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    • I know what the ladies like...

      6 years ago


      Well, as many of you have noticed, Halo 4 came with a lot of download codes to redeem. Many were for the avatars. I just so happen to have a few codes left over for female avatars. First come first serve, but please be generous and only take one. Thanks! smiley0.gif

      Also, comment on which one you take, so that way we know which ones remain. Good luck! smiley12.gif

      smiley9.gif Halo 4 Cryptum Shirt - RY6MC-VGQT4-WGF9K-H2R7M-QQMTZ

      smiley9.gif UNSC Shirt - T9VTD-V2T7W-JFHRT-7TM7V-HXJ7Z

      smiley9.gif UNSC Eagle Shirt - 77D9Q-G3KFJ-Y44QH-VG8C3-674FG

      smiley9.gif Spartan 4 Armor (From Limited Edition of Halo 4) - BCJ8F-C8WMQ-GQR8W-CJRVC-TJQRR

      And because I have an extra code that never got used. This one is for anyone, male or female. Good Luck!

      smiley9.gif Gears of War 3 Green Weapons - 32WMH-47V4V-9DKTC-WVVDH-JG6PZ - Yoink'd!

    • Rooster Speak Mystery Night

      6 years ago


      So, last night was filled with suspense, mystery, and above all: Murder. We did some fun things rather impulsively, which usually ends up being the best kind of fun. The first was Clue. I was in the mood to play the board game Clue, but no where on the internet is there a place to play Clue online with friends. So, I did what any sane, board game enthusiast would ever do. I improvised.

      Clue Board

      Jimmy Rigged Webcam

      View from up top

      Using TinyChat, @MonicaM, @Retalora, @halo1278, @h0b0Walrus, @Andersean all played Clue while I was the GameMaster. giving them their cards, moving their pieces and making sure the game was played properly. It was awesome and fun times were had. I will try to make this regular occurrence every month. They played two games, and halo1278 won the first game, successfully revealing the murderer to be Professor Plum, in the Billiard Room, with the Wrench. The second game, Retalora won, outing Mrs. Peacock, in the Library, with the Lead Pipe.

      After solving those mysteries, Rooster Speak went forth into the terrorist business. Yet troublesome murders followed us in our terrorist towns. We played quite a few games, shooting each others faces and @Panacamanana deciding to pose for the traitor. Again, fun times were had and mysteries were solved. @Camaran almost got away with it, if it weren't for us meddling kids.

      Tonight there is going to be a Game night for Rooster Speak in Trouble in Terrorist Town at 9:00 PM EST. Join in on the Mystery fun!

    • Let's take a Journey.

      6 years ago


      The year is 2004. A 15-year-old boy, probably with pimples on his face, braces and long curly hair, searched the web about his favorite video game. He had already played it extensively, but now he wanted to know about tricks or cheats he could implement on it. While browsing the internet using MSN's search bar, as Google had released, but hadn’t reached this teenager yet, he found a website with a bunch of QuickTime downloads.
      After downloading the first, he saw a player driving a vehicle over some grenades and blowing them up, sending the vehicle flying up into the air extremely high.

      "Awesome!" He thought.

      Convinced that there would be more cool videos in the other QuickTime download links, he proceeded to click many of them. The next one that downloaded took him to a video with a narrator getting all pissed off at the stenographer.
      The boy thought it was amazing, and he started downloading the subsequent QuickTime files. In them were episodes of a series he found out was called Red vs. Blue. Searching in his MSN browser he located the Red vs. Blue site.

      It was then that the boy signed up. 8 years ago today. That boy was me. It really has been 8 years, and it really doesn't feel like it. The site has changed drastically since then. The members have multiplied exponentially, and I have long since become a sponsor instead of the dreaded "freeloader."

      I wasn't one who was actively engaged with the community. Being 15, I was off doing 15-year-old stuff. Riding bikes, being rejected by high school girls, masturbating profusely, and it continued until I graduated. Then I went into the military. 4 years of me dedicating my time to the service. I would log in to watch the new episodes, but other than that, I was still missing out on this wonderful community. Even though I wasn’t actively engaged, I still loved Rooster Teeth and Red vs. Blue. It was apart of me, for years I was watching, growing attached to people I would probably never meet.

      Now it's 2012. I've been out of the military for a year now; I have since met a lot of community members. I have been to events such as RvBMN, RvBTO, RVBCA, RTX and out of the kindness of his heart, @Count3D gave me a spare ticket to Comic-Con for a day. He didn't have to, but he did. I can't thank him enough. Now I feel like I'm becoming an active and engaged member of the community. I have joined Rooster Speak and they have become close friends, almost like family. I may regret not being actively engaged in the past, as I have missed out on a lot of friendships I feel could have helped me out in some trying times, but as they say. Better late than never.

      So thanks for making 8 years of my life awesome Rooster Teeth. Thank you community for being awesome to a guy who joined the party fairly early, decided to stand outside the door for a while, and was still greeted warmly when returning to the mix.

    • Bandwagon?

      6 years ago


      Nope, not jumping on it. No A-Z, instead. I am just going to list a bunch of obscure little known facts about me that will give you some insight as to who I am.

      1. I juggle. It helps me relax and take my mind off of things.

      2. I sing all the time. I can't go a day without singing.

      3. When I was a child, I used to have a cookie cutter collection. My prized cutters were of the Mario Brothers.

      4. Also when I was a child, I liked to eat cheese sandwiches. Bread, Ketchup, Cheese. Nothing more, nothing less. They were delicious at the time.

      5. I like peanut butter sandwiches, but instead of traditional bread, I use hot dog buns.

      6. I love Kool-aid and I can make it perfectly every time. I once made it inside of a flower vase at a friend's house because he had no pitchers.

      7. The first video game I remember playing was Dr. Mario on the NES, and I was in Germany at the time.

      8. For the longest time, I had the entire collection of Goosebumps books, but never read them due to the covers being too frightening. When I started reading them, I thought the stories betrayed the covers, as they were never that scary.

      9. When in boot camp, after one of the many humps, I had a blister on my foot the size of a 50-cent piece.

      10. The first short story I ever wrote was when I was 12 and it was about zombies.

      11. I used to write comics about a super hero cat named "Super Kitty"

      12. I get along better with people older than me versus people my age or younger. Maturity has a large role to play in that.

      13. My favorite book is "John Dies at the End" I read it every year for Halloween, and I am currently reading it's sequel "This Book is Full of Spiders"

      14. I can't stand the taste of beer. The taste makes my gag reflex react violently, and I most often puke after a simple drink. I do like liquor, especially cocktails. My favorite is Long Island Iced-tea.

      15. A slightly washed up singer shares my birthday in the month of December.

      16. When eating bananas, I like to push my finger from one end, down the middle, to the other end. Dividing it into three equal parts before eating them.

      17. I once sang karaoke in a Japanese bar with pornography plastered all over the walls and bathrooms.

      18. Highly carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper almost always make me burp through my noise.

      19. The first time I learned of death was when I was three. We had chickens and a batch of chicks had hatched. When chasing after one to pick it up, I accidently stepped on it.

      20. I can remember pointless things from far back into my life that hold little or no significance. Such as the apartment layout of the Germany apartment I lived in when I was two.

      21. I don't like pet rodents. My sister had a gerbil and it bit me, drawing a lot of blood. Now I stay away from those little assholes.

      22. When in California, I mentioned how I had lived there for almost a year and a half and hadn't seen a single Black Widow Spider. Within 24 hours of saying that, I saw six.

      23. I love Lays Ketchup Chips. My ex-girlfriend is Canadian and she introduced me to them. They are delicious and I haven't had them since Christmas last year.

      24. I am not a huge chocolate fan. I can have small portions, but after that, it gets disgusting.

      25. My favorite food would have to be Lasagna. My family has this awesome recipe and I add my own little twist to it.

      26. Every Fourth of July, it is tradition for my family to go up to Minnesota to a cabin we have on a river and have a fish fry. We have a nice little holding pond right next to our dock and it is literally cast in the pond, pull out, and there's a fish! We usually get 30 or so fish within an hour.

      Hope you enjoyed! If you would like me to elaborate on any of these facts, just comment and I'll gladly do so.

    • Finally

      6 years ago


      For any of you that have followed me for the long haul, you have know that I've been relatively lonely and without many friends. I didn't really do anything about it. When I'm alone, I want company and when I'm in company, I want to be alone. It's a vicious and depressing cycle, but it's how I got on for a long time.

      Rooster Teeth has always been a place for me to come and fit in. I was never really active on the community due to my military lifestyle and being focused on other aspects of my life, but I knew that I could always be myself here. After the military, I knew I wanted to become more active here in the community. I've since gone to RvBTO and RTX. Now, I've joined a tight nit group of friends.

      These friends are the members of Rooster Speak group. They are some of the most creative individuals I have ever met. The personalities are ranging far and wide, along with the nationalities. It's been awesome to get to know these great people. If you are feeling the lows of life and need people to talk to, you will always be welcomed there.

      Note: If you are innocent, you may be corrupted. If you're corrupted, you may remember feelings of innocence.

    • Pets?

      6 years ago


      So, recently I've been contemplating on getting a pet. My apartment complex allows them (if I pay a pet fee, of course) and it would definitely give me some company and interaction while at home. I'm still really doubting that I want to get a pet, as all the additional responsibilities seem quite exhausting.

      I want to get a puppy or an infant animal, so that way we grow and bond together, but if I'm at school, that means that it is in my apartment, being loud and pissing on the floor as it still needs training. I was thinking maybe rescuing an animal, maybe a cat or something. Cats are low maintenance and can practically take care of themselves. I just need to feed them, play with them, and change the kitty litter. Easy enough.

      I was also thinking about getting a Sugar Glider. It's like a flying squirrel. However, they are, like any rodents, messy as hell. They are very clingy to their owner which is cool, but they are very social animals so you need to shower them with attention or else the will get depressed. So I would have to get two, and that's twice as much mess and stink. They are freakin' adorable though.

      So I may rescue a cat or a dog, but it really depends. I want a cat that is playful and nice. Not an evil devil-spawn that I've come accustomed to.

    • It's time to Kick some Start.

      6 years ago


      Once, every few years or so, the world gives us a bright shiny gift, wrapped in elegant wrapping paper and tied with a giant bow. These gifts are people with an amazing talents. They then use those talents to wow and inspire us. I am going to take a moment to talk about one such man. Did I say man? I meant legend

      Jeff Rupert

      This man has a musical talent that is fit for a king. His vocals have a tendency to rock your pants off, if not much, much more. I had the fortunate chance to meet this legendary man up in Toronto last year and when he accidentally brushed up against me, manly hairs of awesome burst forth from my chest. He has that power, he has the almighty gift of song, and now, he needs your help.

      You see, Jeff is trying to raise money for his debut album. He is extremely close to his goal and it would be awesome to see this become reality. It's amazing to see so many people coming together an helping him, and with the goal nearly in sight, lets make it truly epic by spreading the word and making sure this happens. It needs to happen. Think of the children.

      So go forth and Pledge knowing that you can be apart of something truly outstanding.

      Note: Manly chest hairs may or may not be a side effect of pledging.

    • Aspirations.

      6 years ago


      It's a little known fact that I am a dreamer. I dream of all these wonderful things that I want to do, things that will get my name out there. Whether it's in this community or just in the entertainment industry. Problem is, I don't act or I lack skills to make it they way I want.

      For example, I have had this Machinima idea for a few years now. Problem is, I completely suck at editing video. I have a capture device, a pretty solid Laptop to record on, but because I can't make it the way I want to, I don't do it. I set my standards for myself too high when trying to do something that I want to do. If I don't meet those standards, I get really dejected and hate myself for it. That's also the reason why I haven't started writing my novel. I have all the characters, I have the plot, but because whenever I try to write it out, it never comes out like I want it to. The words on the paper are not doing it justice, so I scrape it entirely.

      I also have a few community hunter video ideas I want to post, but again I don't know how to edit things to make it work.

      Then it comes to writing in the entertainment industry. Something tells me I'm not going to be very successful because of my characteristics. I'm not a very social person. I can talk and communicate with people just fine, but I rather stay by myself. That's not good for the entertainment industry, as it all about who you know. People who can help you out and get you into places. From there that's when you can start making a name for yourself. I have a few years to figure that one out, but I really need to soon.

      As for the community, I am trying to be more active. Responding on peoples journals, posting in video comments. I'm not a huge fan of forums, so I stay out of there as much as possible. I guess I am not much of a social person. I've removed myself from Facebook. I never owned a Twitter. Rooster Teeth is kind of my last grasps at a social activity. I have friends here, great people who are kind and just awesome to hang out with (at events, as I don't see them regularly).

      I'm glad I have a place where I'm not judged ridiculously. While I do have many dreams on things I want to do, at least I know in reality I have this community where I can be myself and enjoy being with friends.

    • Dear person who broke into my car.

      7 years ago


      Fuck you, you stupid douchebag fuck.

      - Me

      Message to all other thieves out there.

      Fuck you too, you stupid fucking assholes.

    • The Update

      7 years ago


      I look at my watched users, and it looks like everyone is doing updates on their life. It got me thinking "I should do one on me!" So here it is!


      In retrospect, it got me thinking again. This update will be depressing, much like the countless ones I've already posted. My journal would end up being another rant about me not having friends, not thinking myself worth a damn, and other self-pity comments about how I just suck in general.

      So, instead of that, I decided to post pictures. When life was easier and I actually somewhat enjoyed myself. Somewhat

      Shortly After Graduation

      Right before Graduation


      Kyoto, Japan

      My sister and I

      Nago Shrine. Okinawa, Japan

      Kyoto, Japan

      And last but not least. Puppies! As they make me feel less depressed.

      Butters, one of my sister's Pugs

      Mimzy, my mothers Half shitzu half havanese.

      Mimzy, several months later.

      That's it. Time for me to sleep. Then wake up and write a screenplay that's due tomorrow. Yay for procrastination!

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    • Hamstar

      12 years ago

      Sorry for the double post...

      At the Mall of America, second part in Eagan. There is also the website rvbmn.com

    • Hamstar

      12 years ago

      outstanding! Glad to have ya!

    • moot_on

      13 years ago

      You know, your link for myspace...doesnt work!

    • HylianHero

      13 years ago

      Lets go get a Chicken Sangwich...in my CT 04...Someone Shit on the Coats! Oh christ...that Dane Cook is a silly bitch...

      Could be one of the greatest compilations of Dane Cook quotes I've ever heard.

      *first comment again*

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