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    • RWBY Manga Anthology Volume 1 'Red Like Roses' Review

      11 months ago

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      Slightly late review of the first RWBY Manga Anthology 'Red Like Roses'. I absolutely loved this manga and would recommend it for fans of the show. https://youtu.be/HHGmiX0m-js

    • RWBY Meet Up Event at MCM Manchester 2018 Vlog (Hosted By Team TMTM)

      1 year ago

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      So I recently attended a con over here in the U.K (It was MCM Manchester for those of you who are curious) and I went as Oscar from RWBY. I made a vlog of the RWBY meet that took place. There were some awesome cosplayers there so I thought I'd share the video here!  simple_smile https://youtu.be/0F2au5HR6cA

    • RWBY Manga Review

      1 year ago

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      So I've recently read and reviewed the RWBY manga on my YouTube Channel. I've linked it down below if anyone wants to check it out. Let me know what you thought of it if you've read it and if you haven't then don't worry because the review is spoiler free.  blush https://youtu.be/X9Sl5yeotkU

    • RWBY Volume 5 Theories

      1 year ago

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      So my theories for future Volumes of RWBY just went up on my blog. Make sure you check them out here: https://thisismereviews.blogsp...

      Let me know what you think of them down below.  blake

    • Team P.I.N.K

      3 years ago

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      Hey Everyone! With Volume 4 on the horizon I though I'd attempt designing my own RWBY team. I have never taken an art lesson beyond the mandatory ones earlier in school but I think I did a good job regardless. I have also included some brief character profiles. I am planning on doing more detailed drawings of the individual characters with their weapons. If anyone has any ideas about these weapons please comment them below and let me know who your favourite character is. I will link the new drawings to this post once I have done them, however, if you want to add me as a friend to keep up with them that way then feel free to. :)

      Team P.I.N.K

      From Vacuo


      Phoebe Orsua (Team Leader)

      Phoebe%20Orsua_zps5f1edh8l.jpgBased on the Greek Goddess with the same name.

      Personality: She is extremely out-going and pride herself on her ability to befriend anyone she meets. Although not the smartest of characters she is determined and not afraid to turn to her team mates when she needs help.

      Semblance: She is able to project 'fireworks' of different colours and different sizes from her hands. These can be used with a variety of different dust types and can both harm and stun enemies depending on the situation

      Team relationship: She sees her team as her equals, though she cannot understand some of the groups actions such as Kameko's aloofness and Nehemia's attraction to her as well as his inability to do anything about it

      Isabella Knall ('Is' to her brother)


      Based on Daughter of the king of Galicia. Wife of Zerbino. Also based off the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

      Personality: Shy and introverted. Although she can speak she rarely does. Her brother always seems to know what she's thinking and she him.


      Semblance: She is able to change herself and anything she touches into any terrain such as water, sand and ice in order to blend in. She is also able to move in her new elemental form. She is banned by the Vacuo high council to ever use her powers on humans or Faunus after she turned her mother to sand during child birth.

      Team relationship: Nehemia is her brother. She admire Phoebe as a leader. She is confused about her feelings toward Kameko.

      Nehemia Knall:


      Based on the central figure of the Book of Nehemiah who rebuilt Jerusalem. Also based off the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

      Personality: Very protective of his twin sister 'Is' he is the most sacrificial of the group willing to give his life to save his team. He is also the most lustrous of the group.

      Semblance: The ability to manipulate the terrain into structures such as shields. Primarily a defensive semblance it can be used to trap and crush enemies and with great strength these structures can be pushed onto adversaries.

      Team relationship: Isabella is his twin sister. He is interested romantically in Phoebe, however, is unsure how to approach her due to his past experience with multiple women. He initially shows dislike to Kameko who he believes is threatening his sister.

      Kameko Vyse:


      Based on the mythological creature of the Hydra.

      Personality : Kameko is the most hot-headed of the group and is easily offended with her Faunus heritage. Initially sent to the academy as an infiltrator by her father, a member of The White Fang, she changes her coarse and is hell-bent on learning more about her reptilian heritage as all other Faunus appear to be mammals.

      Semblance: Linked directly to her Faunus genes she can re-grow body parts and ill as well as grow and shrink as well as manipulate her body in any other way she see's fit. Her semblance makes her practically invulnerable to attack and it is questionable whether or not she can actually die.

      Team relationship: She initially resents Phoebe for being team leader as she believes she could learn more about the academy with that power. She is aware of Isabella's feelings towards her but chooses to ignore them for a number of reasons. She wishes Nehemia would keep his sister in check.

      DISCLAIMER: I did use some images from Pinterest as inspiration for aspects of my characters. I did not copy them directly, however. Once I started drawing on my computer I had closed all other images.

    • A CRY FOR HELP!!!

      in Forums > A CRY FOR HELP!!! | Follow this topic

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      I know in the forms it is very easy for you to see a post click on it and lose interest within the first three lines but I can only hope you don't do that here. There is a girl on this sight who may very well have cancer. Its bad enough so that she can no longer afford tog o to college to study her dream subject because of it.

      I wish there was a better way of putting it or making it sound nicer but I can't. All I can do is encourage you to go to her post: http://roosterteeth.com/post/51276287 and give as much as you can or at the very least tell others about this.

      If I could fund this all by myself I would but I cant do it alone. But if everyone on this site gives a couple of dollars then I know we can do it.

      Please help us do this.

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      in Forums > RWBY VOLUME 2 MANCHESTER | Follow this topic

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      Just curious about who's going? The screening is going to be on my birthday so i'm super excited. Unfortunately my close friends who like RWBY can't attend because their on holiday and none of my other friends really want to come. I will hopefully be able to meet some more RWBY fans there so let me know if you are as exited as I am?

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    • RWBY Grimm Eclipse Team Players

      in Forums > RWBY Grimm Eclipse Team Players | Follow this topic

      HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

      Hey everyone! I am fairly new to the site after a friend recommenced RWBY to me a few months ago. I recently picked up Grimm Eclipse on Steam and was looking for people to play with. I have played online with people before but part of it bugs me that you can have as many people as you want playing as a certain character. I primarily like to play as Weiss (although I do play as others to level them up). I am interested in forming a team to play the game through with (without two of the same characters appearing.) Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and which character you would like to play as. My Steam ID is HawkeyeMatt01. As I say, I am happy playing any character so if someone else wants to play Weiss they are more than welcome to join!

      P.S. At the time of making this post I am about level 5 for each character and haven't maxed out a character yet (if any one is curious).

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