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    • The Star Wars Expanded Universe and how it's Still Technically Canon

      1 year ago



      Another Star Wars blog for now. Hopefully this will tide you over for my eventual Link analysis.

    • G1 Legacy Chapter 7: FanDUMB

      1 year ago


      That reminds me... I never did take Homestuck to Wienershnitzels.


    • Hero's Rant: What's Wrong with Nostalgia?

      2 years ago


      "The nostalgia back in my day was way better than the nostalgia people have today."

      -Hershel D. Lousyton

      I just want to start this off by saying that the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my favorite video game. There, I said it. Yes, I know, I can feel you out there typing furiously at your keyboards already. Yes, how DARE I prefer this game over the others? How DARE I enjoy this game when the story is bland as shit? How DARE I enjoy a game that's aged so horribly? Everyone knows that A Link to the Past is the best Zelda game, so how DARE I prefer the far inferior one? Wait no, actually the best is Wind Waker. No. Actually it's Majora's Mask. No wait, it's actually Four Swords. No, Oracle of Ages. I mean Twilight Princess.

      Well gee, it's almost as if it's a matter of opinion what the best Zelda game is. 

      Now, while it is my favorite, I will openly admit that it's not perfect and there are a ton of better games out there.

      To quote the Nostalgia Critic himself, in response to his opinion not fitting into either of the extreme groups, "Yeah! You can DO that!"

      I know that the game is not so great when judged by today's standards. I know that the 3DS version polished the look of the game and fixed a lot of its flaws, I still prefer the original. I know that Majora's Mask has a far better story. I know that Twilight Princess looks way better, has better mechanics, and a much larger overworld. I know that Breath of the Wild is ten thousand times better and shits all over it. I still prefer Ocarina of Time. And I will openly admit that, yes, it is because of nostalgia. Gasp! Childhood memories!? Nobody is allowed to associate THOSE with a video game, or any form of media! It's like, the rules or something.

      No seriously though, how did this start?

      I remember when Trailer Drake was doing one of his Unpopular Opinions videos, he complained that the unpopular side became so vocal to the point where he couldn't tell which ones were the unpopular opinion. That seems to have become a trend lately. Unpopular has become the new popular to the point where people are fed up with the popularity of unpopularity, and vise versa.

      Read that sentence again. What the fuck, internet? 

      Guys, you're allowed to enjoy your games, for whatever reason. That's what they're for. 

      I mean, just try to apply this to a real world setting and see how silly this sounds. It's not like the next time I look at the picture of me at Chuck E Cheese's with my friend at my 8th birthday party when I take it to Wal Mart to get it inflated, the guy behind me is going to slap it out of my hands and call me nostalgia fag who eats too many memberberries. Honestly, who would care? So why should you care about what anyone thinks of your favorite video game?

      It's just not on my mind when I play. I'm too busy enjoying the game to care what anyone thinks about it.

      It's not just games either. Some people far prefer cartoons in the 90's and early 2000's to cartoons today. And you know what? That's fine. I am actually someone who shares that opinion. Again, here come the torches and pitchforks. Come on, I acknowledge that there are still good cartoons nowadays. I've seen a few episodes of Gravity Falls, and thought that what I saw was pretty awesome actually. I just like the cartoons I grew up watching overall. Is that a fucking crime?

      Because my faith in humanity is so dwindled by this, among other things, I'll go ahead and answer that even though it was a rhetorical question. No, there's nothing inherently wrong with nostalgia. Yes, I know there are people out there who feel they have to defend something like it's their fucking soul and will cram their opinions down everyone's throats, but that behavior in and of itself is the problem, not the nostalgia.

      And guess what? This is going to come as a shock.


      That's why I  appreciate channels like Cinnemassacre and YoVideoGames/Maximillian Dood. They have a huge amount of respect for the classic games that they play, but they never come off as elitist or purist (well, maybe the latter sometimes, but nobody is ever a douche about it) and respect the opinions of others, and they even acknowledge that there are great games nowadays as well. 

      On the topic of unpopular opinions, the first Star Wars movie I saw was Attack of the Clones. And it's my favorite of the prequel trilogy.

      "What!? But how can it NOT be Revenge of the Sith! It's impossible for that movie to not be your favorite prequel movie!" 

      Again, because it's the first one I saw. Even looking back at it, I really don't think it's that bad, or any of the prequels for that matter. Yeah, the original movies are like, a million times better, but there's still qualities from the prequels that you can genuinely enjoy. I think it was just the shift in tone and everyone holding the original movies to such high regard they were expecting something so much greater. Which is fine, I understand the disappointment, but they're not god-awful movies when you judge them by their own merit. So I admit that nostalgia CAN be harmful sometimes, it's just not all black and white. Nothing ever is. 

      The bottom line here is: Like whatever you want. Just don't be a dick about it.

      But what do I know? I'm just a piece of shit 90's kid.

      I'm Hero's Shade, and I'll see you all next time.

    • Adult Swim's prank last night was a really dumb marketing strategy

      2 years ago


      As many of you who tuned in to Adult Swim on Saturday expecting to see Samurai Jack may know, AS apperently thought it would be really funny to air the new episode of Rick and Morty instead. Now, this may be happy news for R&M fans, but for Samurai Jack fans such as myself it felt like a tasteless insult. It was especially aggrivating considering the previous episode ended on a cliffhanger. The prank even extended beyond just April 1st, as even those who set their DVR to record Samurai Jack, since that's what the station said it was broadcasting, got the Rick and Morty episode instead. 

      As salty as I am, I will admit this was a great troll. Anyone watching to see SJ would tell their friends the new R&M was on, and nobody would believe them. However, this is terrible from a marketing standpoint, since the SJ fans would tune out as soon as they figured out they were being tricked, and the R&M fans wouldn't tune in because they would just think it was an April Fools prank.

      What's more, any interest I had before about watching R&M is now gone, especially if they troll their fans like this regularly (the trailer for the new season was a rickroll), and they took away literally the ONLY reason I watch Adult Swim.

      Ironically, the channel that calls itself Adult Swim wants to act like a bunch of children. 

      This is hardly your first offense, AS.

      Bite me.

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      Can I just say Seven Deadly Sins is garbage and everyone has shit taste for liking it?

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      So... this is the new site. This is going to take some time to get used to.

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    Depends on what you include I guess. I personally think he should have his star level feats from Mario Galaxy, but a lot of people seem to have issues with that.

    Well I'm glad you enjoyed that, but giving my honest opinions about some episodes of Season 3 may not be the best idea since I'm more connected to DB now.