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    • HeavyMuffins


      5 years ago

      Just got accepted to Drew University.

      They are my top school.

      That is all.

    • HeavyMuffins

      New haircut?

      5 years ago

      Thinking about getting the Phil Ansemlo mowhawk, with the long hair in the middle staying but the rest of my head shaved.


    • HeavyMuffins


      5 years ago

      Samsung impression, leaving to go pick it up now.

      I still hang out here and lurk around, but I don't really talk so often to the people. Occasionally I'll stumble upon someone's journal, but I just don't feel like spilling my heart out here anymore, it just feels like such a waste to do so. I feel like i've fucked over every last person who was decent to me on this site one way or another, and most not even to their faces, so I guess I really don't feel.....i dunno... I just hate coming here sometimes, I look at my watch list and see people I don't know why I watch, or people who used to mean something more than being able to say "+1 funny" on their life, its depressing thinking the one person on here I really enjoyed talking to long after the appeal of the site ran out, is just moving on, and I hope he's doing alright with his girlfriend. I feel so pathetic, I still come back to read his journals and laugh a little, thinking that maybe I'll be able to comment him, that maybe he'll get over it and we could just talk again, maybe not as close as we were, even as just acquaintances, even a sjust people...

      New girlfriend, this one's working out rather nicely, been about a month or so now, she got me a snazzy pocketwatch for christmas, and I enjoy that, it's the full metal alchemist pocketwatch, because I'm a super nerd, but it works surprisingly well, so I can't complain. I'm trying to make an active change in the way I dress lately too, I'm dressing fancier, non ironically, and this pocketwatch helps that out a bit so whoo...

      College shit is bearing down, that's not fun.

      PS3s broken, sony will take until probably january 2nd to even begin fixing it, despite it being in last week.

      Still guitaring, and I've got a new bass now too, I think I said that.

      Getting a new pedal soon, so I might be able to record shit and... shit, so I'll probably do that maybe, i don't know.

      I'm becoming increasingly more introverted and stuck on the itnernet, despite my friend's attempts to draw me out, all that's left are a couple of real life friends and my girlfriend, and that's depressing, and I feel like such a creepy asshole around her too.

      Bleck..... ranting now, not like anyone reads this shit anyway though.

    • HeavyMuffins

      To Dillon,

      5 years ago

      Well... I almost want to say I was better off not knowing, but this sort of makes me feel better, I guess.

      Part of me is thinking, that if you really thought I was out to cause you any grief or harm, then it's your own fault for looking for it. If I didn't respect your problems that you had, I wouldn't have toned it down, if you wanted it toned down more you could've fucking asked me to do it some more, I'd have had no objections.

      How did you try to get me to stop talking to you? I don't recall any time in which you said "Can you not talk to me, you're bothering me with what you say," if you had just said that, maybe it'd have been something I could've actually done. I can't take fucking hints when I have no idea that I"m causing a problem.

      If you really think, that I would've just berated you over this, and meant it in a negative way, then you're obviously not someone that knows me at all, and I"m sorry because I thought you did.

      If you even read this, you know I doubt you will, I really do want to say thanks for being friends with me, we had a lot of good times and some laughs.

      I really wish you luck with life, I love you man, I really do, and I wish shit didn't go down like this, because I kind of feel like a dick because this whole time I've just been thinking you've been busy with work or something, tactful your way of going about this was not, but that's just aside.

      I hope you and Nicole are happy together, and stay happy, and I hope you don't have to face tough times like you have.

      Bye indeed...

      I need a drink....

    • HeavyMuffins

      Previous journal

      5 years ago

      Okay so I should stop writing things really late at night.

      The last journal was in refrence to my being removed as a friend on all forms of communication, and subsequently being blocked, by Reisgar42.

      I really don't know what's going on, why he would block me, or anything. He won't even answer me, so I assume it's something I've done that's totally destroyed him.

      I wish I just knew what was going on, it's really fucking bothering me.

      Just posting this to clarify things.

    • HeavyMuffins


      5 years ago


      Just ignore me.

      It's not like it matters at all, it's just the internet right?


      so goodbye.

    • HeavyMuffins


      6 years ago

      I"m 17 now, s'cool.

      Proud owner of a 5-string Ibanez SR305 bass and a Peavy bass amp.

      It's sexy.

      S'about all I got.


      Oh yeah, this is what it looks like, no camera to take pictures now though sadly.


    • HeavyMuffins

      Urban Dictionary definition of "James"

      6 years ago

      Someone with a big head and often a small penis often in mr ford's lesson monday period 2, wednesday period 5, thursday period 2 and friday period 3 i know this because he has 'got with people' who don't admit it. His sacond name is usually conway he must also have a middle name of Kieran. So bolly why dont you get your self out there and get your 1 inch tail wet.

      Example: James you have such a big head and you fuck cats with your brother on Tuesday afternoons.

      Dillon says: (12:28:50 AM)
      James you have such a big head and you fuck cats with your brother on Tuesday afternoons is probably one of the greatest sentences in the english language.
      Jam? says: (12:29:21 AM)
      Jam? says: (12:29:53 AM)
      I'm rofling right now
      Jam? says: (12:30:16 AM)
      That is going in a journal on something
      Dillon says: (12:30:22 AM)
      Damn right.
      Jam? says: (12:38:31 AM)
      I don't know how to even go on talking to you after that.
      Jam? says: (12:38:39 AM)
      "Sup" just won't cut it
      Dillon says: (12:38:48 AM)
      Dillon says: (12:38:51 AM)
      No it won't.
      Dillon says: (12:38:54 AM)
      You cat fucker.


    • HeavyMuffins

      Why I am a motherfucking god.

      6 years ago

      My friend on the playstation network, XxV1P3RxX was just hacked by a guy he knew on the PSN.

      I was in the middle of playing street fighter 4 when suddenly my friend matt leaves the game and invites me to chat. I am told "VIper has been hacked, how can we help him."

      Viper. got charged several hundred dollars to his credit card, and we were all sitting in a chat, and viper was upset. I got viper's email, what you use to login alongside password, and asked the guy if I could get in on the stealing. I talked to the guy and told him "good job on the hax" and all sorts of shit, he asked me if I wanted in on the stealing. I said sure, I'll get in there and take some stuff too.

      So I log in using viper's email and the new password, to the account xXV1P3RXx and I change the password, give it to viper.

      Split's mad hax save the day!

      Oh and Canadian Mat627 helped too.

      So I exchange a few mails with the guy, he then gives me the password

    • HeavyMuffins

      Damn man...

      6 years ago

      Poor finch :(

      Nothing else to say really.


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    • C4B00S3


      5 years ago

      long time no see

    • Vlade


      5 years ago

      Longggg time :3

    • Michael_JC


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the input. I'm not webpage savvy, but I got the general idea.

    • ABC123ABC123


      5 years ago

      Nah, just looking for something fun to wear to parties/halloween. Thanks. :D

    • chacharat1


      5 years ago

      you still go on here?

    • Michael_JC


      5 years ago

      Ahhh, another thing that comes to mind. In the past when my hair was not-so-long but lengthy, I've been told to get it layered.

      But, I can never see how this:


      would work on a man. In fact, layering hair on a guy closes many doors that I've seen. It's harder to wear your hair up, because for the first time in ages you'll have bangs that can't be pulled back into a tail. And if you can't wear your hair up, you can't get away with even having long hair at any institution that won't allow it. Hell, my school, a private school, only tolerates the length of my hair because it is always pulled back into a tail.

      Plus, I think when I did ask for a a layered haircut the day I finally succumbed to those suggestions, I had a:


      but shorter. In fact it looked less like that scene-looking fellow and more like a member of The Beatles got drunk one night and woke up groggy in a man's bedroom other than his own.

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    • Michael_JC


      5 years ago

      Head and Shoulders is quite possibly the reason I switched to women's shampoo AND started conditioning in the first place. That stuff burns my head and scalp. And eyes. And everything. Hate it.

      Letting your hair get dirty as it grows results in one thing: dreadlocks. Natural dreads are literally the result of hair growing and not being regularly washed (or at all). Ever notice when your hair is dirty it gets like a mop? Where groups of locks of hair come together and just remain like that even when you run your hair or a brush through them? That's the basis for a dreadlock.

      "Stimulating the follicles" sounds like a wad of baloney. Sorry. Just cut down on brushing a little, if it worries you. I brush frequently while my hair is still drying after a wash, but otherwise, I brush absentmindedly after being out for a while and feel like retying my ponytail.

      If your hair is still growing noticeably after three years, I'd say that's a slow growth. My hair has grown in 10 months from my ears to several inches below my shoulders. I've measured a few strands at about 22 inches apiece. I'm told it's getting longer, but I can tell it's plateaued compared to before.

      It may be cutting that stimulates growth, but it's only an assumption on my part. They say shaving makes your beard grow fuller the next time, but I've never experienced it being thicker except by a natural progression of my age. I did meet someone however, no more than mid-20s, who had a beard only on his chin that was LONG. He said he never shaved it, but only trimmed it, the same way he'd cut his hair. Just snip off the tips.

      If it is true that trimming the ends of hair causes further growth, then I may be lucky, having had many a haircut when I was younger simply because my family had a thing for keeping it extremely short. However, as I said before, the hair at the end is already dead, so I can't be sure of any truth or value to that.

    • Michael_JC


      5 years ago

      1. If your brands are the same for your shampoo/conditioner, switch brands.
      2. If the brands are different, switch your shampoo brand to your conditioner brand.

      It's almost never a problem with the conditioner. Instead, either the shampoo is damaging your scalp and weakening your roots, or there is a conflict in your shampoo/conditioner formulas causing the same problem.

      Also, it is a popular belief that brushing your hair often strengthens the roots and makes it harder to fall out. This isn't true. The hair on your head that you see and style is dead, so brushing it is merely a cosmetic necessity. Brushing only pulls on the roots, which results in your hair getting pulled out before it's actually supposed to (your hair will fall out naturally if it's long. You cycle through all your hair falling out and growing back in four years in adulthood). It's suggested that you brush less often rather than more if you have hair loss. The only way to strengthen the roots is to strengthen the whole scalp, which is dependent on your shampoo and conditioner choice.

      I don't even blowdry my hair in fear of damage. I towel off and let it remain damp until dry on its own.

      Hair sprays, gels, straighteners, curlers, blowdryers, excessive products, complicated shampoo/conditioning procedures, it's all damaging to the hair over time. Since women with long hair have often had it for many years longer than men who decide to grow theirs out, they've been exposed to styling techniques for much longer. And they don't have the option of regrowing "virgin" hair like men do. We can get buzz cuts if we really wanted, and spend months regrowing. Women can't. It's too "faux pa".

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    • Tresureman


      5 years ago

      Thanks for kicking it in the group Electronic Musiq.

      Watch the group for free goodies. =DD

    • YiffySkunk


      5 years ago

      I was working on it for hours when I told you I was on MSN. I can get kind of good recordings but it's not loud at all. I'll test it out again when I'm not drunk as shit.