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    • o_O

      12 years ago


      How odd. I disappear for the better part of two/three years, popping in only once in a blue moon, and yet I strangely have a karma level of 17. How strange.

      Anyway. *shrug*

    • Giving away...!

      14 years ago


      There are giveaways about!

      Bobbyg's is already over, I believe, otherwise I'd post a link to it, but there's still blueproject's sponsorship giveaway. So... if you're like me and lack the whole sponsorship thingy.... you might wish to enter.

      Enjoy. =P

      Oh, and happy Wednesday. Why? Because. Must I give reason every time? =D

    • Live this life!

      14 years ago



      I arrived home from the two week bus trip to NCYC 2005 yesterday, and I'm slowly getting back to normal. I have a lot to catch up upon - the easiest (I'm sure) will be reading messages and image comments. A switch from my Christmas avatar would also be in order. =P However, the greater task comes as I look over my watchlist and such.

      However, semi-complaining about what I'll need to do to catch up is not why I wrote this. Instead, I'm writing this because at the convention I ended up learning a lot about who I am, the life I should be spending time living and something of where my priorities should stand. I also discovered something that I've known all along but really been in denial about - karma really doesn't matter. It essentially serves to get rid of the trolls and flamewar-starters, but aside from that, it has no real purpose. Getting the highest karma score really means nothing, except that a bunch of people 'out there' think you're cool, but that only really counts in your head. The sum total of your social life is really measured by the people you meet in person, and not through a keyboard.

      Regarding that, I've also realized just how important other aspects of life are. While this may show that game players are doing well on the social front, I've been neglecting that front. Perhaps this is a time where I should consider restarting doing fencing or something (swordfighting, not putting up fences). So, I'll be spending less time on the forums, and spend more time talking to people in a more direct manner. I'll still be by about once or twice a day, but I'll spend more time doing things like programming or such instead of just surfing. However, I'll be cutting overall time down, and spending more hours reading and writing.

      What else does this mean? I think I'll start helping noobs directly. Instead of a 'read the FAQ moron' response, when a stupid question shows up, I'll just message an answer to them, as well as posting a reply. Why, might you ask?

      Because I was (and still am in many aspects of life) a n00b.

      But, back to the title of this journal, Live this life! I believe this needs a stress on the middle word, so that it would read something like Live this life!.... not the life of yesterday, where hindsight tells you all, and dealing with the 'now' is something else to think about. Not to say that the past is worthless - we must keep it ever in mind, because we're screwed otherwise. It's just not something that's worthwhile living permanently in. On the flip side, living in the future does no good, because you then avoid what's going on now, fixating on what is to come. It's this life that we must be mindful of, to ever wonder where we are going, which path we're heading on, and where we would like to end up.

      So, go out there and LIVE THIS LIFE!


    • Gone for a bit...

      14 years ago


      Well, this happens to be both a "Last Journal of 2004" as well as a 'going away' type note. I'm off to a Uniting Church conference (NCYC for anybody who might recognize it), and won't be back until mid-January. Looks like things should be good, as the elective choices were excellent. Hopefully everything else might match up to the elective selections.... (at least what they sounded like from the descriptions...)

      Anyways, if there was a vacation mode, I'd enter it, but since there's not, I won't. =P So, Happy New Year to you people out there reading this, and hope you have a good one. Thanks to RTP for their great projects, and I look forward to more of their great quality episodes in the coming year.

    • Well.. caught up.

      14 years ago


      Finally caught up with friend requests, the latest stuff, and various posts from threads.

      Now I just need to cull/prune my watchlist, so I can get the dead stuff out of there.

      Time in Canberra was great - went to Tidbinbilla, Questicon, the National Art Gallery, the old and new Parliament buildings and the Canberra Deep Space station.

      All were good, had lots of fun, and I have to say that Canberra is a gorgeous city and is designed really well. Not like Sydney, where you're forced to go through all the bloody suburbs in Western Sydney... Obviously the notion of ring roads is a foreign concept to the designers of Sydney. Bah.

      Enough ranting. Merry Christmas/happy Boxing Day and such.

    • Oh dear God.... *shudder*

      14 years ago


      This'll be a quick entry, and I'll write more stuff later.

      I just signed in this morning, after having been away for a few days (~4 I think) in Canberra. Had a great time, will write more about that in a bit. However, I'm still working to catch up on what I missed (webcomics, Slashdot news, other tech news, etc.) as well as cleaning up my computer and putting stuff on it. However, I'm really close to being done now, and I just need to go and Photoshop my avatar to become Christmas-like. If it turns out how I'd like it to, I hope it'll kick ass. Anyways, the title is a reflection of what I found when logging in. News on the Strangerhood front, a friend request, 42 topics that have replies, 17 journal entries to read (thanks to my watchlist), 13 new images, two new topics (watchlist, again), and a partridge in a pear tree.


      So, I'll return at some point soon, put up my new avatar, and read through the replies. I can only imagine what I'll come back to when I return from my upcoming (Dec 31st) two weeks away at a Uniting church youth convention. (NCYC, for anybody who might know what I'm talking about and/or might be going). I also like the site festivities - heh.

      Anyways, just a cool image and link, courtesy of Flipcode.


      and a link to the game's site (the alpha is only a 570 KB download).

    • The compy has returned!

      14 years ago


      For about two months, one of the computers at my house has been over at a friend's, while it awaited a new motherboard. For some bizarre reason, when the computer was picked up and placed onto the floor, and then moved back up onto the table, the motherboard died. What seems to have happened, though is that there was some problem that was progressively growing, and so it would've happened at some point anyways.

      So, went to my friend's house last night, with the hard drive, and he attached the new CPU onto the motherboard (I'm going from a 1.2 GHZ celeron on some motherboard to a nice Athlon 2600 on a Gigabyte nForce something or other).

      It was obvious that Windows was going to be bitching, because all the basics had changed. However, a "Repair a Windows XP installation" just gave a BSOD. I had also wanted to get files using the Recovery Console, but I was unable to get access to the Administrator's account - although I could swear that the password was the same. Gaah!

      So, just had to install XP into C:\WINXP1 and then go from there. Copy files to D:\ partition, then go and format C:\ and start from scratch... mostly.

      So, I'm progressively loading stuff back on, but things are great now, because I've got a system that's smooth, quick and also lets me do everything I want. I've been off of games (forcibly) for the time while it was away, so I'll be spending some time in the near future logging some UT2004 fragging time. And soon I'll get to working on my "Christmas Jolly Fat Chef" avatar which I have collected stuff for.

      EDIT: Dammit - I need to get myself a virus scanner. Kinda missing one... =S I'll try AVG7, but unless things have drastically changed, I'll go back to my good, old faithful avast! 4 Home edition.

      So, happy Lukas today, and I now feel a lot like Strong Bad, although my compy is far more recent... =P


    • If you could tell yourself something...

      in Forums > If you could tell yourself something... | Follow this topic


      I got this idea from a Frazz comic I get by email. The one for December 14th got me thinking....


      I was wondering if anybody else wished they could tell themselves something that they learned since, and what.

      So, in roughly 15-20 words or less, just say what you wish you'd known before, and about what time in your life you would go back and talk to yourself.

      In my case, I wish I could go back about five years and tell myself to "Lighten up and loosen up. Let things happen, and don't be so uptight." I was too uptight when I entered Grade 9, and I've become looser as time passed - I just wish I could've learned that before.

      20 replies

    • "I have declared a state of martial law"

      14 years ago


      Well.... upon reading the thread topic in the RvB section of the forum, that quote (from Attack of the Clones [Star Wars 2]) came to mind.

      Although, I seriously doubt that the mods will use the period of martial law to create a giant clone army of bots to go out and karmabomb all the other members, causing them (the karmabombed members) to be ejected from the forum and punished to work in the spice mines of Kessel... *ahem*

      Seriously speaking, I don't know how this will work. Perhaps one solution would be to get more mods, although we've got many already. I'm really not a fan of the "two strikes" business, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. A bit harsh, IMHO, but we'll have to see.

      I'm glad this policy wasn't in place when I joined otherwise my repeat posting of my "Season 2 Torrent?" request would've gotten me kicked out fast.

      Ah well - I suppose we might see a decline in the creation of new threads, with people re-incarnating or just posting in threads that already exist.

      All is possible, yet not always likely.

      And I really have no idea why I wrote the previous sentence. Bah.

      In other news, I'm getting my comp back! Needed a new motherboard, and my friend was dealing with it. He's had it since..... mid-October, I think.... =(((((

      So, finally, I can get back to playing games (I've been without since then. Playing UT2004 will be a bit odd.... "hmm... what does this 'redeemer' do?"...) =P

      And if you actually read all of this, congrats - I'm just rambling, after the section on martial law.

    • A cry to the community

      14 years ago


      There's a call to the RTP community, will you answer?

      Look here for the full details, or just click here to directly add bmf1000d to your friends list.

      Basically, a colleague (and friend) of bmf1000d died, and the boss of both the friend and bmf1000d said he's willing to pay $10 to the family for every friend over 500 that bmf1000d has by December 17th. One could skeptically say that this is a scam for friends, but, truth be told, he has more to lose than gain, and it's not like we're sending loads of money to him trusting that it'll go somewhere useful.

      So, come on out and show that you care.

      EDIT: First link doesn't work, because the thread got locked. No idea, but probably it turned into some kind of flamefest.

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    • Microbe

      13 years ago


      I was just wondering if I could get your support on Google Idol. I'm the only Canadian contestant in this contest. You can vote once daily if you want. It would help a lot. The competition ends on June 2nd. No registration is required.

      Thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.S. Vote Edaz! smiley8.gif These kids are great too!

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      13 years ago


    • kirbyetp

      14 years ago

      Come baaaaack!

    • ToolPackinMa

      14 years ago

      My fav Michael Crichton book is Great Train Robbery. I love Victorian-era stories. The movie was dumb, but the book rocks.

    • webgecko

      14 years ago

      Hey dude! Morning!

    • Aussie1

      14 years ago

      Yay another aussie... mythbusters is funny as.

    • DEATH01

      14 years ago

      rainbow six and the one before red strom rock are you into the rainbow six game as well Tom Clancys the best

    • pmjm87

      14 years ago

      rainbow six and red storm rising are the win :D great books

    • ViolaPrimus

      14 years ago

      Your movies all kick ass!

      I think you should do some journals m8, and post more, you will get some serious karma...
      I lost mine in the battle of the hand...

      9, pfft!

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