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    • But I Guess I'll Play Second Best

      10 years ago


      to a world that will never care about you.

      I just found out that she slept with her ex boyfriend while she was dating me.


      I can honestly say that I'm losing trust in everyone and everything.

      Is wanting to be loved too much to ask?

    • A Photograph Is All I Have..

      10 years ago


      ..to show me how we spent our nights together, the beach && Jersey weather.


      So, for some odd reason, I'm beginning to miss my ex girlfriend quite badly.
      It's just weird because it's like BAM, out of nowhere.
      But I just really feel like I'm becoming weak and vulnerable, because I just want to have someone to hold me up and to trust in. I'm afraid that I'm just going to date someone just to feel like I have support, even if I don't really love them like I did her. And I'm not that kind of person. Like, I could date a freaking transvestite right now. >.< A bit exaggerated, but you get it. I really want to believe that there is someone out there, but my self esteem and heartache won't let me.
      Part of me wants to rip her heart out and the other just wants to be held and told that I'm worth it.
      I just don't get why I miss her in the first place. I mean, she really never really loved me to begin with. She had feelings for another guy the whole time, yet I miss her and feel like I'm going to break down crying whenever I see her. It's just difficult to understand why I'm going so crazy over someone who never even loved me.
      And it's not like I've tried to find someone to be with.
      But it seems like all that the guys at my school want is an arm candy and sex. (I'm not sexist, this is just what it FEELS like. Chill.)

      I don't know.
      I really just need some Arizona and a hug and I'll be fine. (For a while, at least)
      And I talked to Josh from SkyTellsAll on AIM today for the first time in a long time. And he makes me happy. :]

    • I Never Wanted to Dance

      10 years ago


      withnobodybutyou. <3

      Lordy Gracious.

      I want these.
      HAHAHA, I'm extremely happy.
      Because my grades are great. :D
      Which means more shows.
      Which makes Lauren happy.

      I'm also quite happy because I pre-ordered my Fall Out Boy tickets last night.

      At the moment, though, I'm sitting at home doing absolutely nothing and watching stupid chick flicks with my sister.

      Yaaaay, Music links. :D Seeing all of them on Friday the 13th with Ria, if her Mom stops being evil. :]

      Behold the Flood. god, I've linked them about a thousand times. Hahaha.
      My Ransomed Soul
      Sally Manders (Not my favorite, but hey, the lead singer is nice, and they put on a good show.)
      a Bloodbath in Boston (Seen them twice. :] )
      The Outlawed.
      The Covenant.
      This or the Apacolypse. <3 <3 Stokeddd. :D
      And more.
      But I'm tire of link-ing.

    • 'Allo, Mates. :]]

      10 years ago


      I'm gonna make this journal 20 Random Things About Me. :D

      1. I'm just barely 5'0 tall and wear a size 5.5 shoe.

      2. I have the tendency to call people 'sweetie' or 'love'.

      3. I have 4 different colors of shutter shades.

      4. I HATE x328473787632109206940992018767672657326756756746074763725 Tokio Hotel. Grr.

      5. My vision is terrible, but I never wear my glasses. I hates them. :D

      6. I'm terrified of NEEDLES. (Trypanophobia)

      7. On average, it takes me more than an hour to do my hair; on a bad day, even longer.

      8. I really hate Twilight. Don't hurt me, teenies, but I really don't like the series.

      9. I'm not 'striaght edge', but I won't ever do drugs.

      10. I have philophobia. Google it.

      11. I say 'radd' and 'trippy' a lot.

      12. I am not very fond of posers. In fact, I'm extremely bothered by them.

      13. I really wanna get my ears gauged to a larger size. :]

      14. I am completely and totally OBSESSED with Hollywood Undead.

      15. I'm afraid of being pinched because I think my skin will rip off. :D

      16. My sister once made Monster come out of my nose when she told me that my bangs made it look like I had a unibrow. xD

      17. I make up nicknames for everyone and everything. At the moment, Melissa = Moe and Tim = Paco/Sexy but Weak Dinosaur. :D

      18. I know every single word to Fergalicious, Superman (by Eminem) and a few other rap songs. Which is weird, because it's usually not what I'm into.

      19. Along with Hollywood Undead, I have a great passion for Tupac Shakur.

      20. I can't snap my fingers.


      10 years ago


      Does anyone know the name of the show with this guy in it?


      I have no idea how the thought came up, but I was just thinking about it and had a major case of nostalgia. >.>


    • *rantrantrantrant*

      10 years ago


      So, it really bothers me when people post some random picture of like, an anime/manga vampire girl/guy or some chick with huge breasts and goes:

      Um, no.
      That's NOT you.
      It's a character drawn by someone who most likely doesn't even know you and has way too much time on their hands.
      I mean, honestly.
      People are NOT cartoons!
      And anime can not possibly be 'you'.
      Vampires do not exist.
      Humans do not have (naturally) pink or purple hair. xD

      Grawrgh, stupid people make my head hurt.

    • So, now Im extremely happy-er.

      10 years ago



      Because my wonderful Daddy is taking me to a Fall Out Boy concert in April.
      If I can keep my grades up and stay somewhat less pms-y.
      But now I'm really happy.
      Because the last time I tried to see them...

      ..It rained like crazy, lightning, thunder, you name it.
      And the concert?
      I never saw them.
      I'm very stoked.
      I just need to work.

      I'm just really worried that I won't be able to go.
      My hearts going all like 'ZOOOOOOOOM.'


      I'm really excited to see Cobra Starship, All Time Low, and (kind of) Hey Monday.
      But Metro Station SUCKSSS. o.o
      So, yeah.
      Now I'm just ranting.

    • :3

      10 years ago


      I finally got my disgusting mane of hair cut.
      I lopped like, half my bangs off and got 2-4 inches of the back.
      Which is good.
      And while my Mom was getting her highlights done, my sister and I went to this Italian cafe next door.
      Did i mention that gyro is freaking delicious? Gawwwd.
      But this Italian guy there seriously looked like a child molester/rapist/stalker.
      He had these really big eyes and kept staring at my sister and I like 'o.o'.
      And I almost took his pen by mistake. xD

      I bought some Arizona Tea and had a Soy Chai today, so my tummy is like YAAAY. :D
      Good dayyy. :]

    • Buahahaha.

      10 years ago


      So, this random chick leaves a comment on one of my images, right?
      It was something like 'Cool.' and I went to her profile to say thanks.
      Then, I look back to see I have yet another image comment.
      It's on a picture of Oliver Sykes (For the record, I honestly think he's a bit of a douche, and I'm not one of those creepy 'scene' kids who says they like Bring Me the Horizon just because of Oliver. The music is what's important.)
      Anyway. So she comments all this random stuff about how I have 'lovely eyes' or something.
      Meanwhile, I'm like 'Whaa?!'
      Then, she leaves a comment on my profile saying 'Hey, cutie.'

      So, to clarify, this random chick thought I was a male singer and flirted with me.
      This makes me laugh.
      Can't people read? My profile clearly says 'female'.


      It cracks me up how senseless some people can be.

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