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      6 years ago


      As a university student who wakes up whenever the hell the I want, I have no idea how I managed to spend my high school years waking up trouble-free everyday at 6/6.30a.m..

      Maybe it was because I knew I had to and would get in trouble if I didn't...

      I also use to to go to bed a lot earlier. The latest was probably on nights when Lost, Prison Break or Invasion was on (and these shows usually finished by 10.30).

      It was probably just a routine which I had fallen into and did not question.

      I'm going to try to get my natural body clock functioning again and start waking up at a decent hour. It will probably help me be a lot more productive throughout the day!

    • 6 years ago

    • Ello Govna.

      6 years ago


      I've never played Halo before


    • 2019 years ago

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