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    • GreenTeamTex

      What Halo(Grifball) means to me.

      2 years ago

      For people that might find my passion of Halo odd, allow me to tell you a story.

      I am twenty-nine years old. Up until I was say 15, I had a difficult life growing up. While I was passionate about learning, I did not receive the positive reinforcement that I probably should have. I was taught to be "realistic" to expect "failure" and so on. This was not my mother's fault in truth, for she had a rather terrible situation on her hands. But I will not go into that.

      My life began to slowly change when I was adopted by the Honeycutt's. I moved in with my brother Johnny, JR, Tim and Josh. We all supported each other and it was somewhere I felt loved. I flourished in high school and was hungry to learn. I went on to college, but soon dropped out for financial reasons. I got in a rut of working and not moving forward.

      I began playing Halo, got my XBL account because of Halo. Met so many awesome people through Halo 2 that I still have great friendships with now. (Nanadel, itsosadbuttru, Rapture, kastor, etc.). It carried over to Halo 3, and we continued to have fun. I was 24 working at Wal-Mart when Halo 3 came out. Soon I stumbled onto Grifball (Thanks to Greenhorn) and found the league (per Jacen Solo). Through the AGLA, I met these AMAZING people Goosechecka, Kalbelgarion first, and others (H2O_Camper, Dragon, Honcho, Rallyfox, Taco, Mango the list can go on forever). These people, built me up. They made me love Grifball even more.

      I eventually got to write for an upcoming website called GrifballHUB. It might have been one of the biggest honors in my life at that point. That I was able to be a part of something and share my thoughts, be creative, people would read what I had to say. It made me feel important. No one will ever know how amazing it made me feel to be a part of something like that.

      I got Goose involved in Grifball because she was so passionate about it (I nailed that one didn't I?) And thus GrifballHUB came full circle for me. Goose and Kal were the first two people I played against in a Grifball match, and now I worked with them, sharing our passion.

      Working for GrifballHUB was so hard some times. People thought we didn't care about them, they thought that we felt we were better than others. These things really hurt us as a family, and we had to give it a lot of thought. Many times we all talked about quitting, but we persevered.

      With GrifballHUB, I got to find two things I am extremely passionate about(Podcasting and commentating). It was GrifballHUB that "forced" me to go to PAX Prime in 2010. And it was at PAX Prime, I found what industry I had a burning passion to be in. I didn't know I wanted to do in the field, I just knew I would wind up there. And of course, I wanted to work with Halo.

      Through GrifballHUB, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people. I have had the honor to meet people as passionate as me about Halo in their own facets. I have had the opportunity to sit and talk with my very own role model, Frank O'Conner for an hour. Things I would have never even dreamed up has happened because of Halo and GrifballHUB.

      Going to PAX, and coming to the realization that I wanted to work in the gaming industry, led me to go back to college. That was the hardest thing for me to do in my entire life, as I had mentioned before, I had a very pessimistic outlook on what I could accomplish. But I had my family (JR, Johnny and my Grifball family) behind me, believing in me when I did not believe in myself.

      And now here I am, an SGA officer at my college, Dean's List student, well liked on my campus. This semester, I started believing in myself. I tell myself I can do these things. I know I can accomplish my dreams and goals. All this I have achieved from a loving brothers and gaming family from Halo.

      Halo is not just an epic story to me that I do love to play. It is a major part of the driving force of me improving myself. It is the rock and foundation of my passion. It is the center stage of the path I have traveled. I know my dream now, I know it will happen, and Halo is making it possible.

      This is why I love Halo. Not just the game, but the people behind it. The people that play it. The people that love it. They are my family. We build each other up, we believe in each other, we support each other.

      So Halo is not just a game to me, and its players are not just a community. Halo is my dream and the players are my family.

      Here's to another 10 years of Halo smiley12.gif

    • GreenTeamTex

      I ask all to please read.

      3 years ago

      So it has been a long ride. I official signed up to RoosterTeeth's site on 6/19/08 for Grifball (mind you I was playing in the league before I signed up). I was a huge fan of Red vs. Blue, but never really got on many websites due to always being so busy (gaming). But Grifball brought me on, and the league was just so much fun.

      So many memories have been made. Green Army's first game ever was against Goose and Kal. Now life-long friends who have helped me through so, so much. When I started posting in the forums, I didnt know what a troll was. I tried to respond to everything logically, yet it was usually emotionally. I got trolled hard.

      I decided I loved Grifball so much, I wanted to do more for it. At this time, PxR and MooCow took over as Commish, and I wanted to start interviewing players to just get an "ESPN" feel to Grifball. When Dragon of Exile saw what I was posting in the forums, he reccomended to Puptastrophe that I should be invited GrifballHUB, a not yet launched site to support Grifball. I joined on the site, jumped the gun on announcing the re-launch of it, and eventually got Goose to join.

      Between Green Army and GrifballHUB, I had a virtual family I would never trade for anything. I interviewed MooCow tirelessly, begged Dragon of Exile to be on "Dragon and Friends" the orginal GrifballHUB podcast, and practiced Grifball non-stop. It was the Golden Age of Grifball, 300+ teams, rivalries, people wanting to win, no idea what host was. It was great.

      I've watched Grifball change so much, I myself have changed. I went from just a player, to Captain of my team, to writer on GrifballHUB, to Staff on GrifballHUB to creating the HUBcast, to Admin of AGLA, to Commissioner of the AGLA, to forum mod on RoosterTeeth. I have had the opportunity to be on panels in front of hundreds of people to talk about Grifball.

      Had it not been for GrifballHUB, I would have never gone to PAX, met people from Bungie or 343, met some HaloWayPoint mods, got to meet my Grifball friends. I would have missed out on so many amazing things. I have elected to go into the gaming industry, and thanks to how fortunate I have been, I have people I can turn to that are in the industry for support or advice.

      Its overwhelming to think what Grifball has done for me on so many different levels. The family I have, the friends I have made, the opportunities that are presented to me now, all because of a game inside a game created by RoosterTeeth.

      This is my thank you to all that have helped me, believed in me, cheered me on or said a nice thing to me. You all give me strength and have supported me in ways you do not even know. I realize I have been more distant from grifball in the recent months, but my love and passion is still there.

      I'll leave you with this, it is amazing what a community can do. I am always amazed by the GrifballHUB community, and how they pull together and suprise me on nearly a daily basis. Plan to see me a little more here and there to repay the love all the Grifball fans have shared with me.

      Here's to another four years of Grifball, <4

    • GreenTeamTex

      How Bioware is doing it right

      3 years ago

      Warning, this blog will contain spoilers on Mass Effect 3, please do not read if you do not want any of the story spoiled.

      As I was playing Mass Effect 3, I get to the curing Genophage mission. I get to the end of it, where my favorite character in the game (I have three okay), Mordin sacrifices himself to ensure the cure is distributed. At this turn of events, I was floored. I had a strong emotional reaction to it. Mordin was my friend, I would go talk to him in between mission to ease the tension, Mordin was my escape from the horrors that surrounded me. But now he was gone, no more Pirates of Penzance, no more short quips, no more foundation.

      I felt alone, cold, hollow. I began to ask how could I save the universe, if I cant even save my friends? I had to stop playing Mass Effect 3 that night, I just couldn't go on. I talked to my friend Taco about it, and he told me Shepard must go on, Mordin would want it that way. I let that digest for the night and better part of the next day.

      It was at this time, it dawned on me. Shepard was no longer a character, I did not seem him as a video game character. I was Commander Shepard. I was desperately trying to save the galaxy and my friends. I had completly transposed myself into the game without even realizing it. This is what Bioware had wanted. They have achieved perfection from a RPG stand point. In my mind, Shepard does not exist, it is I who did all these wonderful feats. It is I, who has to bear the burden of every loss comrade or civilian. It is I, who gets to celebrate every victory. It is I, who has to keep moving forward because no one else will save this galaxy.

      What you have done Bioware is absolutely amazing. I have not got the the fabled ending yet, but I bet I know why people were upset. The reality that each gamer is Shepard was shattered, and they could no longer be the amazing hero you have so cleverly made us.

    • GreenTeamTex

      Reoccurring dream finally changed.

      3 years ago

      So I always have this dream that I must go back to high school because I did not finish this one class. I get all panicky and feel like I am struggling. The dream causes a lot of unrest.

      I have had that dream at least 100 times. I could always attest it to many things, and it was always the same....except not this time.

      The dream started out the same with a college refusing me because I had not finished something in high school. I go back to high school and find out I have to take this test. I agree to take it, and simply do not care about it. I tell them "No matter what, I will be a college student and this is really silly".

      I woke up from my dream and I was very happy. I completed last semester, despite all my trials, with a 3,7 GPA on 16 Credit hours. This semester I will be taking 18. I am proud of myself and thankful for all my friends who supported me along the way.

    • GreenTeamTex

      New Years

      3 years ago

      Over the last year, I have learned a lot. I went back to school and had a great deal of success. I decided on what direction I want to go for my career. And I realized that I can succeed.

      This year, I am going to apply myself more. I have a goal that I can clearly see and I am going to strive or them.

      As far as school, I have three options: stay in Texas, move to Seattle, move to Chicago. All three locations have great schools for my intended field.

      I hope that you all have a great new Year, and better yourself in anyway you see fit.

      Happy New Year.

    • GreenTeamTex


      3 years ago

      Nothing to see here, move along.

    • GreenTeamTex

      So yeah, Journal is cool

      4 years ago

      I'm not very good at these journal things. Its 5 days away from PAX even though I will be landing in Seattle in 4. I am really excited about Halo Fest. Halo changed my entire gaming experience. I was a solid strategy/RPG player and loathed FPS. But when I played Halo, it was love at first head-shot.

      I was in my first year of college, studying Vocal Performance and an avid fanboy of PS2. I had never had an inkling to purchase an XBOX. I had a group of friends that played DnD and they said I could stay the night after our late night gaming session. My friend welcomed me to play XBOX should I not be able to sleep due to me having insomnia. I powered up the old brick of a system, and played straight through the game I don't after how many hours.

      After playing Halo, I tried to fill the void by picking up some FPS on PS2. As I recall it was Red Faction and Ghost Recon, but these could not even come close to Halo. Finally I broke down and bought an XBOX and enjoyed so many nights of LAN parties with different friends.

      I pretty much only played my XBOX after that. many night were filled spending time on XBC spamming games of CTF BG. So to Bungie thank you, and to 343, I am looking forward to this bright future. I know Halo is in very capable hand who will do it right.

    • GreenTeamTex

      Grifball PAX Prime Meet-Up 2011

      4 years ago

      So I created a thread over on Waypoint's site and PAXsite inviting Grifballers to our Grifball meet-up. Its exciting. I hope a lot of members chose to join us. It will be nice to once again hear people's love about Grifball who are not in one of the leagues. Stay strong Grifball!

    • GreenTeamTex

      I probably should write Journal more.

      4 years ago

      I tend to not to be consistent on these things, but what they hay, I'll give it a shot.

      With that being said. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

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