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    • Class.

      7 years ago


      I have been attending Full Sail University for three months now, and this month is my first on campus class. For the first two month, I was taking online courses (not by choice, they are only offered online) and I must say, it is nice to leave the apartment for class.

      I tend to be more of a shut in. I guess it's because I'm socially awkward. I can talk to people and get along with everyone just fine. I'm not socially inept. I just need a reason to socialize vice going out and socializing on my own. Having class is a great excuse to do that, even if the class is only 5 people in size.

      The class in question is Creative Skills Development. It's great and it's been forcing me to write a whole lot more than I have. I have created a few portfolio pieces and a nice screenplay (at least I think it is). The greatest part about Full Sail is I can submit my screenplay to the film students, and if they enjoy it, I can see my screenplay become a reality. When I edit my screenplay a little more, I'll submit it to them.

      I do still have a nasty tendency to procrastinate until the last minute. I'm hoping to grow out of that soon.

    • Military Rant

      7 years ago


      Alright, I'm going to attempt to stay calm and collected while I write this. I know it will be hard going, as it is something I am very passionate about, but here we go.

      I am a military veteran. Many of you have gathered this much already. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps and it was a great experience. I have a dense loyalty to my brothers and sisters in arms, no matter what branch and it is this loyalty that gets me worked when I see people who aren't enlisted, never were enlisted, didn't even go to ROTC or anything like that, wearing military uniforms.

      There is no excuse for it, we earned the right to wear the uniforms. We went through the training, we went through the hardships of deployments fighting and sacrificing our lives in the name of our country and we did it all wearing those uniforms. There is no right for people who are not, or have not, been enlisted to wear them.

      When I was at RTX, I saw tons of it. It was nerve racking. I see it occasionally in the everyday life, but it's mostly at events. "Well, I'm going to enlist" isn't a fucking excuse! You haven't earned the right to wear the uniform, so don't wear it until you do! Is it really that hard? Do you have no integrity in your body at all? You would rather get respect by acting like something your not, instead of getting it by being yourself?

      You may have good intentions, and I'm glad you want to join the military. However, you aren't honoring those by wearing the uniform, you're mocking them. You will wear them when you go through training and then you can feel the pride in yourself when you can say you're a Marine, a Sailor, a Soldier or an Airman. Stop trying to garner respect by wearing something you have no right wearing.

      When people come up to you and say "Thank you for your service" do you tell the truth and say "Oh, I'm not in the military" or do you lie and say "Thank you for your support." If you do tell the truth, I'm going to assume the look from the person that said it is a quizzical one. They don't know why you're wearing the uniform, you are are mocking the very thing you are trying to emulate.

      Please, just stop. If you want to wear the uniform, go down to the recruiter and enlist. After you're done with basic training and you are officially in the military, then you can wear the uniform. Until then, just stop.

    • I watched it.

      7 years ago


      For the longest time I have been watching a fan-base grow that I never thought would. I am talking of the My Little Pony fandom. More so the "Bronies" I didn't want to get caught up with it for two reasons.

      1. I remember my sister had My Little Ponies when I was a little kid. It's a girl thing, why would I, a boy, want to subject myself to that?
      2. It was going to be temporary.

      Well, it looks like it's here to stay. So, I wanted to be unbiased. I don't want to continually judge something that could be cool just because it's pink and has rainbows and seems to be geared towards the female audience. I watched Episodes 1-2 because it is a two parter. Here is what I thought.


      To be completely honest, it made me laugh a few times, but I can't see myself watching more episodes than that. I just don't see what everyone else sees. I see something that my niece would definitely love, but not I. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it "gets better" as the show continues. Does it even have a plot, or is it like all the one off cartoons from yesteryear? If it is the latter, then I have stopped watching those a long time ago. I just don't see myself getting into it, but I can now judge it based off of watching it instead of just basing off of what I have seen in pictures.


      Will I become a Brony?

      Did I give it a chance?

      Did I think it a waste of time?

    • I have angered the sky gods.

      7 years ago


      Alright, as many of you know I went to RTX. What many of you don't know is how long it took to get there and back home. Here is that story.

      On June 29th I flew from Orlando, FL to Minneapolis, MN so that I could be with friends and family. The flight went well. It was the first leg of the whole RTX adventure. Amongst having loads of fun tubing down rivers, fishing and having a fish fry, and having a genuinely good time; I still was highly anticipating RTX the following weekend. This must have pissed the sky gods off immensely.

      On July 2nd our porch flooded with tons of rain and on July 4th there were tornado warnings surrounding the area I was staying in Minnesota. It sucked. I thought this was just a random occurrence, that it would be over with and good weather would continue. It seemed that way, but I was wrong.

      I flew out of Minnesota on July 6th to Austin. I had a brief layover in Denver and that is where it became quite apparent that I had pissed off the powers at be. The plane was delayed by an hour because New Orleans closed it's ramp. Understandable, so I had to wait an hour. After the plane finally arrived, Denver had thunderstorms too roll in. This caused our plane to be stuck on the tarmac for two hours while we waited for it to blow over. When it did, we took off. Landed in Austin at 1:30 am on the 7th, instead of 10:30 pm on the 6th.

      RTX was fun, it was amazing, the weather was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better time.

      On July 9th, since the person I was rooming with was checking out (at 12:00 pm) I didn't want to lug my suitcase and heavy backpack all over Austin, so I took a bus to the Airport. My plane is supposed to leave at 6:45. While at the airport, I ran into Luke McKay, Knuckles Dawson and some other well-to-doers. As my time came, the plane was a few minutes behind schedule. No big deal. The take off time switched to 6:50 and we began boarding.

      I had a layover in Atlanta, however a storm rolled into Atlanta while I was in Austin which caused that Airport to close the ramp and have a ground stop. The pilot informed us in Austin that it would be 35 minutes. While waiting that 35 minutes, a thunderstorm rolled over Austin, causing Austin to close its ramps. So both airports are now closed. While we were closed, Atlanta extended the time but apparently it blew over in that time, but Austin was still closed. When it was finally "ok" we took the brief window of time to take off. To Atlanta!

      Immediately when we landed we were at a ground stop. No planes out. We couldn't park our plane and unload people. The only silver lining was that the plane that I was supposed to board to Orlando was still in the terminal. It was supposed to take off at 11:05 which was the time that we got into Atlanta. When the airport re-opened, I sprinted down to right gate and it wasn't taking off until midnight. So I was very glad that I made it. We boarded, landed, I got my car out of parking and was home by 3:00 am.

      The sky gods either don't like Austin, or don't like RTX. Either way, I guess I will be trying to incur their wrath again next year.

    • The day after...

      7 years ago


      So, RTX is completed and it was amazing! As one who doesn't attend conventions regularly, the panel lines were a bit overwhelming, but other than that it was fun! I got to see and do a lot of things which include; seeing the RT crew, play Halo 4 and watch the live "Beat a Fucking Child" fundraiser lead by Joel.

      Thanks goes out to the Rooster Teeth crew for making an awesome event, and also all the hard work done by the Guardians. You made it an excellent convention that was both orderly and fun!

      All in all, it was an awesome event and I'm very glad I got to attend this year. Here's hoping that I'll be able to attend RTX again next year! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

    • Detour Complete, RTX Bound!

      7 years ago


      I was up in Minnesota for the week of 4th of July. I've fished, I've tubed rivers, and I've got a weird sun burn. Now that I'm full of fish and happy from seeing family, it's time to head to Austin! RTX, here I come!

    • The Package, Conclusion

      7 years ago


      Part 1 here

      "Good to see you again, Jennifer." said a short and plump man. Jennifer looked at him; he had a black suit, slicked back hair, and sat behind a massive desk. The room she stood in reminded her of a cabin, there was a fireplace with a deers head mounted above it. There were rifles mounted on the wall behind the man, and the room had a stench of cigars and whisky.
      "I have never enjoyed seeing you, Thomas" Jennifer simply stated.
      "Oh, I know all too well, Jenny." He said with a soft smile. Jennifer hated when he smiled at her. "Do you have the package?"
      She lifted both suitcases onto the desk. Thomas looked at both and grinned, he opened both cases. One sat the $100,000 and the other the cocaine. He snapped both closed.
      "All this could have been avoided, you do know this, right?" he said with a sly smile and furrowed eyes, taunting Jennifer with his words. "If only you would have just made the deal with Andrew that night, he had the drugs, you had the money. What did you do? You took the money, and you had convinced Andrew cover for you." Thomas slouched back into his chair. "He must have loved you quite a lot, he would still be alive had you not been so selfish."
      Jennifer turned her head away from Thomas; flooding memories of Andrew filled her head.
      "At first we thought Andrew did it, but we soon learned of your betrayal, and so we used you against him." Thomas took a moment to take a cigar out of the box that was lying on his desk. "I wonder if he knew it was your crime he was in debt for, I guess he'll never find out now." Thomas stuck the cigar between his lips, pulled out a match from his top drawer and struck the match. He put it up to the tip of the cigar and began puffing. Jennifer was looking at the floor, all this guilt that had been building up inside, all these feelings. Thomas looked up at Jennifer, tears rolling down her face, and he sneered. He was breaking her, emotionally, mentally, tormenting her very heart. She took from him, so he will torture and take from her.

      Thomas opened the suitcase with the $100,000 in it and took out the top two layers.
      "As I promised Andrew, after this deal was done, he got to keep $50,000." He closed the suitcase and slid it towards Jennifer. She just stood there for a moment, looking at the suitcase. She didn't want it anymore, she knew she made a terrible mistake, one that could never be forgiven or be taken back. All the money in the world will never bring back Andrew, or the happiness that he wanted for her. He said that she would see, and would know what he intended. The small box she remembered, when did he get it, he had been giving most of his money to Thomas, how did he afford it? He had been telling her that he had something to give her, something that will change everything, but you need to wait just a little longer. He had been saying that for months, and she stopped believing. She would still ask, but he would never be convinced to tell her.

      Jennifer reached out and grabbed the handle of the suitcase that Thomas offered her. She pulled it off the table and let it hang at her side. She looked hard at Thomas; he remained still, smiling cynically. She turned to leave, walking slowly towards the door.
      "I wish you all the happiness in the world, Jenny." Thomas said, his evil grin growing. Jennifer froze for a moment before reaching for the door handle.
      "You deserve it." He finished as Jennifer walked out the room.

      Jennifer walked out into the street. The night was cold. The suitcase felt heavy in her hands. She felt like throwing it, it was tainted and she didn't want it. She slowly walked to the car. She got in, it still smelt of Andrew. She sat in the car, remaining still, just breathing in and out, recounting the last passionate moment with Andrew. The way it felt when he embraced her, his warmth. The look in his eyes when he looked at her, the joy that he had when he thought every thing was going to be alright. Her tears wouldn't stop. She just wanted to be in his arms once again. To give in, allowing him to take her as his and make their lives happy, as he intended. She can no longer hold him, can no longer feel his warmth, no longer will she be able to ask what he intended for her, never again will she feel happiness to that degree. She put the key in the ignition and started the car. The only thing she has to embrace is the memories and that during a time, she was happy, and that she had a chance to experience joy like no other. She pulled out of the parking spot and drove off into the night, with only her memories to hold onto.

    • Did I miss something?

      7 years ago


      So...I'm no longer a Sponsor and I have no idea why. I have the settings to reoccurring payments. In fact, I see a lot of friends on my list without stars by their name where there should be. what happened? There seems to be no information on the forum on the matter that I could tell. It's like this happened and no one either noticed or cares. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

      Edit: Adam is working on the problem, looks like I'm a Sponsor again. To quote his exact words "seems our sponsorship system took a big o poop." Hopefully they get it all fixed and everything back to rainbow and sprinkle status.


    • The Package, Part 6

      7 years ago


      Part 1 here

      A sharp pain sizzled in Andrew's lower back. He was able to turn around to see the culprit before collapsing to his knees. There, to his dismay, was Jennifer, pistol extended out in front of her, still smoking from the shot she just fired.
      "Why?" he asked her, sadness filling his heart. He had a feeling something bad was going to happen, but he never imagined it would be this. He struggled to stay upright as his breathing became heavier.

      She didn't say a word, she just stared at him. Andrew slowly reached into his left hand pocket and pulled out a small box. He held it tightly in his left hand.
      "I just wanted to give you a happy life" he said, his sight starting getting darker, and blurring. "I just wanted a normal life with..." his last words trailed off into silence as he fell forwards, he expelled his last breath, his lifeless eyes gazed at the box that had fallen out of his hand.

      Jennifer lowered her weapon a few moments after Andrew fell. She went over and picked up the small box that had landed on the left side of Andrew. Inscribed on it were the words "To a better and happier life." She slowly opened the box, and there sat a diamond ring, glistening even when there was little light. A lone tear fell down her face as she closed the box. She placed the box back into his left jacket pocket and went to retrieve the suitcase that Andrew was originally trying to pick up. She walked around Andrew's body and went to the other suitcase. She grabbed both and headed towards Andrew's car. She opened the driver side door and lightly three the two suitcases on the passenger seat. She turned around and looked at Andrew's lifeless body.
      "I'm sorry, Andy. The price for my freedom was higher than yours." She said, tears filling her eyes. "How I wish we could have been together under better circumstances. How I wish you would have swept me off my feet earlier. I'm so sorry." She turned and entered the car, she turned started the engine, took one final glimpse at Andrew before driving off into the darkness.


    • The Package, Part 5

      7 years ago


      Part 1 here

      Jennifer slowly opened her eyes; she looked at her own body, no pain, no blood, and looked down at the now deceased body guard that was previously aiming at her. She looked at the cement wall, and there, Andrew was standing; aiming his pistol where the guard was. He slowly lowered his pistol, grabbed the suitcase and ran towards Jennifer. He stopped in front of her, looking her up and down, worry filling his mind. "Was she hurt, did Jonathan hurt her?" he wanted to make sure she was alright. Her blonde hair was moving casually as it was caught by the soft sea breeze. The pistol in her right hand, held slackly at her side. Andrew wrapped his arms around her, so grateful that she wasn't hurt or worse. He held her for what seemed to be an eternity; he retracted slightly to see her face. Innocence, worry, and fear, he leaned into her face and passionately kissed her. Jennifer closed her eyes and kissed him back; she wrapped her arms around him and shared this one passionate moment. They were lost in the moment, they had almost lost each other, and they weren't going to let anything ruin it.

      After a few moments passed by, they let go of each other and came back to reality. Andrew smiled. Jennifer's look of innocence and worry faded back into the determination that Andrew respects in her.
      "We're free, Jenny." He said, struggling hard not to laugh with the joy he felt.
      "We just have to deliver the goods to Thomas, and we will be able to live life like we want to!" He was gazing into Jennifer's eyes as he said this, and a smile slowly crept across her face. Andrew turned around to collect the suitcase that he gave to Harmon. He bent down to pick it up when a gunshot went off.

      Part 6

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