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    • Will I Ever Hear You Vroom Again? A Tale of Automotive Interest & MORE!

      1 year ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      To start off I generally don't post journals due to not having interesting something to write about, (but mainly because I'm lazy and I forget most things I deem irrelevant or frustrating). But yesterday something special happened that opened up my eyes on how I perceive myself and where I should go. And in a cruel twist of fate, I sort of met someone but not really (more on that later) but I don't see any way to continue meaningful dialogue with this person outside of the topic that facilitated the initial contact.

      So to fully understand this story we have to go back to  Late June/ Early July of this year. Just before RTX I was considering buying a Jeep of some sort. (Partially because I thought it would be nice to have one and because my parents were getting rid of the Jeep we already owned) I would need something reliable for the winter, so a Jeep with my dad's suggestion/help is one of the first things that came to mind.

      Towards the end of June I came to the decision that it was time for me to trade in my Mustang. I had gotten tired of it. Partly because I had it for 8-ish years or so and I was tired of doing lots of little repairs to keep it in great condition. So at the onset of July, I went to a Jeep dealership and bought a new car and took out an auto-loan, reaffirming the vicious circle of debt that I have come to despise but also need in order to keep my credit and to a lesser extent, my financial responsibility, on track.

      Part of the deal in getting my new Jeep was that I had agreed to trade in my Mustang to help shave off a few thousand or so. For most Mustang owners, this was certain treason of the highest degree. I might as well have worn a red coat and called myself Benedict Brock. No Mustang owner in their right mind would willingly trade in their hot rod. Except me. As I turned on the ignition to my new Jeep and drove homeward bound while pouring rain outside; I left my Mustang behind with its new owner (The Dealership) and left it to its fate. However, I couldn't help but think I lost a piece of myself when I drove off the lot and I wondered what would become of the car I had for the past 8 years. If you couldn't tell by now (I couldn't at the time, I had an emotional connection to this car). Ladies if you ever wondered why men get weird about cars sometimes, this is why. Even as a gamer with no interest in most things automotive I felt this connection to my car that I can't really explain.

      As fate would have it, my Jeep started acting up last week and having a myriad of electronic issues. So I did what any regular joe-schmo would do and took it a local Jeep dealership, thank god the car came with a warranty. (This dealership was closer to my house than the one I bought it at, and my dad has connections in the local auto industry because of his superior car knowledge and skill so he set up the appointment for me and talked to the right people). So I dropped off my Jeep on Friday night after work and I told the service writer (fancy name for a dealership repair receptionist) what kind of issues I was having and went home to start my weekend after my dad picked me up.

      Somewhere on my Saturday afternoon I get a call from the Jeep dealership telling me that my car is ready to be picked up but that it will likely need to be dropped off again the following week because the mechanic didn't have enough time to go over everything and suspects that the problems my Jeep was having were the first ever seen for that model and year Jeep in the whole country. (Yah I know just my luck, the one time I'm actually special is when there's a problem with something).

      Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. I'm just chilling in my room playing some Yakuza Kiwami on my PS4 having a great time being a derpy couch potato and busting up some knuckleheads that were tormenting a good citizen. My dad comes upstairs and says, "Hey Brock, have you popped the hood on your Jeep to make sure a rodent didn't chew any wires? That might be what is causing the electronics issues, I know the manufacturer likes to coat the wires in a special oil that is peanut based and it could attract Squirrels, let's check it out." I say alright let's take a look, and we go outside and check all the wiring. Aside from some suspicious looking green tape that I peeled off (later found out it was supposed to stay on, oops), there was nothing damaged, just as I had expected. Rodents in my area don't like to be on blacktop (what my Jeep was parked on top of) because it hurts their feet a lot and they try to find soft ground first, so my mild hypothesis was correct this time.

      At this point it's a little after 2PM the sun was shining and the wind was a nice Summer breeze and I haven't eaten lunch yet at this point. My dad suggests that we go out on a road test to check on some more things in the Jeep just to be sure about the issues when I go to tell the dealership whats up later this week. So we head over to the local shopping center and we stop in Subway and I get my ever so delicious Italian BMT and a bag of BBQ baked lays potato chips. (My inner fat kid couldn't be happier). Impulsively I buy some fresh Chocolate chip cookies to sate my unyielding hunger for the little brown sugar discs. After what can only be described as an awkward encounter with the person behind the Subway counter, my dad gets his cutsom ordered flat bread pizza for my mom that she always likes and we exit the restaurant and get inside my Jeep and begin driving home.

      Right as we are about to stop at a 3-way intersection near a  (still inside the shopping center parking area) out of the corner of my eye I catch a glance at a Mustang, not to dissimilar from the one I had traded in almost 3 months ago, it had some new wheels, tires, and a new decal on the hood and inside on the dash that wren't there before...

      I alert my dad to this and he brushes it off and said that a lot of people have that color car around here. Then I tell him, "How many people have that color Mustang with those exact decals and window louvers on it"? He got really quiet for a second and then said "Let's drive by it just to make sure". We pull up behind this parked Mustang and I notice that the louvers on the rear window have the exact same repair job I did to fix the crack in the bottom right hand corner. (There was a black polymer that helps bond plastic louvers together for that sole purpose). Right then and there, I said "This is my old Mustang! I can't believe it someone bought my car and I got to see it after all this time!"

      It was like seeing an old friend after not laying eyes on them for what felt like years. I was overjoyed that someone else is enjoying the car as much as I did when I still had it. My dad says, "Hey, you should leave your cell number on the windshield and offer to sell the original wheels and tires to this person". (We had deduced that the car belonged to a woman because of the yellow hair scrunchy hanging on the rear view mirror and the two Starbucks coffees in the cup holders). So I went over to Staples across the shopping center to get a pen and a piece of paper. I scrawled down the situation and how I knew it was my old car and left my number in case the person that owned my old Mustang wanted to buy the wheels and tires from me.

      I felt like I was in a spy movie and that I had to get the message along to an unidentified agent or something. Needless to say I was excited to make a new connection and possibly a friend with another person. (My curse of being inside boy, is that I don't get out that much). My dad and I drove back home and had lunch together talking about how crazy it was seeing my old car again, considering that Mustangs in the condition I left it in don't sit on the lot for long. About an hour goes by and I get a text from a number I didn't recognize saying hello and the person was in fact a woman that liked Mustangs as much as I did.

      For the sake of her privacy, we'll call this woman "Rini". Rini explained that she had bought the Mustang a month later at the same dealership I traded it in at. She said that the wheels and tires looked cool, but she didn't have the cash/ didn't want to buy them because she just bought the wheels on it now recently, which was understandable. After about an hour of texting Rini (not constantly) I say it nice meeting her and all that jazz, and that she can look me up on Facebook if she wanted to look at some pictures I took of the car while I still owned and to keep in touch despite the fact that she said she would be moving out of state soon.

      All in all not a bad Sunday, I got to see my old car one last time and I made a new friend IRL. (Although I doubt I'll ever meet her face to face because of the whole moving thing), this experience opened up my eyes about how people can connect with each other and gave me pause as I reflected back on what I still want to do and what I want to accomplish. I might be able to meet Rini sometime in the future and share some stories about the Mustang and what not. But more importantly it gave me some much needed confidence about how I see myself and that someone like her would talk to someone like me. (If you would seen Rini's profile pic, she was drop dead gorgeous).  Never in a million years would I have just left a note on some stranger's windshield. But I did, don't ask me why or what came over me, I just did it. What I'm saying is, I notice my personality slowly changing and my outlook on my life has been slightly altered for the better.

      If you made it this far congrats, have a cookie. Thanks for reading this and listening to me ramble about my day. Even if just one person reads this it will be worth it, that's why the RT community is awesome! :D

      If not here's the TL;DR

      Traded in Mustang/Bought a Jeep

      Have issues with new Jeep

      Try to get issues fixed

      Go for a drive Sunday

      Find old Mustang in parking lot.

      Leave note w/ phone # about selling original wheels and tires.

      Get a text from the woman that owns the Mustang

      Become Friends with woman

      Enjoyed a casual conversation about the Mustang

      Reflected on my life and how I can improve and do more with it.


      1 year ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      Think you got what it takes to be the HONKIEST BLARG this side of the RT site?

      Everyone that reads this, post your BLARGIEST BLARG THAT EVER BLARG'D! (A funny GIF)

      We'll let mob mentality decide the winner!  yang


      GET SET



    • Took a Character Class/ Alignment Test (Been watching AH + FH's D&D runs)

      2 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      You Are A:

      True Neutral Human Bard/Rogue (1st/1st Level)

      Ability Scores:
      Strength- 14
      Dexterity- 15
      Constitution- 12
      Intelligence- 16
      Wisdom- 11
      Charisma- 12

      True Neutral- A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most true neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some true neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. However, true neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

      Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

      Primary Class:
      Bards- Bards often serve as negotiators, messengers, scouts, and spies. They love to accompany heroes (and villains) to witness heroic (or villainous) deeds firsthand, since a bard who can tell a story from personal experience earns renown among his fellows. A bard casts arcane spells without any advance preparation, much like a sorcerer. Bards also share some specialized skills with rogues, and their knowledge of item lore is nearly unmatched. A high Charisma score allows a bard to cast high-level spells.

      Secondary Class:
      Rogues- Rogues have little in common with each other. While some - maybe even the majority - are stealthy thieves, many serve as scouts, spies, investigators, diplomats, and simple thugs. Rogues are versatile, adaptable, and skilled at getting what others don't want them to get. While not equal to a fighter in combat, a rogue knows how to hit where it hurts, and a sneak attack can dish out a lot of damage. Rogues also seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding danger. Experienced rogues develop nearly magical powers and skills as they master the arts of stealth, evasion, and sneak attacks. In addition, while not capable of casting spells on their own, a rogue can sometimes 'fake it' well enough to cast spells from scrolls, activate wands, and use just about any other magic item.


      2 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      Hello fellow Rooster Peeps! :D

      About 2 weeks ago @Ooaul and myself started the a Pokemon related thread, its a place where anyone can come and chat about being the best like no one ever was! Mainly we just talk about trades and battling strategies.

      But, one of our initial goals is to create our very own Pokemon League that people could challenge just like if you were challenging the league in one of the games. Think about how awesome it would be to say you battled a real Elite 4 (+ Champion) in REAL LIFE! 

      However, with a lack of challengers to defend their titles from, the league doesn't really serve its own purpose. 

      That's where YOU come in!

      Yes! YOU, reading this right now!

      We're asking anyone with a passion for Pokemon and a thirst for battle to come by and show your interest in challenging the League! I'll paste the link to the thread below. We are still in the planning stages of the League but you can still drop by and chat with your fellow PokeFans.

      Thanks for reading, peace homies.  yang

      OCC Pokemon League

    • Thinking about making a Youtube Video

      2 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      As the title suggests, I have been considering making a Youtube video with myself in it. Ever since I really got into RT I had this ambition to make videos, but I didn't really have the means to start. I found a free video editing program that will work with my Acer laptop and I have a GoPro camera.

      Now all I need is the courage to make a video, edit it, and post it to my channel.

      I already posted one back in September, but it was uncut and just a direct upload straight to Youtube. If anyone reading this goes to my channel you'll see and Intro video featuring myself and a bunch of gameplays from the past 3 years.

      As far as ideas for a video, im thinking of doing something in the form of a monologue/open discussion forum where I'd ask viewers to draw their own conclusions about what was discussed.

      Anyone that has ideas or can help me out with how to get started on editing, I would appreciate any advice or tips you'd throw my way.

      Just in case my Twitter handle is @GreenBull92 on my profile page there is a link to the intro video I mentioned earlier.

      Thanks for stopping by Rooster Peeps!  benson

    • 2 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg
    • 3 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg
    • 10 Years of Fandom...

      3 years ago

      GreenBull92 Keeper of Blarg

      For my first journal entry I wanted to say that I really am excited to finally be apart of the RT community (potentially talk to some of the RT staff) and I hope there will be 10 more years of great content and discussion to come.

      As a company, Rooster Teeth seems to be taking off and growing at an exponential rate as far exposure goes. I'm just happy that I crawled out from under my rock to come on this crazy ride with all of you guys.

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      2 years ago

      Thanks for the friend request.  

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