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    • Marine-ijuana

      12 years ago


      Well, because I'm not big on the whole "up-dating" thing, I guess this should be important enough to post. On Wednesday, July 24th, I, Nathaniel Jaymes Hazel, will have signed my signiture to join the Marines. Many may wonder as to why I would do such a thing, but it is simple, as you see, I am very confused as to what to do with my life. I didn't apply for college, and I don't have much money for such education. Marines will pay for schooling, plus I will learn a job that I'll be able to do in a civilian life. This way, I can do something I want and still get education for tomorrow. Is it the best choice? Maybe not, but at least I'm not putting it off until I'm 21, when I have nothing else to lose. This way, I am starting fresh, knowing that this my life changing choice. Plus, I get to travel. A lot! So, that is my up dated journal. Hopefully I'll see most of you at RvBMN5. I leave for boot camp in October and that is also when I say good-bye to dingy little Staples, Minnesota.

    • And a bit of me went with it...

      12 years ago


      So, now that Red vs Blue is done, that all the wonderful characters that we have gotten to know and love over the last 4 years have either
      A. Died
      B. Destroyed the Fabric of Time
      C. Ate oreos for a diet
      4. Won the game as the lovable retard
      E. Blew up
      F. Continue on, living their parts forever in our hearts.

      But as we all inevitably grow older, the way things must always change, we mustn't forget all the things that have brought us joy in our lives. Red vs. Blue will always be remembered by me. Sure, questions are still raised in my head, but at least Rooster Teeth didn't boch up the ending(s)...like such

      1. Character A wakes up to find Character B in shower after Character B died and the audience disliked it. The whole show was some terrible nightmare.
      2. Sitting in a diner, A character is outside parellel parking, someone enters the door, Character A looks up...black out...

      Those are just the few that stick out in my mind. But in all seriousness, thank you, Rooster Teeth. You have created characters that will live on, long after this series has ended. Sure, we may never know who (SPOILE...of for fucks sake, if you haven't watched the Episode already, you're dumb...) Killed Captain Flowers again, oreven why Tex decided it best to go with Omega. The things that will be remembered, is that those characters, the ones we love, will always remain. People will continue to quote their favorite lines, people will continue to watch Red vs. Blue, even after you go on to make bigger and better things. Sure, the forums will die out when all the stupid spammers keep reproducing with one another so that even DiMono can't even keep up, but life will always go one for all of us. So, for the third or fourth time, and many more to come, Thank you Rooster Teeth, Thank you.

    • 300

      12 years ago


      Oh man, Fuckin' great ass movie. Cinematography was stunning, not to mention acting and fight scenes. It follows the graphic novel amazingly, and the history surrounding the Spartans was 50/50. I sported my awesome 300 shirt! Many people inquired where I got it, and I told them that God gave it to me. God also gave me some Spartans, which are condoms that rival the Trojans. Thanks God. Talk at ya later!

      300 ROCKS!

    • Irony?

      12 years ago


      It's amazing you know, Irony, how it can just be so cruel that you can't help but step back and look at it in a pissed off way. Now, I've never been lucky with the ladies, I have no idea why. I'm honest, sweet, not too offensive, and I'm told that I'm funny. So what's wrong? -sigh- It's just, I thought she would be different, you know. I've only known three phrases from girls after I ask them out. "Oh, I don't like you like that.", "I like you like a brother.", and "No, I'm sorry". It's not that important, and I know I'll meet someone SOMEday, I didn't think I was this horrible, annoying, egotistical, argumentive, or anything else that women don't enjoy. Life goes on I suppose, but it's so very lonely.

    • Playwrite.

      12 years ago


      Because I'm tired of never updating this thing. If I don't have any important things to tell about my life, I'll give my writings that I've done over the years. Well, here's my playwrite

      (Lights come up with a table and two chairs Stage Left with a man, James, pacing. Cigarette in hand, he stops as he glances at SL door and puts the cigarette to his mouth. He begins pacing again. Suddenly another man, Eugene, comes through the door.)

      James: Where the hell have you been?

      Eugene: I had some things to...

      (James cuts him off mid-sentence)

      James: God knows it's always something with you, we've been planning this job for months, and you walk in late?!

      Eugene: Come on! I'm not that late...Lets just go over the plan again, while we still have time.

      (They both go to the table. Eugene sits in the chair closest to him and James leans in, Eugene says things like "We'll enter through this side" and "We'll have to be careful around this area" James takes a deep breath and realizes something. He sniffs again.)

      James: That smell, is that perfume? You smell like a woman!

      Eugene: We don't have time for this! In 24 hours we will be breaking into the...

      (James cuts him off again)

      James: And you're late because some damn broad! What's her name? Victoria! This whole thing is going to fall to pieces because you're off playing doctor with that tramp!

      (James walks away from the table at these words; Eugene gets up from the table and follows him, pointing a finger until he gets right next to James)

      Eugene: Look James, you're bringing me into this mess, so don't you bad mouth the only thing that makes me happy in this world!

      James: This mess?! (James flicks the cigarette he had been smoking to the floor) this mess?! How could you say that? We have been planning this together for...

      (Eugene cuts off James this time)

      Eugene: I haven't planned anything! It's all about you! That's why I'm thinking about dropping this whole thing. I don't want to lose what I've been waiting for all my life.

      (At these words, Eugene turns away from James. James begins to follow him)

      James: Eugene, when I first met you, you were worthless. No job, no family, living on the streets. Look at you now; you would be nowhere without me!

      (Eugene turns to face James)

      Eugene: That was then, this in now James! I'm different, I'm changed. You could change too! I just won't lose her!

      James: What about me Eugene? You know the situation that I'm in, if I don't get this money, I'm dead, do you understand that? I'm dead!

      Eugene: Then get out James! Get out of the city and save yourself!

      (James turns away from Eugene)

      James: They'll follow me! (James turns to face Eugene; James takes a step towards him in his last plea of desperation.) Please Eugene, I need you one last time!

      Eugene: No James, I'm sick of risking my neck for you! You're on your own, you keep managing to get caught in these damn situations, get yourself out for a change.

      (Eugene makes his way to the door and reaches for the handle)

      James: Fine, I don't need you, run back to your whore!

      (Eugene opens the door and exits. James runs to the SL door.)

      James: Wait, Eugene! Wait! I need you! Please!

      (James stands there stunned, gazing at the door. He walks slowly around the table and collapses in a chair. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He puts in between his lips and lights it. As he inhales, he rests his hand on the table, it brushes up against the gun that had been sitting there the entire time. He picks up the gun with his hand. He checks if it's loaded, he then cocks it and places it against his temple. He closes his eyes as the stage lights go to black.)

      Yeah, I've already acted it out with a friend, on stage, infront of my drama class that I did wrote it for. I was James, and he was Eugene.

    • Best. News. Ever.

      12 years ago


      So I was mindlessly searching the web and what not and then a email popped up. It was Xbox. I clicked it and it said something about the Halo 3 Beta Test registration vol. 1 was complete. I was like, oh...ok. 10 minutes later I get another email with this inside.

      I'm playin' Halo 3 Beta guys! This calls for a w00t!

      w00t w00t!

    • The list thus far

      12 years ago


      These are some of the things I could do after school, some are reasonable.

      1: Army - So I can join the military and get shot and die in Iraq...awesome
      2: Bed Testing - I've always liked sleeping and this could be the coolest profession ever!
      3: Bum - The stereotypical bum mind you, raggy clothes, starbucks cup for money and cardboard box for shelter
      4:Sell my body...for science - What's in a body anyways? Just some gushy things.
      5: Sell my body...for sex - I am a dirty whore.
      6: Become a Criminal so that Scooby Doo can foil my plans - And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids, and that stupid mutt
      7: Sell peanuts - wait...I already do that.
      8: American Idol - I could just...win....I proved my vocals are awesome in Azlands Journal.
      9: Move - To a mysterious island...and be a hermit...no one would miss me
      10: Suicide - I would be that skeleton in the closet...literally...
      11: Run Away - Jump on the train...never look back.
      12: Molest Sharks - It's a pass-time.
      13: Compile Lists - I seem to be good at it.
      14: Write a book about wizards and a school for them - I would call it Harr...wait...crap!

      Post for more ideas.

    • Hee-Haw

      in Forums > Hee-Haw | Follow this topic


      It's kinda old, I know, and it's country, I also know that. But that show was kick-ass, and it had some of the best string pickin's I've ever heard. So, with that said, I want someone to help me if at all possible. What is the name of the song that the members of Hee-Haw sang during the mid-half of the show when they would pluck, then stop and add a joke. They said about four jokes inbetween pluckings. I would really appreciate what that song is called, and or tabs for the Banjo and Guitar. One or the other would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    • Time for the semester to close

      12 years ago


      In two days that is. So I still have tests and crap to look forward to, which mean a shitload of reading and writing tonight. I'm so glad I'm almost done with school, 3 month vacation, ho! But after that I haven't the slightest idea. I could go back to school, take a break, go be a bum in california, but only until 2028, because I don't want to die.Ironically, the asteroid that is coming is named Apophis, but also known as 2004 MN4 I could also be a pirate ninja, because I freakin' love stealth, plundering, pillaging and raping. That would be an awesome profession. If you have any ideas, please post them. I would love to see what your list comprises of, I'll post up my list and add your thoughts to it! It'll be one kick-ass compilation! Later.

    • RvBMN4 Trip!

      12 years ago


      And thus, it ends. RvBMN 4 is concluded, but there was much fun to be had. Games, prizes, shark molestation. Let me not forget the huge LAN party at the end. I had tons of fun! Meeting all these crazy-katz in person makes them so much cooler online. Not to mention how cool it is to kill them in Halo 2 (I'm talking about you Azland!) I can't wait for next year, where I'll meet these guys again, and I can't wait for RvBMN7...because then I can get drunk off my ass with everyone else.

      Massive LAN party. This is also the 3rd out of 4 rounds of the Zombie Tourney.

      More LAN Action!

      A bunch of us standing somewhere by Lego Land in the Mall of America

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