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      livin it up

      6 years ago

      Wow I totally forgot about this site. long time since I've been on here. I've just been so busy. My life consists of just non stop work and partying every night. I love it. I work my ass off though which is a good thing but at the same time bad. I work at least 70+ hours a week and then party all night so I don't really sleep as much. I started seeing someone recently. He was stationed in fort drum and he deployed to iraq about three weeks ago. So it's been pretty hard coping with that which was totally expected so. It's hard to let go of someone who took away everything I had for my ex and made me feel so good. So I've just been stickin' it out with that. In the mean time I hit up the clubs all week and dance and have a good time with my crew. There's seven of us in my group and we are like one big family. I love my life and I love that I'm livin' it up. I'll prolly post picture up when I can since I have a lot of them. I hope everyone on here is well and I'll see ya later.


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      im back.

      6 years ago

      I'm back bitches.

      Long time since I've been on here. So I'll give you the throwdown of what's been going on.

      The guy I was getting engaged to--kick his ass to the curb. he cheated on me with my good friends girlfriend. Fuck that bitch.

      My friend Dia and me became close friends again &&she moved in with me. Now I am not alone any longer and she can relate with everything so I'm really happy.

      I've been meeting so many new people and so many new guys. I've been dating around which is good because I can't handle anything serious right now unless someone who i think is worth my time comes along.

      dia and I are always hitting up clubs and having a lot of fun together.

      I'm working my ass off with two jobs and still going to school at Molloy<3

      So yeah that's all the basic new shit going down. =)

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      yay for florida!

      6 years ago

      Sooooooo I was in Florida for like two days with my best friend. My friend Chris that lives down there hooked us up with a hotel room and drove us everywhere since we flew. Shit. We had so much fun. We left Thursday and came home Saturday. But we partied so much haha. It was so crazy. I can't wait to go down there this summer =)

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      guess what!!!!

      6 years ago

      guess whose going to Florida in January?!?!!?!?!

      ME! and my two friends. yayyyyy!

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      To whoever this is....

      6 years ago

      LMAO I love how some loser keeps neg modding my pictures.Seriously, this person really has no life if they have to come onto my profile and neg mod me to make themselves feel better because they are jealous. You are so pathetic and childish. Which is why I can't stop laughing haha.

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      Home at last.

      6 years ago

      Okay so over the weekend I went on a retreat upstate with my class. It was so much fun and I really had a chance to get away for a while which is what I needed. I never knew there was anything as beautiful as what I saw up there; it was absolutely breathtaking. I posted three pictures and will get more up just I don't feel like re-sizing them right now lol But yeah, I am super tired still from the past few days. So I will write another entry about everything when I am not so dead. lol ttyl.

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      PLEASE HELP!!!!

      6 years ago

      So I need major help right now with my boyfriend. Therefore I am going to need everyone's advice.The problem that I am having with him is he hates everyone, and always has this pissed off face on where ever and whenever we go somewhere. He hates to socialize with people, thinks someone is always grilling him or giving him nasty looks (when I keep telling him that they are not), and most of all he hates my friends for the stupidest reason. For example, I introduced him to a friend we ran into at the bowling alley and he hated him because he was wearing a light blue shirt from Hollister and because he bowls really well. WTF! How can you hate someone because of that?

      I am really starting to get annoyed with him and it bothers me when my friends say something. So far they all have came to me and asked what Johns problem was and why he's always so pissed off and giving them looks. I also felt horrible because when I introduced him to one of Kris's sons (Rich, the navy guy,'s mom) he just walked around looking pissed off and scared the kid. Now there is really something that's wrong with that picture.

      I really need all of your advice since you are all guys and I'm sure you have something to say on what to do.

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      x3i5fntnvcrt vkrhrtbjrgmrlhbhsd

      6 years ago

      Okay so my college has opened me up to a whole new world. I am huge into photography and doing crazy wacky things with it. Like yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures of the "horror/dark side" me, which i think came out awesome. I'm probably going to post a few of them in a little bit. I also took a picture of my inner child where i surrounded all of my stuffed animals that John got me on top of me and hid myself in them. It came out really interesting. I absolutely love black and white photos. It is my favorite type to take pictures in.

      I am taking a course which is philosophy, art, and poetry/English in one. The philosophy also has a lot of the photography in it as well which is where all of that come into play. Since taking this course I have started to appreciate Art a lot more as well. We had this speaker come in yesterday. Oh god he was gorgeous and he was from England so all of us females in the class melted at the sound of his accent. His art was so different but yet so beautiful. They were very simplistic things, like art of Morandi but yet they were just so beautiful. I have really started to appreciate things like this a lot more.

      As I did with gaining respect for Bob Dylan. When I first heard his music i was like wtf this guy is ridiculous. But going through everything and seeing all of his lyrics and how poetic they are, i'm just one big creative person now. It's scary to think how fast I've changed. And I'm happy about it.

      On top of that my old friend Tara and I are talking again. I missed her so much and I'm so glad that we are close again. I really needed her in my life haha. She's been helping me with all the issues I have been having with John.

      On that note I'll explain a bit about that...His mom absolutely hates me and his dad thinks I'm Jewish????? He says his mom hates me because she thinks I dress like a slut. i WAS LIKE WTF! I do wear some revealing stuff but to meet his parents I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER. That and she thinks I am too quiet. I'M SORRY IF I WAS SUPER NERVOUS BEING AROUND HIS FAMILY TRYING TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. Roar. lol I am just so pissed because I have tried so hard to get her to like me. I've tried taking his sister out to get her nails done and stuff like that, I baked her favorite cookies from scratch when she came out of the hospital to make her feel better. I always send over a ton of baked goods like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. I have just been trying so hard and she still hates me. Whatever.

      Well that was a good rant. I have to stop procrastinating now though and get this paper done before class. Adios.

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    I'm Julie, 4'11 and loving it. Not your average girl. I'm pretty unique. I'm 21 and I live in this hell hole town called Levittown in New York. If you want to criticize me and be annoying don't even bother because i will just block you. I do accept random friend request so feel free to add me and message me at any point.

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      ...............Luke 2:1-20
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      i was just wondering how many tats u have?

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      Its been a long ass time since i've been on here and talked too you. Whats been going on?

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      Hey what'sup, I haven't been on in along time, and i was just dropping a line to everyone in my friends lists, which is really small lol, so what's up

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      how is the sexy little thing doing? everything going good for you?

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      hey whats going on

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      He sounds like me. I think we'd be good friends.

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      hey, hope you're enjoying RT; sup?

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      Hey julie it took forever to find your page again lol. I haven't been on here in forever but i'm back. how are things?

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      Thought you might need a fresh comment.