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    • Finally started that YouTube channel!

      2 years ago


      So I was talking about how I wanted to start a YouTube channel for DDR a while back and I finally got off my fat ass and did it! Just recently have I been able to AAA stuff and it's been the most AMAZING feeling, 15 years later that I can finally keep correct timing, holy hell.

      Man, honestly, I'd be happy if I got back to 100 subscribers like with my old account. I'm going to try and effort in the thumbnails and such and hopefully make good content. 

    • The Small Things from RT that are awesome

      2 years ago


      So I've been kind of throwing this out there to my boyfriend, the YT it's on and the forums, but RT did something completely awesome for me without knowing it: putting their mini adventure of playing music games in Taiwan for their Adventures of Taiwan video. Now, the games are definitely Japanese, mind you, but Taiwan, Korea, Japan and almost all Asian countries have music games, which is not something you'll ever really see here in the USA. Now, I feel like people would look at that video and go, "oh, they're just playing games in an arcade", but the fact of the matter? You don't see a lot of influencers and "celebrities" (I consider the RT team celebrities) actually give the games a shot, let alone record themselves. They were having a good time and displaying games that are completely unknown to the general United States community unless you're an active arcade goer or really into the genre. With Round 1 USA making its way through the states, a lot of the games they played in the video are starting to hit our shores, giving them exposure. Heck, the games that the RT crew played, they can find them at the Round 1 Arlington store (if they ever decide to go). The fact of the matter is, the reason I'm so happy that they showed that was that the games got a little bit of exposure and they looked like they were into it (at least a little, totally hoping that was the case).

      I feel bad kind of writing this because I don't think I've actually stepped into Round 1 for a while to play a music game myself (taking a huge hiatus because of work and other personal reasons) but it's still something that really makes me happy and it's even more awesome when people I look up to are giving them a try. Maybe I'm just sounding like a rabid, repetitious fangirl at the moment, but that really made me overjoyed to see. I never dreamed seeing RT crew playing MUSECA or Beatmania IIDX or even BishiBashi.

    • Restarting Some Stuff

      3 years ago


      So uh... once upon a time, when I was in high school, I used to play a game called "In the Groove", which was honestly a DDR knock-off, but I loved it because it gave me a challenge and it was always breaking new ceilings of difficulty with the community based charts. And because of my love of the game and how skilled I was getting, I thought it would be a great idea to start a YouTube Channel of me getting relatively decent scores. Eventually, I stopped doing this for two reasons: 1.) my pad had kicked the bucket after 5 years of constant use (and of course, RedOctane went out of business, so no replacement options) and 2.) I was entering college and playing (AND COMPETING IN) another music game called DJ Max Technika.

      And then four and a half years of college happened and that thing of being able to really dedicate yourself to a game? Yeah, that kind of stopped for me. I couldn't really do anything as hardcore anymore without letting it affect my grades and also, at the start of my Freshman year of college, I started dating my current boyfriend (we've been together for over 4 years now) so that started taking precedent.

      So, I'm out of college now with a career in marketing/journalism (essentially) and I figured, "Well, I have a decent paycheck now, I have free time on my hands, and I want to do something active that isn't the typical gym norm". I've gained about 30 pounds from the start of college to now (thanks, burritos) mostly because I had conformed to sitting on my ass, doing homework and being on my computer constantly.

      My thought process was, a couple of days ago, "Why don't I get back into DDR? I still have the skill to play and it'd be fun to finally do again."

      So I'm going to attempt to do videos at an arcade I used to frequent a lot. I'm just nervous because I haven't done this in a very long time and I don't want to see myself getting frustrated if I'm not getting Perfects on everything or if I'm having just an off day, or god forbid, I'm rusty. I'll probably post the channel up when it's ready and stuff. Hope I'll do okay tomorrow. Probably will. Eh. *nervous chuckle*

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