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      Let's hear it for pun titles!


      Anyone? No? *crickets*

      Well anyway, this thread is going to be for anything Grimm related since they're showing up in pretty much every thread but there's no real topic devoted solely to them where they can be given the attention they deserve.

      Topics up for discussion include, but are not limited to:

      - Origins of the Grimm

      - Nature of the Grimm

      - Grimm and Dust

      - Possession-Type Grimm

      - Salem, Summer, Ozpin and Pyrrha: Grimm related theories

      - What is Salem

      - Who is Salem

      - Grimm intelligence

      - Grimm as "manifestations of anonymity"

      - Ozpin and the Grimm (I already have a thread for this but I think it'll be easier to move it here, link it all in one place)

      So there you go, anything related to those topics (or anything else to do with the Grimm) can go here and hopefully we can start to unravel just what is going on with the iconic monsters of Remnant.

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    • Ozpin and the Grimm

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      Okay, okay, new topic here! Bear with me, but listening to "Divide" and talking about Ozpin got me thinking about his "darker side" and I just had a thought.

      What if... Ozpin created the Grimm?

      Not necessarily in the literal "he made them" sense, but he unleashed them, or did something that led to their presence on Remnant?

      "It was you who ended their lives
      Made them to dig their own graves
      With your dark, sick, cruel design
      Convinced them their world could be saved

      Have you no shame?
      Signing them up for your war
      Train them to fight what they can't beat
      Your sins are what they'll pay for

      Sacrifice them
      For your needs

      Slaughter is coming the end drawing near
      You'll regret your deeds"

      "The taste will be sweet
      When you get what you've earned
      And I'll watch you burn"

      These lyrics from "Divide" seem to imply that Ozpin is responsible. Responsible for all of the bad stuff happening to the huntsmen and people of Remnant. Now this could well be Salem just referring to Ozpin's manipulation of others, but it seems to go a step further than that.

      Salem accuses Ozpin of having a "dark", "sick" and "cruel" design. A little extreme coming form Salem if she's only talking about misleading people to fight on his behalf. She specifically refer's to Ozpin's sins, and claims he will "regret [his] deeds," and that he will "get what [he's] earned."

      What could Ozpin have done that threatens the entire world? ("Convinced them their world could be saved" - implying that it actually cannot be saved) As far as we're aware, the Grimm are the biggest, most global threat in Remnant, and the only real possibility for "the end drawing near" at this present time.

      Now it's possible that this is completely off since it's based on song lyrics which are expressly non-canon, but it certainly seems plausible considering the little we do know regarding Ozpin. What do you guys think?

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    • I see what you did there - Hints, Foreshadowing and Theories

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      So this is the thread for us to rant about the little things we notice in RWBY, or bring up those hints that they dropped in Volume One (because let's be honest, there were hints) and go a little conspiracy theory, nut-job level crazy about what we think is going to happen next.

      Song lyrics, quotes (that opening voice over is just begging to be re-analyzed after what we've seen), certain scenes, even items of clothing; basically whatever you think has been a hint, or possible foreshadowing, or just the start of a really long play on the part of Rooster Teeth, this is the place to talk about it.

      So let's hear the theories, let's find out what you spotted, and let's ask the crazy nitpicky fan-person questions about all the little details.

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