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    • Halo2Alexis

      And another update...cause you love 'em!

      7 years ago

      Change of plans. Cali isn't looking like too good an option *sighs heavily* That friend of mine that wanted me to move in with him ditched. Sorta kinda.

      Okay, I ditched him.

      Long story there, i'm not about to go into details at the moment. Let's just say that life has finally turned around for me in a grand way, and things are much better than ever before.

      Instead, i'll be heading to Michigan.

      But rest assured that i'll be making an appearance in Cali eventually...cause I just miss the scenery too much. And Santa Cruz. I miss the boardwalk. Srsly.

      Love you all bunches! *huggles*


    • Halo2Alexis

      Update...i'm heading back to Cali....

      7 years ago

      You all thought I fell off the face of the earth huh? *chuckles softly*

      Nope, i'm alive and better than ever!

      Well long story short, I moved to TX in July, and things went straight to crapola...so i'm yet again back in Ohio. *sighs heavily* It's like a black hole...

      And i'm moving in January back to California..

      Bryy and kzsscwitd had better get to messaging me!

      wOOt! :D

      I'm an internet sensation on Myspace...long story...but my writing has finally paid off and i'm now an extremely well-versed roleplayer...which has catapulted my career. I am currently in contact with an author and publisher for horror stories and screenplays, and he is interested in some of my work, possibly converting it into a comicbook......yay me!

      Never thought that'd happen in a million years! *smiles happily*

      And for now i'm off...please feel free to write or message me...i know i'm not on here much these days, been busy with work and writing ferociously as of late.

      [email protected]

      Oh, and I shaved my head like I said I was going to. it's grown out a bit now, short and spikey black...me likes!

      <3 You all!
      Keep in touch!

    • Halo2Alexis

      Behold my triumphant return!

      8 years ago

      ...BEHOLD IT!

      Hey everyone, long time no see! Bet you all thought I forgot you ...*shakes head softly* I could never do that. It's just been a bugger trying to get online lately. I'm addicted to Myspace...and I think I should begin going to chatters anonymous meetings!

      ++ Well, a brief update on my current situation. I'm still living in Ohio, and getting ready to move down to Texas on the 15th of this month. Things aren't going too well in my current relationship, and i'm going there in hopes of salvaging whatever may be left. A long story indeed. I try to hold onto hope as long as I can...i've always been a fighter in every aspect of my life. If things don't work out with this relationship - which i'm beginning to think they won't at this point - i'm moving back to California in August / September.

      ++ A close friend and classmate from my graduating class of '03 passed away Saturday in Iraq from a roadside bomb attack, and i'm trying to reach out and contact my former classmates to get everyone together (hopefully). This "war" is beyond ludacris, and it needs to stop.

      ++ I've become quite a formidable protester in the last few months, and have been rallying behind the anti-war cause with a large group of people. It's hard to get into detail in lieu of the fact that everyone has their own opinions and i'm not one to force ideas upon anyone. But I leave you with two words. Illuminati, and Freemasons.

      Google it.


      ++ I've become quite an established role-player online through Myspace, and have taken on the persona of Evey Hammond, from the film "V For Vendetta". It is a character that correlates to me in every way, and if you have ever wanted to meet me, or wonder what I seem like in RL, then I believe you should watch this poweful and inspiring film.

      ++ I would like to invite all of you to my Role-Playing profile online, where you can read updates and various blog stories that i've worked on in the last few months, among many other things. If you're a fan of the film, you won't be disappointed.


      If you would like to contact me directly, I have my email address as follows: [email protected]

      Seeing as how it's going to be incresingly difficult to log online here in the next few weeks since i'll be moving (again)

      ++ I recently received an email from writers on The Daily Show on Comedy Central regarding my interest and unique ability for writing. A possible chance at an internship for writing for the show is in the works....updates will follow...

      ++ Debating on going back to college for a while, though that may be off in the distant future, seeing as how my credit's so bad they won't even take my cash anymore!

      ++ I'm working on the purchase of a new laptop within the next month or so, and will be logging online at various times to check in with everybody.

      ++ On November 5th, I will be taking a trip to London, England for the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day. The trip is still in the early planning stages, and i've begun the passport process. Hoping that all pans out since the recent travel restrictions and border crossing difficulties are looking like something that would hinder my plans. I will be in London for about a week, meeting up with various members of the RP webpage, and others who share similar views on government and politics. This will be a very pivitol moment for me, and I can't wait to see everyone!

      ++ I was planning to go to the San Diego Comic Con in July, but i'm not exactly sure if i'll be able to pull that off in time. Still keeping my fingers crossed! I'd love to meet up with everyone again, especially kzscwitd and Bryy, if they're still around, along with everyone from RVB! :D

      ++ I'm shaving my head for halloween.

      ++ I'm changing my name legally to Evey Hammond

      ++ Those last 2 comments were a joke..........maybe.

      ++ Still don't own an Xbox 360, and i'm pissed.

      ++ Want to purchase Halo Beta 3....but don't have a 360....even more pissed.

      ++ Got another tattoo of V. Also, my best friend and current RP partner at various costume conventions cross-country. (seriously, i've met him in RL, he's brilliant beyond words) look in my pictures section.

      ++ I really miss hanging out with Alec and DaMick, Doc69, and Rob (because i can't recall his SN at the moment) in Florida...and hope to visit there again in the near future. <3

      Well...that's about it for me today. Gotta head back over to the forums before everyone flips out and I get 300 messages asking where i'm at. I hope to hear from you all again soon, and verily look forward to your messages!

      Veritas numquam perit, (Truth never perishes)

      Alexis / Evey

    • Halo2Alexis


      8 years ago

      sorry i've been out for quite a while now guys, my apologies. i've been sucked into the trend of myspace recently, as nobody around here knows about RVB!

      my page is, of course, myspace.com/halo2alexis....simple, sweet and to the point! :D
      so add me if you're there too k?

      i've been telling all my gamer friends about it, so i'll have to keep up on the advertising!

      things have been going ok for a while now. i've been working 2 jobs at Burger King, where i smell of french fries and trans-fat all day, and at a local pizza place on my off days there. not making too much like a i was before, and i'm hoping to save up because my next stop is Texas!

      (i noticed the comic on the main page today and i was about to do the same thing and ask if the RT guys wanna hire me! ahahaha.... i'm such a dork :P )

      i'm still with my boyfriend for about a year now, and he recently moved back home to TX from CA as well because things were getting really out of hand with the money, the constant partying and bar-hopping, and it was just a mess. So i'm looking forward to moving down to TX in about 3-4 months.

      Hoping that works out! :)

      I've really missed you guys...and i'm very sorry that i haven't been keeping up with you all. i know i keep promising to be online here more often, i've just been totally cramped for time lately, all i wanna do is sleep when i'm not working!

      blah. :P

      so please fill me in on all the latest news...i've been out of the loop for a while now but i promise (seriously) to check in here once a day from now on.

      ...oh...another thing....

      i know this will come to a surprise to many of you who are familiar with some of my writings....but...*hangs head* i'm ashamed to say this, i forgot how to post little pictures and icons in my journals!

      please don't hate me!

      i know, it's been a while, and i've completely forgotten how to post up all those little icons that you all know and love and expect from me....so....if anyone could refresh my memory on that, i'll be up and running again soon!

      oh btw, i'm gonna post up a few new pics so you won't be so bored looking at the same ones again! :P

      Love you guys! Take care!

      ~Lexy <3

    • Halo2Alexis

      Hello from Ohio!

      8 years ago

      Well hello everybody! Welcome to my first journal entry from wonderful, snowy f*ckin Ohio!


      So, I moved back home, to New Phila. OH about 3 days ago. Let me tell you, sleeping in an upright position on a Greyhound bus for 3 days isn't fun. Next time i'm flying with Continental, regardless of the cost!!

      Anyhoo, i'm back in town and am hoping to hook up with all my fellow gamers back home. Specifically...."The Group". Yeah...you all know who you are!!

      When I was out in San Jose, I met some really awesome people from the website that really changed my life, and i'm forever grateful for all of you who helped me become the person that I am today.

      <3 :)

      Life was great. Things were going pretty good for me, although difficult. I met an amazing man who would forever influence my life in ways that still today, I don't think he knows about.

      Well....to make a long story short, I moved in with my boyfriend after losing my job, my apartment, and things were moving a bit too quickly I will admit, but it was a great experience all the same. Shortly afterward, things began going sour for reasons that I wish not mention.

      And...here we are. I'm back in Ohio. And i happened to notice that a few of my friends from FL happened to live pretty close by me....TACO!....and perhaps we could hook up for a few games!

      Anyhoo, i guess things are ok here. Not as fun or as busy as out in CA....but i'll make it back there soon sometime, promise. <3

      <3 Lexy

      P.S. tomorrow is my birthday......send me money!
      (kidding) haha :)

    • Halo2Alexis

      Famous Causes

      8 years ago

      Hey there everyone. Sorry I haven't been online in a while, things have been hectic as usual. I've been kinda busy recently, so I haven't really had a moment to write anything meaningful or thought-provoking, so I decided to simply look up a funny article online and attempt to pass it off as my own.

      I didn't think that would work. :P

      I hope not to bore you all with my chatter, so instead read this more amusing article taken from one of the local magazines in San Jose, written by my favorite columnist next to Dave Barry. His name is Seanbaby, from The Wave, and this is one of my favorite reviews. Read, relax, and enjoy!

      <3 Lexy

      As our world crumbles into pieces around us, many celebrities take it upon themselves to champion causes that will get us back on the path to utopia. And not just by telling us which soft drinks keep it the most real. Celebs have wielded the power of endorsement to try and feed the world, stop drunk driving, and eradicate the use of fat jokes. But despite the fact that Sean Penn's name at the bottom of a letter has yet to stop a war, our hottest stars continue their struggle to solve our hottest problems!

      Cause: Abstinence

      Many celebrities have lent their famous names and faces to the cause of destroying your sex life. Lisa Kudrow, who plays a friend on TV's Friends, is an abstinence supporter, and so are supermodel Kim Alexis, Miss Black America Lakita Garth and actress Leelee Sobieski. Basketball star AC Green even started an abstinence foundation focusing on bringing communities together but then not having sex with them. He's perhaps the most helpful of the celebrities against sex because his website (www.acgreen.com) offers links to 14 other sites about abstinence, allowing you to turn reading about never having sex into your full-time hobby. And if you're wondering whether or not AC sells Abstinence Gear such as rap tapes, keychains, t-shirts, and an AC (Abstinence Committed) Beanie Bear, then buckle the hell up, because yes he does.


    • Halo2Alexis

      I am awesome

      9 years ago

      wanna know why?

      because I just am.


      So anyhoo, i finally got a job on Friday, so everything is slowly going to get better in that aspect. I'm now working at Boston Market, making thanksgiving-style meals all the time.

      Yay. smiley0.gif

      <thinks to self>

      Sorry i can't stay online for too long tonight, I have to go run around everywhere and pick up some things. But i know you'll all forgive me smiley6.gif

      smiley12.gif you guys! (and chicas)

      ~ Lexy

    • Halo2Alexis

      teh internet roxors

      9 years ago

      Alrighty folks...i'm online.

      And for good this time!

      The computer at my house is finally hooked up to the internet...prepare for the return of....

      <insert creepy theme music>



      AS of right now, i'm looking online at stuff, job searching although i've hit everywhere within a 30-mile radius, and pictures of pretty shiny things. Shiny things make me happy. smiley0.gif

      Anyhoo, hit me up. I also have Yahoo IM now, screen name: Halo2Alexis (original, eh? smiley6.gif )

      miss you all!
      hope to hear from you soon!

      ~ smiley12.gif Lexy

    • Halo2Alexis

      New journal! Wooooo!

      9 years ago

      as of right now, i'm attempting to recover all my old files link/image files that i saved when i created them.

      << smart

      so, i'm basically trying to re-create my awesome, amazingly bright, blinking, ten-million link profile that i accidentally erased.

      oops smiley4.gifsmiley6.gif

      *crosses fingers*

      wish me luck on this one!

      and after i figure out that, i should be able to come back online tomorrow and write up a quick journal entry before i head out and go job searching again.

      yes, i know. i've been unemployed since May 22.

      but, still alive, well, and living with my amazing BF, his sister and her husband. Things are difficult, but i still manage. And it's ok.

      So with that my fellow RVB'ers.....and / or whoever still has me on their watch list that is....i'm out smiley1.gif

      smiley12.gif~ Lexy

    • Halo2Alexis

      I'll be online soon :)

      9 years ago

      well well....look who's back....

      hey everyone! smiley12.gif things have been pretty hectic around here as usual. Still haven't found any work, but i'm not giving up hope yet. Even though it's been almost 3 months.

      Ick. smiley6.gif

      *sigh* I miss paychecks smiley3.gif

      so how's everyone out there in RVB land doing? haven't been on much because i've been out running around everywhere, filling out those annoying application forms that ask the same basic information. I'm just going to start making things up and put them on there to see if anybody will catch on.

      *potential employer*
      So...I see you have a great personality and you have a strong background in customer service. What do you think you could bring to the company?

      humm....well, i can show up on time. Ooo....i can make coffee. I like coffee.

      *long pause*




      ...I also worked at NASA for a few months...

      *interviewer perks up*
      Oh really? Why isn't that listed on here?

      oh, i can't talk about it...

      *looks around*
      ...the room might be wired.

      Hm......could work....


      So anyhoo....that's been pretty much it. I should be getting internet access at my place in a few days, once my roommates and i figure out how to wire up everything. I'm computer literate, but i'm not that good.

      Plus, it's an iMac.

      Hey, don't laugh, it was free.

      I like it because it's blue smiley0.gif

      So until then i'll have to make due using the public library computer like i have been (when i get a chance that is) to write journals. And when (or should i say if) we ever get this thing up and running, expect a solid increase in journal entries from me. I miss writing to everyone on here, seriously. Not that i need a computer to survive, but it'll be nice to sit up until 4am, messaging everyone and catching up on things. I've missed out on a lot.

      You should see my alerts box.

      Holy crap.

      Would you guys stop typing so much? it literally takes me 2 hours to read through about 10 journal entries. Sheesh. smiley6.gif


      Okies folks, my time is sadly up on here because the public library system is a whore, and only lets me use a computer for an hour at a time.

      I can't wait to get this computer up and running.

      Love you guys, take care!

      smiley12.gif Lexy

      **** edit ****

      oh, also, if you guys could send me some funny pics or jokes or something and post them in here for me, i'd really appreciate it. i can't save anything on this computer, and i really want to add some new pics and things to my gallery. it's looking kinda blah.

      smiley12.gif you!

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      7 years ago


      Loving the V for Vendetta Pics you have! That movie rocked hard core!

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      8 years ago

      Welcome back... again.

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      You disappoint me.

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      smiley0.gif Happy Bunny Day! smiley0.gif

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      THanks for dropping a note!

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      LeXY@ smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      How have you been?

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      8 years ago

      Just stopping by to say hi. I haven't been around for while so I was checking in, curious how everything is going on your side. I have been very busy working with the internet company and trying to get my fledging company started. Anyways, bye for now and drop a line when ever you get a chance.

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      LEXY! I MISS YOU!!! smiley12.gif

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      I need help if you want to help me out check out my Journal