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    • Sponsor Scenes not Working.

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      Hello fellow Sponsors!

      I have been having a problem viewing scenes in episodes that have sponsor scenes. It's like it doesn't register that I'm a sponsor, yet I can watch Sponsor Videos and get into the forum.

      To give example, the Donut ending in Episode 13 of Revelation, it doesn't play. I only get to see the public version.

      I have been a Sponsor for a very long time, and I never had this problem before until recently.

      I was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue with this, or suggestions on how to fix it.

      I appreciate all the help!

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    • 7 years ago

    • Gears of War 3 Green Weapon Drawing

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      Good Afternoon RvBMN Group!

      It has been far too long since I have been away from Minnesota and not being able to make events, and I want to give back a little bit. So, because I have Jack in the Box down here, I have two codes for the Gears of War 3 Exclusive Green Weapon Skins. I will be holding a drawing. Please just post once in this thread and you will be entered in for the chance to win.

      I will check back tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 Pacific Time. I will post when I choose the winners, and post who the winners are. Good Luck!

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    • Comic Con!

      8 years ago


      Hello guys and gals,

      This year I got to go to Comic Con, and I shall share the story of how this magic occured thanks to friends.

      As you know, I went to RvBTO and met some wonderful people. One of these people was Dom also known as Count3D. Awesome guy, if you ever get the chance to talk to this fine gentleman, do so. He is insightful and just a blast to hang out with. He is also a breeder of fine stallions.

      Continuing on, I got back to California from my Canadian adventure and low and behold, Dom tells me of this event down in southern california known as RvBCA So I went down and checked it out. More awesome people, more fun times. Just like RvBTO only a lot more beach. We talked and hung out, and after a while, Dom shows up and asks if anyone would like a sunday ticket to Comic-Con. I raised my hand, jumping on my toes saying "Heck-yes, Mr. Man!" And being the kind, loving, awesome guy he is, he hooked me up. So thank you again, Dom. It was a pleasure hanging out with you, sleeping with you (same room, different beds...maybe...) and I hope everything goes swell with your travels back to the north.

      Now for Comic-Con! It was awesome. So much stuff! I got to see Burnie, Griffon, Brandon, Caleb, and Yomary, apparently Matt didn't come on Sunday, but it was still awesome meeting the rest (and re-meeting Caleb, as he was at RvBTO) I don't think I spent too much. Only one trip to the ATM with a pull of $120. I gotta save some, you know? Other wise, I would have bought so much stuff it wouldn't have made sense!

      All in all, it was an awesome experience, and I want to do it again next year only for all four days. Thanks again, Dom. You're awesome. Hope everyone stays safe and see you around in the future.


    • RvBTO 2011 Update (Now with Pictures!)

      8 years ago


      Friends and strangers alike, Hello.

      EDIT: I was slightly drunk when I originally posted this, and I really didn't want to go through it all and correct my mistakes. Bare with it, please.

      I am at the Red vs Blue Toronto event, and I must say it is wonderful meeting everyone. I was told, by someone very wise, (who also has the power to completely fuck my RvB account to shit) to just jump in. That's what I have been doing. Talking, mingling, playing mini-sticks, drinking the car bomb, singing on open mic, and just simply having fun and being myself.

      I have met so many great people here, and it makes me sad that I don't have a means to write down all the screennames and names. I have horrible memory when it comes to names, but I'll have your face forever emblazoned into my memory and I shall never forget the fun I've had at the event.

      The guests this year was Luke McKay (Obviously) and Kathleen. Two of the greatest people. I don't know how many times I've talked, or even fist bumped Kathleen. Kathleen is the sweetest, must caring and just awesome person I have ever had the fortune of meeting. She is so insightful and will talk to anyone about anything, plus she is full of stories so it never gets boring talking to her. Luke is just as awesome. Talking and getting to know where he came from and how he came to be the famous Luke McKay is amazing, and just getting the chance to talk to this two unique individuals made the whole trip worthwhile in itself.

      I have pictures and I shall post a few of them.

      Kathleen is awesome, and I'm so glad that I got the chance to meet and speak with her.

      Luke is outstanding, I've learned so much about him and his history. Plus I got to watch him draw, which is a gift in itself but more so when...

      You get Luke McKay'd yourself. I can't thank him enough for this piece of artwork. Also, Spastic_Jedi totally photo bombed me, which Luke also illustrated. It's even more amazing with her in it.

      I placed runner-up to the Champions of this years Mini-Stick competition. We lost to My Little Pony, but next year Drunk'n Boomers will take the gold! Also, had to get the stick we got for reasons obvious.

      And lastly, you can't forget when you're drunk at 2:30 in the morning, you got to Big Slice and get some of the best pizza, huge portions for cheap, so that you don't wake up hungover. This place saved my ass.

      I'm so glad I got to experience all of this this year, and hopefully I'll get to experience it all again next year. I still have one more day, and I will have one hell of one. See you all tomorrow, and take care.

      - Hazerblade

    • Up in Toronto.

      8 years ago


      Hello all,

      Well, again, I fell out of contact with everyone by not posting things again. However, I am up in Toronto! I got back from Bahrain in May and I have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive! Tomorrow kickstarts the RvBTO and I am excited. At the moment I'm tired, so I will probably be sleeping. Sleep sounds so wonderful right now... smiley3.gif

      Anyway, can't wait to see the people there!

    • My family lost something precious.

      8 years ago


      EDIT: I don't know why, but the punctuation doesn't work for the journal entry. Probably because I imported it from a word file. I'm sorry for the reading inconvenience.

      There has been a lot of things going on in my life, many of which doesn't come on blogs or journals. One of the biggest has been a legal issue regarding custody of my niece. Since 2007, a legal battle has been waged between rights to my niece by a foster family, the department health and human services and my family. DHHS wanted the foster family to have custody to my niece, even when we wanted her back. They ignored their own policies, their own procedures and didn't allow us to take my niece. I have a link here that sums it up pretty well, but I will go over some finer points that were never covered, and I would think would be so obvious that anyone could clearly see.

      News Article regarding my niece

      The first thing I want to point out is that my niece was put straight into foster care, my parents had to call in order to get notified of my nieces whereabouts. Which is wrong. DHHS' first procedure when a child is in need is to locate next of kin. If they were questioned today, I doubt they would know that Tiffani (my sister that lost custody) has two siblings, both over the age of 20 and fully capable to take care of the child, not to mention my parents. However, I was in Okinawa, and my other sister was in New York, but they didn't even give effort to contact us. I'm sure many people have heard of the red cross. Well, if a service member's family is in peril or is in a life altering incident, they can get a Naval Red Cross message sent out and be able to come home and sort out and be there for the family. I was never contacted, neither was my other sister.

      Second procedure is, and I want to cite this word for word "Family preservation will be the first consideration whenever the worker assessment indicates the child can be safely maintained in the home. Department services will then focus on returning legal custody to the parent(s)." So, in a nutshell, They completely suck when it comes to listening to their own procedure. Tiffani was an unfit mother, I won't say what she did to lose custody of Meridian (my niece) but let's just say it's very unbecoming of a mother. However, she had parental rights still in order. That means next of kin have rights over the child. So family preservation is first considered, when they give Meridian to a foster family and fight to keep her there, is complete and utter nonsense.

      Thirdly, the foster family does not call Meridian "Meridian" they adopted a "nickname" for her. "Merdie" This is causing confusion in Meridian, because now when we call her Meridian, she gets confused and scared. She doesn't know who we are talking to. The lower courts thought that it was an innocent nickname and was irrelevant. It is perfectly relevant because it is causing a disconnection between the Hazel's and our niece.

      There are many other things that happened, such as lost paperwork, doctored documents, and many other shady events that happened within this trial which made it conflicts of interest AND completely FUBAR. My sister's parental rights were stripped from her September of 2010. Three long years of trial, and my niece living with this foster family. Now they say it is dangerous to remove Meridian from the Foster family they had no right to put her in because it will "Harm Meridian" What about her brother and sister? They might never get to see their sister again because the foster family is going to adopt my niece and will not be obligated to allow visits. All of this is wrong, the courts must have seen it, DHHS must have seen it, but nothing was done to stop it.

      The Hazel family lost a part of our family, and we feel that justice was not served fairly. That truth is blind, and there is no equality in this. I wish I could have been there. To voice my opinions and to shout out the obvious; However, I can’t. I have only seen my niece once, she was two weeks old. I will never know her like I should. She won’t even know me. I hope the foster family has the decency to allow visitations. Also, on foster families, if you are a foster family, you have no rights to the child, you cannot decide to keep the child. You are there to keep the child safe, and make sure the child is loved. If you are just there to adopt them, then you need to stop being a foster family, and just be a regular one because you are now legally kidnapping children.

      I'm done ranting, this topic has been talked about, cried over, and angrily yelled over the last 3 years, and I'm just upset that I won't get to see my niece grow up. That she will no longer be Meridian Hazel, but rather Merdie Kern. (Yup, changing a name is CLEARLY a sign of a "Nickname") It's utter bullshit, and I hope that another family doesn't have to go through the same ordeal that we have.

    • Dragon Age II DLC Give-Away!

      8 years ago


      Hello friends!

      If you have yourself a copy of Dragon Age II and don't really feel like purchasing any of the DLC, then you are in luck! I have in my possession a code that will get you "The Exiled Prince" and the Online Pass which includes the Black Emporium. One time use only, first come first serve basis! Good luck

      Dragon Age II Online Pass (This came in all Retail games, so you might have it already): DQRH9-CRMXC-YHGHH-KHFCK-4T6KZ

      The Exiled Prince: YMPM6-TX2CX-KQD67-M2TFM-PCV2Z

      Please comment if you use any of the codes. Thank you! smiley0.gif

      Also, my previous Journal had two female avatar DLC's, one still remains for anyone who wants it!


    • Get over here...Ladies!

      8 years ago


      I just got the Limited Edition of Mortal Kombat, and it came with Codes (or Kodes...Mortal Kombat spells things with "K") Anyway, The codes are for Female Avatars, and well, since my Avatar has a digital penis, I cannot use it. So, first come, first serve, ladies!

      Scorpion Outfit: JJK94-63D6M-F7TXF-J2XYK-FDY2Z Yoinked!

      NetherRealm T-Shirt: VKJ3W-D67GC-FQG79-HP2MQ-R6HXZ

      I know what the ladies like! smiley8.gifsmiley12.gif

      Also, please post if you've used the codes, that way we'll know that they won't work anymore.

    • Gears of War 3 Beta...and my issues

      8 years ago


      As many of you may know (or not, I don't update often...except for recently, strange) I am in Bahrain, and am living in a pretty sweet freakin' flat. Now, it's free internet, but it's password locked. Luckily, I got my Xbox 360 to work on it, but it's connection sucks. Like, playing on dial-up bad. I get disconnected, I have strict NAT settings, and I can rarely join Xbox Live Parties. Well, now that the Gears of War 3 Beta is up. Let me tell you about my experience so far.

      First, If I can even get into a game, It takes about 30 minutes to an hour of just sitting, waiting for it to find a match. It goes through all those numbers, telling me there are no suitable matches, and I just wait...so very...very...patiently.

      When I DO get into a game, even though I have bad connection, the lag isn't that bad...unless I'm using the Retro Lancer, in which case, I can never impale a person. Ever. I run into them, then all of a sudden I'm mulch. It sucks.

      Other than that, this game is good for multiplayer. It seems so much more balanced, that even a laggy, bad connection guy like me averages about 5 kills per game. In Gears of War 1 and 2 that is nigh impossible. I can't wait to play the full retail. Although I'm about to be transferring from here to California in about a week, so I might not get to play...which is exactly what happened for the Reach Beta...I missed it entirely from transition from Japan to California...it sucked so much...

      Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying life and keeping it real. Take care.


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