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    • Please don't talk in the movie!

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      So first off I liked the movie, good job Roosterteeth! Second to the people who went to the 7:00 showing at Cherry Hill, NJ, tonight. Thank you for ruining my experience at the theater! Look I get it you are excited to see this movie so was my Girlfriend and I, but you did not need to talk about every cameo! Yes I saw Miles too and my girlfriend is a huge fan! But there doesn't need to be a two minute discussion about it. Guys people go to the movies to enjoy themselves, obviously it's a comedy and we all want to laugh and make a comment, but what happened was disgraceful. Maybe we were the assholes because we weren't talking loud enough for everyone to hear, I dont know... But I was raised that if you went to the movies with friends you sit there and enjoy yourselves, but not to the point where you are ruining it for other people by talking, taking selfies during the movie, or trying to play games or saying "oh yeah that shot was in the trailer!" You can easily do that in your living room. I unfortunately had the displeasure of being with the rudest people and it ruined the experience for me. I hope the rest of the fandom gets to enjoy the movie better than we did. This community can be one of the best in the world for how we support this company, but we need to be wary of others and how they want to experience things... Once again to end on a positive note Congrats Roosterteeth, the movie was great and you guys continue to evolve and get better and better with your content I have been a fan for years it has been great to watch you grow and I can't wait to see the other content you put out

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    • 3 years ago

    • RE: Brew fair this Saturday October 18

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      Hey everyone,

      I know I have not done anything with this group before and I apologize for that, however my girlfriend and I would like to get more involved in the RT community so I am looking to go to more of these events. With that being said there is a Brew Fair this Saturday from 12 to 6. Would anyone over the age of 21 want to go? A friend of mine who is opening up his brewery will show off his beer recipes, his Brewery is Crime and Punishment. I hope to see you all there, I will be there in a RT shirt so look for me.

      Here is the link for the Brew Fair: www.facebook.com/events/1467815626834079/?ref_...

      And for my friends Brewery: www.facebook.com/pages/Crime-Punishment-Brewin...

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    • 5 years ago

    • What did everyone think of Season 2?

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      Hey just wondering what everyone thought of season 2 of Korra?

      I personally loved it, I really feel that the show came into its own and really had a great story line that kept me involved in every episode. So what do you guys feel?

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    • Drunk Gaming this June 8th at 9pm Eastern

      7 years ago


      Drunk Gaming.
      Is there anything better than it? I don't think so, I know some people have trouble playing when intoxicated, but me? I become a better player. If I play with friends like COD or Halo and were losing I grab a beer and chug it like popeye eating a can of spinach. This and college has led to Drunk Gaming where I and several people play COD. So far there's only me and one other guy legal to drink, but its still fun. I actually created a drinking game to go along with it and it gets your drunk fairly quickly. I will not say the rules because they are something I would like to share with friends and such, unless you really want to know them then I can just send you a message but it leads to great moments that are not always recorded ;,(

      However here is one that was recorded a while ago enjoy!

      I will be doing it again this friday night hit me up on Xbox live my gamertag is Da Drunk Gamer

    • 9 years ago

    • Halo:Reach beta

      9 years ago


      Well the Beta for Reach is coming really soon. All I have to say is that I AM FREAKING EXCITED FOR THIS!!! The game looks amazing from what I have seen in the videos. And as they said in the Drunk Tank everything is better with rockets! The game looks great and I am excited to play with my friends who got ODST I know we will have awsome games espically on invasion. I also really hope they have another infection type game because over the past two summers I have had epic infection games. I think Bugie created their finest game yet and am glad that they fixed the perk system so can't wait. The only down side is that it starts during my Finals week at college so Ill have to study a who hell of alot then maybe get some game time in without feeling guilty lol

    • Hawks Mind #3: Justified

      9 years ago


      Justified is a new show that is on FX, its on Tuesday at 10:00 pm est and once again 11:00 pm est Tuesday. Justified is a wonderful show taking a U.S Marshall into Kentucky where he often uses a wild west approach to some of the bad guys. The show starts off with him killing a criminal after he gave him 24hrs to leave Miami. He is transferred to Kentucky where he grew up in order to help out there. One of the main themes of this show is that everyone wants to get out of Kentucky including him. Another theme is everyone always brings up the fact he gave the kingpin criminal 24 hrs to leave and shot him. The last theme is about his estranged Dad who was a great con man. Now don't think he is one of those people who has daddy issues he doesnt seem to dwell on that fact at all. It is one of those shows that give you the thrill of a modern cop show with the idea of a Wild West theme. I would recomend that you guys watch it and get the DVD to the show because I know I will.

    • Hawks Mind #2: CHUCK

      9 years ago


      Chuck is a wonderful show and a classic theme where there is a nerd who falls for a hot girl. With one exception the hot girl is a C.I.A Agent. Chuck Bartowski is a Stanford dropout who is working at a Buy More in Burbank CA, he is one of the head "nerd" at the Nerd Herd. He recieves an email form an old freind at school that is full of Government secrects and the secrets are now encrypited into Chucks brain. Chuck is now a key part of the NSA and CIA to help save the world.
      The show is great I have watched it from the beginging and have enjoyed every episode. Although the show has run into trouble with the writers strike and the third season was pushed back, even with these problems the show still remains to be a great. Chuck is teamed up with a blonde hottie named Sarah Walker who pretends to be his girlfreind and a tough Marine John Casey who pretends to work at the Buy more with Chuck and be his neighbor. These two have to protect Chuck at all cost and complete the missions that they are assigned ussually Chuck is told to stay in the car, but ends up helping or hurting his team in his own bumbling way. On top of this Chuck has to live a double life and keep secrets from his best friend and his sister. The story line is great with the problems Chuck has living a double life and the classic story of will they or wont they when it comes to his "girlfreind" Sarah. Its also great because the show does not use the common theme of the CIA being evil and wanting to hurt our own citizens, yes in few cases Chuck is forced to cancel meetings with his friend and sister to help save the world, but he usually will then get help from them when he needs it.
      While I think the show is awsome there are some flaws that I do see. In the first case is that it seems that every bad guy and terroist in the world comes to Burbank. It seems that part of America is the hot ground for the bad people in the world. But I understand it because the story needs to happen, and now in the third season they have steered away from that. Second The military aspect of the show is a little off, I am a history major and one of my areas that I like to study is the military and I understad its a show and not everything can be realistic. The third thing is the relationship with Sarah, it one thats really complicated and it is an enjoyment of the show to watch the two of them go through the different levels of the relationship in the classic "will they or won't they?" However its almost every episode and after a while it does get boring and annoying.
      With that in mind I still have to say I freaking love this show and deeply recomend it to anyone to watch the show and buy the DVDs. The show is on NBC Monday at 8pm Eastern time. Like I said I would watch the show and get the DVDs I have the first 2 seasons on DVD and they are full of special features so you would get your money out of it.

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