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      13 years ago


      Over the past few months, I've had some good times on the Rooster Teeth sites. I've enjoyed watching Red vs Blue, reading idiotic comments then making a witty retort, and talking with people. I've spent a little over 5 days on the site and frankly, in retrospect, it has largely been a waste of time.

      All that I've really managed to do here is get and bolster an e-penis. Chance is stacked against ever meeting any of you in real life. Whatever level of "friendship" formed on this site is incredibly impersonal and nearly meaningless. Hell, you don't even know whether that person you've been talking to is even real, or just a sick prank.

      I have spent too much time on this site with no substantial yield of any kind. I must use my time for other things. I will write no more journals, I am cleaning out my pictures, and I will only log on to the site when I suspect a new RvB episode is coming out. If you honestly value my opinion, write me a personal message. I will probably get back to you within a week.

      To those of you who have actually given half a hoot about me, I thank you. I have been sincere to everyone on this site. I must attend to the other areas of my life.

      Goodbye to most of you.


    • 2019 years ago

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