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    • Turned 27 today. Horray

      1 year ago


      *tosses confetti*

      *takes a shot of Fireball*

      I am now 27.

      I can pay my own bills.

      I can pay my own rent.

      I'm going to graduate college with a degree next year.

      I'm able to work with my anxieties and not be crippled by them.

      I have made several pretty pieces of stitchwork.

      I have lovely, wonderful friends.


      This is good.

    • Time laspe

      1 year ago


      Welp it's been a good few months away from the site. A lot has changed actually. 

      Got a new roommate

      Took a few new classes

      Finally baking some new delicious stuff

      Attempted to cook (moderate success, at least nothings jumped out of the pot for revenge)


      I have a dog now.

      She's a cutie with a good story

      I promise youll actually hear the full story later on, but for now...

      Back to work!

    • One Long Rant

      1 year ago


      So at the last week if October, I ended up getting into an accident and mu car ended up totaled. Lucky, the other person and I walked away without any injures, but I was stuck with driving a rental for the following weeks

      In those weeks I had to deal with an idiot of an agent from my insurance. To give some credit, I do think he was an new hire, given his actions, but the idiot sent me on a wold goose chase to hunt down my car.

      After informing me that he needed paperwork for the car that I had left in the glove box, he not only sent me to the wrong place once, but twice! The only way I avoided a trip was because my friend advised me to call ahead, and found out that my car was at a completely different location. 

      Needless to say, it took over 2 weeks for me to find the damn car and pick up the paperwork. 

      Compared to that, replacing the car was easy.

    • Out of Context Part 2

      1 year ago


      Things said at last nights Tabletop game:

      "She did basically knee-cap the monster."

      "The monster owed her money."

      "I hose the lizard to death."

      "I shall heal you!" *Breaks glass rod over characters head*

    • Out of Context

      1 year ago


      So this was said at Tabletop the other night:

      "So, you're probably going to explode, but I need you to go over and dunk your shirt in the toilet"

    • The Epic GURPS Game, Part 1

      2 years ago


      Once upon a time, back about 4 years ago, my friends started a gurps game (Generic Universal Role Playing System). What ended up being unique to this is the fact that our GM was meeting up with another group and running their game alongside ours. These guys had not only been playing D&D for a good long while (at least 5 years) but were very, very familiar with tropes. 

      Now the important thing to mention in all this is the fact that our GM is a massive troll. The other thing is that as soon as we found out about this group, the unanimous decision was made to out-trope them. 

      Our group ended up with a party consisting of: A psychotic beastmaster who stuck all of his points into casting madness, a genderless mage who could cast almost anything at a ridiculously low level, the only sane thief who was on a quest to rob everyone blind, and a paladin who was not only gullible, but a glutton and who was compelled to tell the truth. always. 

      The other group spent their first game buying a house and then capturing a lych wolf to guard it when they were gone, and by the time our party had showed up, they had a decent stash of power stones in a lockbox with several wind blast spells armed if you failed to pick it. They also had several spells guarding the front door set around the frame and the place-mat. 

      The first thing the thief says? "I cast invisibility and climb up into the 2nd story window." while the rest of the party managed to talk our way into getting invited inside. After picking up the valuables, our thief not only snagged the lockbox and exit out with us, but disarmed and unlocked the box to snag the powerstones inside. And then proceded to lock it again, and re-arm it with an upgraded wind spell that would not only blast the person in the face if opened, but would blow BACKWARDS as well if they opened it away from them. Newton's 3rd law at its finest. 

      We sent that sucker back through the mail and just waited for the next session. 

    • I finally uploaded some projects!!!

      2 years ago


      After fighting with the site for the last couple months, I finally managed to post 2 of my (semi) recent cross stitch projects!

      They are on my images tab, and feel free to comment (or tell me how much I suck, either-or *shrugs*)

      I'll try and have my more complex projects up by this weekend if people are interested.


    • We're Back Baby!

      2 years ago


      *Cue technical difficulties music*

      Annnnnd we're back! Got a bit slammed at the end of the school semester with a few projects and an unfortunate accident, but things have finally calmed down enough for me to spend a bit more time on the site before things pick up again. 

      Summer's almost here, and hopefully there are a few beach days that are in the future as well as a few late night gaming sessions. Also I'll be hired on full-time for my job from now on, so I can hopefully save up for a trip to RTX either next year or this year


    • Tabletop Tales: Thalia and the Bag of Shark

      2 years ago


      Back when my brother ran his very 1st D&D campaign, I had decided to join up as well, and created my 1st barbarian: Thalia. We had a fun few sessions before we ran into a second hand weapons store run by a retired mage. 

      In the words of caboose: "And what could go wrong?"

      Thalia had found a bag with a triangle with a wavy line across the side and went to open it. I had to make 3 detection rolls when lifting the bag, opening the bag, and (in a brilliant lack of judgment) turning the bag upside down and shaking it. As it turned out the bag was connected to the plane of water/ocean and a 15/20 shark fell out. Thalia did the only sensible thing and grabbed the shark and tried to stab it, when the mage ran around the corner weilding a sythe.

      "Right....make a saving throw..."

      As it turned out the sythe was a 'failed product' that if it hit your opponent, it would have a 50/50 chance of completely healing or killing anything. Bad news is that Thalia and the shark got hit. Good news is that He got the healing 50 while the shark instantly died. 

      And that is why my brother has an editor for his games nowadays....

    • Cross Stitch Photos

      2 years ago


      Okay.....so long story short, I've been having trouble uploading my cross stitch photos onto here soooooooo:



      Until I sort out why I've been having trouble uploading stuff, I'll be posting my crafty stuff on there. 

      It's just a small profile, but feel free to check it out! I'll be updating it as soon as my projects are finished. 

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    Do you have any favorite books?

    | Asked by: JazzRoses 2 years ago

    I have a soft spot for the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the Sherlock Holies series. The Dresden Files (which I got my friends into reading as well) is also one that I really like.