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    • I need a Hug. Two in fact...

      8 years ago


      So, today I was sitting on my Xbox, playing a little split screen with my roommate when Azland signs in. A moment later, I get this message from him:

      "Dude, can you jump on Portal 2 and give me a hug?"

      Now, there's a lot of weird things on Xbox Live, but that had to be the weirdest message I have ever got. However, I joined him, gave him a hug. He got a big ol' bleep-bloop and we went on our merry way. You were my first Azland, now I need to get two more friends to hug me.

    • 8 years ago

    • 8 years ago

    • Stats...

      8 years ago


      Here is my very pathetic stats.

      You have made 360 posts, 56 journal entries, and 3 forum threads.
      You watch 9 users, while 7 watch you.
      You have received 50 (mostly positive) mods and given out 2 (mostly negative) mods in the last week.

      You have made 56 journal entries, with an average of 1.41 comments per entry.
      Your most popular journal was RvBMN4 Trip! with 7 comments.
      Every 42.6 days you add a new journal, usually on Friday nights, as with 13 (23.21%) of your journals.

      Forum Threads
      You have made 3 forum threads, with an average of 8.33 posts per entry.
      Your most popular thread was Predator: Urban Jungle with 14 posts.
      Every 795.2 days you post a new thread, usually on Friday nights, as with 2 (66.67%) of your threads

      how very, very sad...

    • The annual journal entry!

      8 years ago


      Hello everyone,

      First off, let me state that I am in Bahrain for another 2 weeks or so. I did get slated to go and I've been here since October. It's been a fun run. It's a very expensive place and I highly enjoyed it, but time to head back to the states, I miss being able to go anywhere I want after work.

      That being said, it has been nearly four years since I enlisted into the Marine Corps and now I'm deciding on whether or not to re-enlist. I want to, but only reserves so that I can go to college. I've been wanting to go for graphic design/video game design, but also with Creative Writing for Entertainment. My biggest fear is that I'm not a tech guy. I couldn't tell you physics, or how much data goes into this and that...So, I'm nervous because I know that I don't know much with the technology and design and that maybe it won't be a good choice for me. I love video games, I love stories, I just want to do something that makes me happy. The Military was definitely a good thing for me, gave me a lot of experience, but I know in my heart that I don't want to make a career out of it.

      I didn’t get tickets for Comic-con…I tried, but they were sold out by the time I checked to see if they were still available. I might try to go to RvBTO…if they still do that, do they still do that? I’ll look into it. Plus my Girlfriend is Canadian, so it’ll give me another reason to be up there.

      Other than all that, I’m good. I’m really starting to get tired of Bahrain. I just want to be home again. I know my options and I’m weighing them heavily, making sure I do what’s in my best interest, and following my heart and not just my brain. I have a nasty reputation with just thinking about doing something, thinking it will be something else without any investigation, just a thought of how cool it will be, and it ending up being something I dislike. This is something that will affect me for the next 3-4 years…and subsequent years after that, so I really need to think hard on what I want and what is best for me.

      Anyway, I’m rambling, hope you’re well, and maybe I’ll see some of you at RvBTO…if it’s still going on, haven’t checked yet.

      Also, RvBMN…what ever happened to that. I remember 4 and 5, I didn’t make it to 6…and was there a 7? I miss doing that. I think we should have a RvBMN playdate or something on Xbox Live. Come up with a schedule of games to play and just hang out once again, catch up, kill each other. Too bad we can’t drink together in the same room, though. Irish car-bombs…good times…Anyway, talk at you later.

    • Star Trek Online

      8 years ago


      Yeah, I just got it. I'm so confused about all the items in it that I just do missions...that's all....It's fun...I wish I had a better graphics card...and better internet quality...

    • 8 years ago

    • Bahrain-yew!

      9 years ago


      Aha! finally, I shall do a tremendous update that won't really be tremendous, just slightly informational about my personal life.

      First, we have to go back a few months, to May, when I returned to the states from Japan.

      May 6th, 2010: It was on this day, after being delayed 5 days that my plane took off Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, and landed May 6th, 2010 (longest day ever...) and checked into my new unit in Camp Pendleton.

      May 8th, 2010: I was made aware of a deployment going to Afghanistan, we shall call this deployment "102" Since I never deployed in Japan, they wanted me to be on it, so I was slated to go on 102. So they signed me up for as many training events as possible.

      May 25th, 2010: I was on Rifle Range (which I qualified as Expert! Awesome.) and my NCOIC for the section calls and says that they had to pull my name off of 102 because they had put too many names on. I said I really wanted to go, but if it makes it easier, just take me off and can I be highly recommended for the next deployment. They agreed.

      May 27th, 2010: I was just finishing up qualifying when my Sergeant calls once again, this time telling me that on the Saturday (which was the start of the Memorial day 96 weekend) I was to go to 29 Palms for a 3 week training event. To my dismay, this training was for those who are supposed to deploy, and they had already told me that I was not going to be deploying. So, I told him that I had many things to do, such as getting my vehicle registered, getting my TMO, which had to be shipped from Japan, and run a PFT. He said he would look for a replacement. He calls back, saying he has a replacement and says don't worry about it. Calls back a third time and says that my SNCOIC's don't want me to be replaced and that I have to go anyways.

      May 29th, 2010: Started my 3-week training event in 29 Palms

      June 19th, 2010: Came back from 29 Palms.

      June 22, 2010: received my TMO, allowing me to play Xbox again. Awesome.

      June 28th 2010: Went on leave to Minnesota and Canada for 4th of July and to see my girlfriend.

      July 15th 2010: Returned to California and from leave.

      July 27th, 2010: Word just past of an upcoming slot to go to Bahrain, and they are looking for a Corporal to fill the billet. since I missed my chance with 102, I stressed that I really wanted to go. So they put my name on a list of a bunch of other Corporals. After a few hours, they came back and said that I am the most highly qualified Corporal to go, seeming that I have so much training done that others do not. So, I might be going to Bahrain, and I'm extremely happy about it. It's scheduled for sometime in the fall/winter, so October/November timeframe. but only time will tell. Until then, catch ya!


    • Comic-con...so close, but so...sold out.

      9 years ago


      I was looking forward to going, but, I didn't get tickets. I, the idiot of a person I am, thought that Comic-con was the sorta...buy at the counter...deal...nope. I'm retarded, so here it is, not even an hour away, and I'm not even going to be going. I've been so desperate as to even calling those radio stations...(got close...I was caller 3...had to be 25...but at least I got through...) So, my dreams of one day meeting the members of Rooster Teeth and possibly kidnapping Jason or Gus has been pushed back for another year...hopefully I don't deploy next year around this time...but, who knows. Well, I'll try again tomorrow on the radio stations, and if I don't...well...I guess I'll catch you next year Rooster Teeth...(and every day after that, Jason or Gus.) One more year to scheme I guess. Catch-ya!

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