty crazy. 

      But enough about that, I want to talk about my 6th favourite gam ever. Fire Emblem: Fates is the second Fire Emblem game I have played, the first being Awakening. I found it pretty difficult to decide between the two, which of these two are better, to which I finally decided to chose Fates. Specifically the third path DLC which you can take, main reason being you get characters from both sides, most of them being the best characters. Xander is unkillable. 

      the second reason why I decided to chose Fates is just the idea that its just two countries at war, simple and easy to understand. Though its completely different in the revelations side, spoilers for people who haven't played it. 

      Sure it still has its bad points, some of the Support Scenes for characters can be REALLY cheesy, which is very similar to Awakening in that respect. I kind of wish that the next installment which features a character creator can have a personality setting at the start of the game which can determine what you say and how you act. maybe as an example you can select either happy persona which gives you those cheesy scenes and lines, but then you could have the "utter douche" persona in which everyone hates you and it disallows you to marry anyone. might be a bit too much? maybe, but its a cool idea.

      Anyway, Fire Emblem: Fates, whether it is Conquest, Birthright or Revelations is a must play for any RPG fan out there. gameplay is on point, even though I wish where was a constant fast forward setting in battle moments, but we cant all get what we want.

      Tune in soon for Day 3 and starting the top 5! hope you enjoyed, I know its not super long but deal with it ;)

      P.S- Fates is better just because character models HAVE FEET!

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