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    • 4 years ago

    • RTX AUS

      4 years ago


      Well now that was a fun announcement.

      Now that all the hype as (mostly) died down, what are you all looking forward to about RTX Australia?

    • Big things are happening...

      4 years ago


      We can't wait until Friday...

    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #5

      4 years ago


      Wait ... we're ... alive?!

      After spending the past couple of days recovering from the brink of death, we're all still reeling from the past two weekends. I think we even lost a afro in the process.

      Although we're all recovering from the conventions, we all had an amazing time. Even the Hana"B-Team" enjoyed themselves at Perth and Adelaide Oz Comic Con while Super Cool Alpha Mecha Wolf Team GO absolutely turned out for Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanova.

      If you have any photos from the booth or with the girls from this weekend, feel free to tag us in them or post them up in the comments below, we'd all love to see them!

      Huge shout out to everyone who came by the booth and to our first showing of Hanabee LIVE, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did in hosting it. If you came to support the booth at OCC, we thank you for keeping the spirits high and even offering gifts in the form of a dozen Krispy Kremes!

      We would all like to thank you all for coming out and supporting us, not only over the past few conventions, but all of the conventions we have attended. You have not only brought us laughs, good times and great conversations, but you've also brought us gifts for no other reasons but because you love what we do, and even though it sounds completely cliche, is a huge reason why we all love doing what we do.
      This community means so much to us.
      Here at Hanabee, the community is something that we've always put first and something that we find pride in doing. We love to listen to all of you and we aim to help you all in any way that we can.

      Next on the horizon, Sydney Supanova!
      and boy, do we have a surprise in store for you...

    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #5

      4 years ago


      W o w.
      It got a little dicey there, but we managed to survive the insanity that was our first con of the year at Supanova Melbourne 2015! My brain is still mush and I'm trying to kick the symptoms of con flu before we jet off to Gold Coast Supanova!

      First off, we'd like to thank every one who came out to see us at our first convention of the year in waves and waves of enthusiastic and cheery faces, it was absolutely amazing seeing everyone's beautiful faces after such a long break between cons.
      So if you came out to visit us, the girls or your mates at Supanova, we'd like to sincerely thank you for making it such a heartwarming experience. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      Not much in way of announcements this week and we're all still reeling, but we'll be recharging before we hit it again in Gold Coast this weekend.

      If you'd like to see what the ladies got up to in their time off, you should definitely check out @Barbara 's journal about their time spent in the scenic Lavers hill. Spoilers: They meet TWO koalas!


      If you'll be at Gold Coast Supanova this weekend, we have TWO community events coming up.

      EVENT ONE:
      Friday 17th @ 7pm
      Mermaid Beach Putt Putt
      Join the Roo Teeth crew as they putt around Mermaid Beach Mini Golf for a pre-party shindig! If you're going to Supanova and don't have any friends, this is the perfect place to meet up with some like-minded individuals and waste the night away.

      EVENT TWO:
      Saturday 18th @ 6:30ish
      Near Kurrawa Surf Club
      Once again, the Roo Teeth crew will be keeping it laid back and chilled out. So come join us as we unwind after a busy day of Convention shenanigans at the park near Kurrawa Surf Club as we get some pizza and reminisce about the day gone by and make plans for the Sunday!
      (Gold coin donation for some pizza would be appreciated)


      and that's it for this weeks journal!
      I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got some friends from out of town visiting and we'll be hitting up a BBBQ today in Melbourne @ Docklands Park with the Roo Teeth kids down here.

      Something something, obvious pun involving a bumblebee.


    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #4!

      4 years ago


      Helloooooo travellers!
      Nelly here bringing you what's up with the low down in everything Conventions, Events and shenanigans

      The first convention leg is only a couple of days away and everything is kicking off here in the Hanabee office. We have Karen hitting up Perth and Adelaide for Oz Comic Con with Myself and AfroCam taking on the heavy hitters Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanova featuring the lovely @Barbara and @Arryn.


      If these are going to be one your first conventions ever, remember to stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes and bring a packed lunch. It will help a whole lot in the long run.
      If you're a regular, these apply to you too! There's nothing worse than crashing at 4pm on the Saturday and being unable to move all day Sunday.
      Want a more in-depth walkthrough of what to expect, how to behave and general etiquette? Then I highly suggest checking out THIS amazing post by the one and only Caiti.
      If you still have any other questions regarding the convention, feel free to ask it in the comment section below!

      You should also come and check out the Hanabee LIVE Show hosted by Cameron, with special guests Barbara and Arryn, as they go head to head against Melbourne locals Sammy (@sammy1cat) and Sean (@nightwolf12) at Melbourne Supanova 10:30am-11:20am on the Film INK Features Theatre!

      We're going all out this season with a brand new bigger and better booth, more tunes and more merch!
      We will now have the Achievement Hunter Skateboard decks, RWBY Nora figures, Achievement Hunter flags and EIGHT new shirt designs!


      "But Nelly, there's only seven new shirts there."

      Oh is there?



      If you haven't already, you should join the Roo Teeth Group on Facebook to keep up to date with all our events as we announce them.

      As per usual, the Roo Teeth Crew will be hanging out all weekend, so it's always a chance to make new friends!
      Our first event will be on Friday which will consist of a low key hang out around 2pm at Docklands Park, Bourke Street side, around the corner near Southern Cross Station. A bunch of the gang will be sitting around the BBQ's having a feed, playing some footy and some card games. Once again, if you want to know more information, feel free to ask in the comments below!

      For Saturday night, the Roo Crew will be hitting up Melbourne Central for dinner around 7:30pm, enough time to dump your gubs from Supanova and make it back to the city. People will be meeting up under the clock and then hitting up the food court to get whatever they fancy. After that, if you're of age and feel like doing something, I'm sure that a mob will be heading out for some dinner, dancing, and drinks!

      This is more of an unofficial event because knowing some of the party animals in the crew, people are going to be dead, or close to, on Sunday. So swing by the booth where we'll kick off Hanabee's Hangover sessions. Join us as I play some smooth slow jams to help you with your Sunday morning aches.

      This month's RTCommunity Day actually falls right in between Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanova, so we'll be having a special gathering on Wednesday the 15th back at Docklands Park.
      Come on back at 4:30pm for a special BBQ and some more chit-chat with your favourite nerds and who knows, maybe it's a special event for a reason...

      One thing I love about the Gold Coast crew is that everyone is super chill, and that shows in Saturday night's event.
      After the con around 7pm, the mob will be moving to one of the shelters near Kuwarra Surf club for a chilled out pizza party by the beach. The 'za will be supplied, but a gold coin donation would be muchly appreciated for the food. BYO drinks and other snackables.
      If you're not a local, beachside gets pretty chilly as the sun goes down, so make sure you bring a coat or a blanket!


      and that wraps up this weeks update!
      Man that was a doozy~
      Remember, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

      Make sure you tune in this time next week to see if I've survived Melbourne Supanova!

      Until next time loves!

    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #3!

      4 years ago


      Whats up everybody it's Nelly from Hanabee and welcome to HCEU Episode #3!

      If you've been following the Roo Teeth Group on Facebook this morning, you would have seen my wicked April Fools prank that got a bunch of people. I'm proud to say that it's been almost half a year in the making.
      If you missed out on the hilarity, you should jump into the Roo Teeth Group on Facebook and join in the conversations with a bunch of like minded individuals!

      Not much on the news front this week and we're all hammering down to get everything sorted before our first conventions of the year, but one thing that I can tell you is that we're going to be bringing a special friend with us, and hopefully she'll be able to help us nail everything down.
      Seriously gang, if you haven't gotten the hint, I'll break your legs.

      I've gotten a few questions from twitter, Facebook messages and on my personal tumblr of people asking me what I do here at Hanabee besides torture the Roo Teeth Community and all I can answer them with is something along the lines of THIS.
      If you have any other questions about Hanabee, Roo Teeth or what the meaning of life is, hit me up!

      Super light on everything this week unfortunately as everything is either super hush hush or not set in stone.
      But what about all of you?!
      Anything you lovely people want to know or have questions about?
      One of the perks of following us here is that you'll get some insider information before any of the other groups because I can do what I want here! MUWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA a little bit earlier than the other groups.
      So let me know!
      Want to know what kind of cool merch we're bringing to conventions? Have any suggestions for what songs I should play at the booth?
      Post it all in the comment section below!

      Don't forget to follow us on all our social media jazz, we have the Twitter, Bookface, Tumblr and Tinder!

      Love you all like a rather large individual enjoys to partake in the activity of sustaining nutrients from ingesting a delicious baked treat smiley12.gif

    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #2!

      4 years ago


      Salutations and well-wishes ladies, gentlemen and variation thereupon!

      Nelly here once again bringing you the low down on all the latest in the world of Hanabee, Roo Teeth and Conventions!


      In news this week, Hanabee LIVE is coming back with a vengeance!

      If you're coming to Melbourne or Gold Coast Supanova, make sure you come check out the Hanabee panel as we'll be kicking back with @barbara and @arryn and playing a couple of games featuring some lucky people from the Roo Teeth community!

      If you can't make it to the panel because you've broken your legs, lost your way, or for some reason wanted to be somewhere else, then you can always come to the Hanabee Booth and get your photos and gear signed free of charge by the wonderful ladies.
      They will be signing at the booth all day, whenever the show floor is open apart from when they will be at the panel, eating lunch or taking bathroom breaks.
      Also remember that the wait times in line can get rather long, so bring some water and make sure you bring your favourite thing for them to sign, not everything to sign to help the line move faster. As a rule of thumb, Supanova likes to tell people to bring two things at most to sign, which allows them to get through as many people as possible.


      In other news, the new Team Salt and Vinegar shirt is now available in the Australian Store!
      Expect to see it at our booth at Supanova and make sure you get in quick because these are sure to sell out quick!

      and now for Roo Teeth Events!

      If you're in the New South Wales area, the Roo Crew will be hitting up the Australian Reptile Park on the 11th of April. So get your RT gear on and meet some new friends!
      If you haven't already, make sure you join the Roo Teeth Facebook Group, where you can chat to over 2000+ people who love Rooster Teeth and live in Australia.

      If you're from anywhere else in the country, leave me a comment here and I'll organise something for your state!

      That's it for now chickens, hope you enjoyed the read and I'll see you this time again next week!

      ily times a milly smiley12.gif

    • 4 years ago

    • Hanabee Convention and Events Update #1!

      4 years ago


      Greetings ladies, gentlemen and non-binary loves out there!

      Nelly here with the fresh new hotness on what's going down in the world of Hanabee, Rooster Teeth and all things Conventions!
      As some of you may be aware, we currently have a tumblr (Hanabee On The Slope) going on that focuses on everything that we do related to our anime and production side, so I'll be taking care of everything Rooster Teeth, convention and event related!

      Before we get stuck into things, we have a cool name for our tumblr blog, and I'm absolutely terrible with coming up with things, so what do y'all think we could name this journal?

      Anyway, on to business!

      I know a lot of y'all want to know who our two guests are for Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast this year. The Roo Teeth group and Hanabee page have been absolutely buzzing with excitement. We've been rather tight lipped here in the office, but believe me honey, you could comb all of our social media and couldn't find a hint. Tease it smiley8.gif
      I don't really want to drone on about this, but what I can say is that we will be officially announcing BOTH of guests this coming Friday around noon, so be sure you're following all of our social media jazz like twitter, tumblr, facebook, and right here on the Rooster Teeth website where we'll keep you updated with what's going down in the coming weeks!

      I also feel like there should be more here, but I've run out of things to say for now, so here's a picture of a cat.


      If you have any questions regarding future events, what we could get up to at conventions (what's that? MORE dance parties?!) then drop me a line here in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


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    • Caiti FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Velvet Scarlatina

      7 years ago

      Hey there!

      The Official Rooster Teeth fan event, RTOZ, is just around the corner! I just wanted to remind you to buy your ticket, if you haven't already, as they are limited in number. The event is going to be on the 16th of June with the attendance of Drop Bear Gladiator, Burnie Burns and Space cowboy/Free "Thinker" Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth.


      The night will be filled with bowling, laser tag, food and Xbox comps and arcade games. We will even jam in an exclusive panel with Burnie and Gavin! Seriously, who wouldn't want to listen to Gavin talk?
      But wait, there's more! You will also receive a Roo Teeth goodie bag and an RTOZ shirt! The shirt automatically gets you bragging rights among your friends and allow you to defeat the dirty Blues!*

      So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket here! Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite the Blues (maybe). And join us for a action packed and awesome night of fun with the Australian Rooster Teeth community starring Burnie and Gavino!

      * Actual results may vary.

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