I just wanted to see if people are inspired by anyone in Rooster Teeth and this just goes about as far as just the way they look or act. I'll go first. 

Jack Pattillo has be for a while a long standing person that had inspire me because of his work ethic and how nice he is. I just never put it too much thought because of other things in my life, but thinking about myself and who I liked seeing and watching in general, Jack was defiantly one of those first people I thought of. I like his work ethic because the man really pushes for lots of ideas and steps out of his comfort zone and is pushing himself constantly with how he is around people. He is just in general a really freaken nice guy. I really liked the video of the RT DOC: Let's Play Live cause it really shows how much effort he put into it with the rest of Rooster Teeth and at one moment you can see this big man with a lot of dedication and ability just for a brief moment just break cause of the amount of stress and pressure that was being given to him. It made me think that this guy goes through a lot just to make people lives better and just being able to do what he wants to do. I feel like watching him made me realize that I crave that kind of ability of being able to push yourself constantly, being able to try to reach the highest standard you can and then bring people along with it to reach even greater ideas that one person can not do. I really look up to him and his abilities to do things and will always appericate things he has done for everyone he has come in contact with. Please never change Jack :)

Well thats just my two cents. I want to hear what everyone else thinks :D and see how everyone else looks at Rooster Teeth.

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