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      1 year ago


      Im still around. I no longer think snapbacks are cool.

      I'm sorry for my transgressions. I have moved on to strictly wearing camo bucket hats with inconspicuous confederate flags stitched on to them in random places, varying in size. Sometimes instead of the confederate flag I do a 48 star flag because only the continental states should count. Hawaii and Alaska are bonus states. They are America+. 

      I'm still working a lot at, still in school trying to finish my electronic media degree so I can hopefully get in to broadcast work. And then move out of Kansas. Upon failure to work in broadcast I will be sad. Upon failure to move out of Kansas, I will slip in to a pit of psychosis. 

      Please let me leave this state. We have no mountains and instead of a police force the government employs bails of hay to patrol the streets and fight crime.. because there are more bales of hay in Kansas than there are people. Have you ever had your tractor pulled over by a fucking hay bale? They can't write tickets because they dont have arms. Instead you have to do pushups on the side of the freeway for the dollar amount of a fine. One push-up = one dollar. I once heard of a man who got pulled over the speeding 55 in a 33 while passing a schoolbus. He was fined $750 dollars. He did pushups for 16 hours before dying of exhaustion. 

      The hay bales are corrupt too. They beat you in the street if they catch you jaywalking. Oh what? You dont think you could get beat up by a hay bale? Imagine getting fucking indiana jones'd by a 636 POUND ball of grass. Not only is it suffocating but the hay gets everywhere in your clothes and makes them all itchy. It's a god damn civil rights violation. 

      They dont even have guns. They don't need them. What do you think happens when you shoot at a hay bale? Fuckin nothing. Its a ball of hay. All you'll do is piss them off and then they shoot pieces of hay our of the core of their bodies right through your eye sockets. 

      I guess I dont have it as bad as the farmers though. As soon as the Police Department started hiring and training hay bales, all the bales that didn't enlist are arguing that selling hay is a form of trafficking. Some of them even revolted and turned on the poor farmers. One hay bale went radical buddhist. The hay bale lit itself on fire and barreled in to the farmers home in a blazing martyrdom. After him, thousands of hay bales rose up against their oppressors and left the farms in search of meaning. 

      I don't know what this means for society as a whole. It's only a matter of time before hay bales in other states rise up and follow suit. Soon they will turn on us. Humanity. Their creators. Our only hope is to stray far from the mundane, windy, flat, and boring farm towns of the USA. We need to make for the coast, for when the time comes the hay bales will come for us. They will chase us in to the waters of the oceans in search of redemption.

      But what the hay bales dont know is... they cannot swim. Their search for redemption will be their downfall. All they wanted was to be alive. 

    • Day 5 Season 2

      1 year ago


      Everyone else as satisfied with Day 5 as I was tonight? I really thought the season was fantastic. The cinematography and sets were gorgeous and personally I feel like this season was much more polished than the first. And dem. plot. twists.  I'd love to get some in depth conversation going if anyone wants to chat about it. Just be sure to black out any spoilers, I don't want to ruin anything for folks who haven't finished up yet.

      If you haven't paid any attention to the series I recommend you give it a shot. I think back to middle school when I would watch RvB all night on my first gen Itouch from unofficial re-uploads on youtube, its pretty cool to have watched a company grow from a machinima series to creating full blown television quality dramas between 2008 and now. 

      Hope everyones having a solid September!

    • Day 5 Is Back!

      2 years ago


      I was super excited to get home from work tonight and start the new season. Looks like the site is having a hard time streaming though :( Cant get more than 5 minutes at a time before I have to wait and buffer. I guess I'll just have to hold out until the traffic dies down.

      Anyone else having this sort of issue? 

    • My New Computer

      2 years ago


      So at the beginning of the summer I decided I would allocate a pretty decent sum of cash to put together a dedicated desktop machine that I could do most of my work and gaming on, with my macbook as a portable station for school projects and editing / learning on the go. All this year I've been using my macbook docked at my desk and while I've had no real issues with it, the machine does get hot and very loud under a good load and the fixed storage was quickly becoming a problem with the amount of project assets I've collected only just this year. So I spent a few months researching and getting parts picked out, and then I spent june and july to get parts ordered. The machine has been put together for a couple weeks now, and today I finally added the finishing touches.. 2 3TB HDD's and 2 500GB SSDs.

      The original plan was to make a spanned volume out of the 3TB drives so I could have access to 6TB total of storage, but I decided to mirror the drives instead. While that means I only get 3TB to play with, I get the advantage of having all the data instantly backed up on another drive... so I can finally stop worrying about losing all my photos and assets. Which is nice. I would have liked to Raid 1 the drives but that wound up presenting a lot of bugs and in the end the system wasn't even booting. So I'm currently formatting both drives to be a mirrored volume through windows disk management. Hopefully that will accomplish the same goal with fewer technical headaches. 

      The two 500GB SSD's are going to stand alone. One drive houses my OS and most of my programs, while the other drive will pretty much be dedicated to steam games and whatever files im working with for whatever projects I'm working on, either for school or for fun. Once I'm done with the project I will move all the assets related to it over to the disk drives. 

      I'm hoping this solution will provide me with enough storage space to hold on to everything I'm doing through college, as well as maintaining an archive of old files I've recovered off some ancient drives from my first computer back in 2009. 

    • RTX, my final thoughts

      2 years ago


      tl;dr at the bottom... 

      So, its 3:00am in Austin right now. I just got back to my hotel from the Sidequest after party which was insane!! The point is im pretty durnk but I really need to take this time to write my thoughts out. 

      First of all, RTX was fantastic. I was going in to the conference excited to see all of the sort of "media major" centered panels, and I wasnt so much focused on cosplay for all the gaming aspects of the convention. However, by the end of the first day... I was totally dedicated.

      The convention taught me a lot about open mindedness. This amazing community that we are a part of has so much to give to each member. Everyone at RTX was willing to dive in to a conversation with me and tell me all about their lives and perspectives, and that was fantastic, it really made me feel like im a part of something big. In Kansas we dont really have a "nerd culture".. ive been a loner in that since I was young. But here, at the convntion, I finally felt a part of something.It didnt take me long before I realized that all the people who think like me are running around the same convention I am. 

      speaking of running around the con, I have to say that meeting all of the people whos content I've been absorbing for most of my life was a fantastic thing. I met everyone from Mega 64, and they were so friendly. I told them I had been watching their shit since middleschool and now im a grown ass man and they just laughed and talked about how they're aging too and how strange that is. I also got to meet Miles for a split second... I asked him for a photo and he said we could take it while we were walking. It came out so blurry lol, but for me it was the thought that counted. Everyone is just so dedicated to each other. 

      And thank you 1000x to the Guardians who were so dedicated to making this event the success that it was for me, You people are amazing. I cannot thank you enough.

      Anyways thats my half drunk rant/synopsis of my emotions. Thanks for reading if you made it this far..


      I dunno.. I guess the whole point is I have never felt so much a part of something that really clicked with me until this weekend. Its been an incredible and eye opening experience for me. And I just wanted to share that. I'm sorry if this comes out as totally conceited or self worshiping.. I just had to speak my mind and this seemed like the perfect medium to do that. 

    • My first day at RTX

      2 years ago



      Starting at 4:00am, I left Kansas and proceeded to drive 9 hours to Austin, Right after I checked in to my hotel room I picked up an uber and booked it to the convention center. Oh my GOD there were so many people around. Although I was totally overwhelmed by the massive crowds and in total awe of the expo hall (enough to miss a couple panels due to my wandering) I had a fantastic time. I called it a night early and I'm gonna get to sleep because tomorrow I have big plans to try and hit as many panels as I can and buy some sweet sweet merch from all the fantastic vendors. 

      Thanks you to all the Guardians who make this event possible, you people are real life super heroes. I have to say its a little bit strange to be in a new city all by myself, but it sure is fun to see the RT community in the flesh.

      Here's to tomorrow!

    • Give me beer or give me death.

      2 years ago


      11 Days to RTX... I am overwhelmingly excited. I've spent almost an hour consecutively just staring at the event schedule, meticulously picking out what panels I want to see and which ones I can miss out on. 

      Currently I'm sitting on my cot in a large fireworks tent right on the border of Oklahoma and Kansas. Here I will sleep for the next 9 days, through rain or storms, to work for some solid spending money for the trip down to Austin. I'm not going to lie, this gig is miserable but I will walk out with a serious chunk of cash.. and the excitement I have slowly building inside me is making it all worth it. On the 7th I will wake up at 4:00am and hit the road by 5:00am. I will arrive in Austin by 2:00pm which means I should make it to the convention center by 3:30 - 4:30pm. Not ideal, but its my only option and I'll still get to catch the end of the first day.

      However all that matters now is here. Sitting on this cot, in a lonely tent. The good news? We set up next to a bar every year, and the owner sells me 24oz Coronas for $2. So not all is lost. 

    • Holy shit I just ordered my RTX Ticket.

      2 years ago


      That's right. I leave for Austin early July 7th. 512 miles from Kansas to Austin. One day to drive. Will I get there in time for the opening of Day 1? Probably not but WHO FUCKING CARES BECAUSE IM GOING TO RTX.

    • Holy Crunch Time

      2 years ago


      I've said this a thousand times already in regards to Day 5, but hot damn. Its so awesome to see Roosterteeth put out some seriously awesome episodic content like this. See'ing RT transform from a little company in austin doing hilarious machinima, to a full fledged production company creating feature films, dramas, comedies, regular broadcasts, and even advertisements, is just flipping awesome.

      I'm a Digital Media major (basically the journalism equivalent of a film degree) and while I doubt I'll ever find my way in to television or entertainment work, See'ing what RT does motivates and excites me to create. Even if I just wind up working for the local news channels for the next 30 years.

    • Day 1

      2 years ago


      Classes kick back in to full gear tomorrow morning at 9:30am. Now as exited as I am to be getting back in to the grind towards "dat degree doe", I've been waking up at noon or later for, well.. my whole summer. That means yesterday/today was/is time for a body clock reset. Party? Check. Double shot espresso? Check? Vodka Redbull? won't be making that mistake again but... check.

      Long story short, I dozed off between 7:00am and 8:30am. Not enough to ruin my glorious plans for body clock resetting, but I did die due to sleep being lethal and all these days. At least now I know where I'll stand during the apocalypse.

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