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      5 years ago


      To the like, negative eight people who read my rare occasional journal, I've got kind of an announcement.

      For at least a month now, my account has been having issues with accessing parts of the forum (particularly the Forum Games section). This has caused me to make a new account, under the name @KarmicJoe

      Add me, watch me, kiss me, do whatever you want.

      Hopefully I'll find a way to resolve the issue, but until then I'll be more often than not on my other account doing whatever it is I do. That's all, I guess.

      Don't care? Have a .gif instead

    • Happy tenth, RT!

      6 years ago


      Phew, ten years! Here I am with an account barely more than half a year! If I were old enough to drink, I'd have a toast to RoosterTeeth. Them's the rules, though. I do have a Sprite can nearby, however. Let me go fetch it...

      That's better. Ahem.

      I haven't been around on this site all that long. I'm a noob, to be honest. But that's not a bad thing. In the past few months, I've made friends, laughed my ass off more times than I can count, and most importantly, learned to be myself. That's what I love about RoosterTeeth. It's not just a site about a Halo Internet TV Show, or about dicking around on Xbox, or the RT Shorts, or any of that. It's about the community. This website is an accumulation of its users and their experiences. And for that, I applaud the hard workers at RoosterTeeth for such a magnificent job on such a wonderful website that we've all come to know and love. Thank you.

      And if you're reading this, thank you for being part of it. You're all awesome.

    • Howdy, stranger

      6 years ago


      Man, have I not made an entry in a while. I'm keeping my hundreds of fans at bay! Anyways, has anyone ever wondered what it's like to work thirty-one hours in two days? Because that's what I just did. And honestly, all complaints aside, it wasn't that bad. Okay, it was, but it was my first time ever doing any kind of professional work, so the first day was a bit nerve-racking, but otherwise I thought it was pretty easy. However, there were some absolutely horrible parts. Where to begin...

      Oh, I should start by telling you what I was doing! So, my friend contacted me a week or two ago asking if I wanted some work to do for one weekend only. And at ten bucks an hour, that's pretty good for the first 'job' for a sixteen year old. Of course I said yes. I asked what it was, but he was kind of vague in telling me. What I heard was something around 'helping make DVDs at the Columbus Convention Center for an annual competition'. And, in all truth, he didn't lie. It wasn't until the first day that the 'competition' was none other than a cheerleader competition.

      Now, before you read further, ask yourself this: do I want the schmuck making this journal entry to tell me the horrors of youth cheerleading?

      If yes, read on; if no, get the heck out while you still can.

      Let me start by saying that I'm probably half-deaf due to what's between girls and moms in the audience shrieking at the top of their lungs as a team does some cool routine, or the music they decided to make as loud as humanly possible. However, the worst has yet to come. Secondly, about every girl there, no matter what their age, was wearing over a metric ton of makeup. I understand why some girls who are, you know, a bit older than high schoolers use makeup, but not on kids under the age of ten. That shit should be illegal. Because ninety percent of what I saw we're girls young enough to be in kindergarten wearing lipstick, gobs of eyeliner and enough glitter to fill a public pool. In my personal opinion, and not to gloat but I like to think my morals are good enough, it's such an awful thing to have a kid wear something like that at such a young age. However, the worst has yet to come. Secondly, I had to deal with cheerleader moms who absolutely had to have their way. Like, they don't respect anyone. What, just because you can force your kid to get in front of hundreds of people for a dinky gold trophy you think your business is so much more important than everyone else's? These kind of people actually thought that's what made them better than some kid making DVD copies of their daughter's performance. Speaking of, my job was literally to put a DVD of the performance into a copier and make however many were requested by the coach. I can make a max of seven copies per machine, and each process takes at least three minutes. This one coach had an order for over thirty. Thirty. So, lady, I don't give a flying fuck if your kid (that you probably forced to come here in the first place) has been here since 5:30 in the morning, I've been here just as long, and have been much more busy with things other than bitching about my problems to someone who can't do anything other than make the DVDs as fast as the machine will let me. And yet, that's still not what bugged me the most.

      Boy am I ranting a lot.

      The worst part, without an doubt, were the half-shirts. Just take a moment to yourself, and think about high school. Does/did your high school allow half shirts to be work by the cheerleaders? Mine certainly doesn't. What I saw was girls, some of which are almost over ten years away from high school, let alone being an adult, and ninety percent of the time those poor little girls were wearing half shirts that cut just below their xiphoid (for anyone wondering what the heck the xiphoid is, it's that part where your ribs meet under your sternum). That, ladies and gentlemen, should be considered illegal. Seriously, is that what those moms call 'cute'? Are they going for some kind of sex-appeal? Sex-appeal with elementary school kids? Who are they trying to appeal to? Pedophiles? That's awful! That's so depressing to see girls wearing something so revealing, on top of the layers upon layers of makeup, and for what? To get some shitty plastic trophy that tells them they won? Is it worth losing your innocence just to have that? I'm sorry, but if that's what winning is all about, call me the world's biggest loser.

      This is probably part of why the world hates America.

    • RP - Battlestar Solaria

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      Christ, how many RP's am I gonna try to be in? Welcome! This is an RP thread based off of the events of Battlestar Galactica, the Re-imagined Series.

      First things first, if you haven't watched this show and do not want anything to be spoiled, watch the show right now before I make you watch it at gunpoint please do not read further (seriously though, it's a very good show and I highly recommend it to those who haven't watched it). If you don't care about spoilers, cool beans.


      Basically, the thread will start right before the event of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. The Battlestar Solaria, which was actually reported as destroyed during the fall, will, for an intents and purposes, not be destroyed. I don't feel like making a 400 page thesis paper to explain how it survived, so I'm writing out it's destruction when The Fall happens. I can do that, right? From there, I'll be making the plot as I go.

      For reference, I'll also be including a layout of the ship in the group forum so we all know our surroundings. Take note that these aren't the only places in the ship, but all characters should try to stay within the confines most of the time.

      Character bio's should look like this:

      Callsign: (Optional)
      Planet of origin: (Chose one of the 12 human colonized planets)
      Job - Position: (Chose one of the positions available among the ship)
      Weapons: (You should only really have a weapon if your job requires it or for another reason)
      Bio: (Throw in their personality down here while you're at it)

      Last, but not least, are the rules!

      1. No skinjobs! (for those of you who haven't watched the series, skinjobs are Cylons that look like humans)

      2. No F-bombs. In the BSG universe we say frak. If you don't like it, then frak you.

      3. No god-mode. Shouldn't have to be said, but whatever.

      4. Follow orders!

      5. Yadda yadda, you know the drill.

      6. The following rule explains how to post.
      "Dialogue goes in quotation marks"
      Thoughts go in italics
      <Radio chat goes like this>
      (OOC chat goes like this)
      and everything else goes like this. Try to post in a third person format.

      So, without further adieu, welcome to the RP! I'll start us out with my own character.

      Name: Seth Callaghan
      Callsign: Atlas
      Age: 25
      Gender: Male
      Planet of origin: Caprica
      Job - Position: Pilot, captain
      Weapons: None
      Appearance: Short dirty-blonde hair, green eyes, 5'10", slim but muscular.
      Bio: Not much to say here. Seth was born into a military family, and enlisted when he was 18. His personality is very sarcastic and cynical, but serious when the situation is dire. He's unmatched in piloting skills, and proficient in other skillsets such as marksmanship, hand to hand combat and vehicle repair. Also, he has a somewhat thick Irish accent.

      No one start until I give the thumbs up on your character, bio's go to me in a PM and then on the thread when I approve. If there are any problems, let me know.

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    • RP Rules (Please Read)

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      This thread, as you probably know, is considered the section containing the "rules" I'd like everyone to abide to. The reason I air-quoted rules is because these will most likely change often, be it an update or completely new implementation. I'll try not to be too strict on them, but that doesn't mean I won't talk to you if there's something that I think concerns me, the RP, or anyone involved. Let's begin.
      1. Follow orders issued by Command, Command being myself and possibly anyone filling in for me if the circumstances permit
      - This means if I order you to do something, be it reporting to the bridge, on the battlefield, etc., I want you to follow it. Not following orders not only is disrespectful and will most likely get you discharged from the military, but also is just kind of douchey in general.

      2. Don't be OP
      - OP means overpowered in this context. This means don't make yourself the unkillable, super-badass, flawless being. Spartans are human, humans make mistakes. Here's some examples of what to do and not to do:

      What not to do:

      *Billy sprints through the base with his shotgun/rocket combo, killing every enemy in his path. He grabs the flag and dodges incoming sniper rounds and roundhouse kicks the sniper in the jaw, breaking his neck... etc. etc.

      See what this does? Not only is he practically playing God, but he's taking too much action in such a small amount of text. Such an act makes the RP unfair, as well as uninteresting to the realistic roleplayer (and yes, I know Halo isn't realistic, but let's not get carried away either). A good example of what to do would be more focused on a single action (or set of actions that are coinciding with each other).

      What to do

      Billy reached the door of the base, and crouched behind the wall as he waited for the right moment to strike

      See this? This is what I prefer, because it not only gives a better opportunity for members to work together, but also keeps people from getting ahead of everyone. I've spent way too much time on this, but I also have a rule that sort of relates to what I just said

      3. Don't make posts that span over several minutes of time

      - This means you shouldn't make a single post that takes place over the course of several minutes, like running in between bases. Otherwise the sequence of events get harder to match with everyone else if we have people who get ahead of others. So instead of running across the field, grabbing the flag and running back, just post something about your trip across the field.

      4. Don't make high-risk actions successful every time

      - It's a simple fact that everyone along the line makes some sort of error. In this case, maybe you throw a grenade too high, or maybe you miss a shot with the sniper/rocket/whatever, or maybe, you might even get killed. This stuff will happen, don't try to avoid it. People maybe play a perfect game of Halo once every hundred or so times? Maybe even less? So instead of saying (in the instance of a free-for-all, for example) *Sticks [Insert Name] with a plasma and blasts him/her with a rocket*, make it something along the lines of *Tosses a grenade in [Insert Name]'s direction, and aims my rocket launcher at him/her*. That way, they have an opportunity to retaliate. Conversely, people reacting should not immediately kill whomever attacks them with whatever you may think of. This means everyone's going to have to be honest, and not barrage someone with a million things at once.

      Over the course of the RP, I reserve the right to change, add or remove rules from play. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, contact me via PM. If you have suggestions on what to add, post said suggestions in this thread. Same goes for questions and/or comments. Let me know how you guys feel about these as well, because that's how I improve these things.

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    • Personnel Data Logs

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      Any info about you character's tactical abilities should be logged here. The format doesn't really matter so long as you put it in a somewhat documentary form. I'll begin!

      Personnel Log: Nathan Jacobs

      Spartan IV, male.


      Commander Bryson of the UNSC Infinity here. This new recruit is what I am defining as a true neutral human. Honestly, this soldier does not excel in any one particular skillset. However, he does not fall behind in any skillsets either. While he's well-rounded, I don't see him lasting in the battlefield if he can't specialize in something. My main problem is that I don't know what to train him in! Will he be our top marksman? Work his way up to squad leader? The possibilities are too diverse to see what he does well and doesn't do well. I'll begin experimenting during the sims over the next few weeks. So far his hand-to-hand is decent, but needs work. I should update this regularly before I review a good position for him. Bryson out.

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    • (More detailed) Biographies

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      I know a lot of people on this website have some good creative flow when it comes to storytelling, so why not exercise some of that here? This thread it for the purpose of fleshing out your character, So early childhood, military experience, et cetera et cetera. Let's begin!

      The story goes something like this:

      A little short of 25 years ago, Nathan Jacobs was born in the New Alexandria hospital on August 23rd, 2532. Growing up with two loving parents, he really fit in during the early years of his life. And then, it happened. On August 4th, 2542, Nathan's father died of prostate cancer. Two years later, Nathan found himself and his mother in a debt crisis after several legal disputes with the family over deciding who should get his father's wealth. He ended up penniless and decided it would be best if his mother got him enlisted in a new program the UNSC was researching, dubbed the Spartan III Program. Over the course of a couple months, he was taken to an offshore UNSC training facility where they conducted vigorous training exercises day and night for the next six years. Now 18, the UNSC decided he was battle-ready, and was sent immediately into the war. Years passed, friends died, and Nathan eventually managed to get himself stabbed with an energy sword during the Fall of Reach (yes, he made it). On his 22nd birthday, he watched in utter fear as the very city he was born in turned to glass by the Covenant cruisers. With that, the UNSC halted the Spartan III Program and began taking applications for their newly launched Spartan IV Program. Nowhere else to go, he cast in his application, which was approved almost immediately, and, after several more years of training, he was stationed on the UNSC Infinity to this very day. Not a day goes by where he doesn't think about all those he lost on Reach.

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    • Warning: Password May be Case-INsensitive

      6 years ago


      Man, I hate making journal entries about ranting, but Jesus Christ do I have to tell whomever reads this about what happened last Friday.

      So, it starts out simple enough as any other Friday. I wake up, get on the bus, do school-stuff, and this routine continues until 8th period, the last period of the day. Our assignment in English is to make a Powerpoint presentation about the class book we read, and to pick actors for the main and minor characters if the book were to be made into a movie. This part isn't very important, so I'll cut to the chase. Around the end of class, I hear what is possibly the stupidest fucking thing on Earth. These kids are rambling on about this one kid, and eventually get around to one saying "..so I found out he's gay..." or something, which kind of catches my attention. What the other kids says blows my mind. "Oh, really? I'm gonna have to stop hanging out with him then". My head turns on a dime when I hear him say that. Of course, being as nosy as I am, I have to interject into this, and ask him why, only to hear him reply with something along the lines of "I don't want him coming onto me or something". ENCOUNTER! LEVEL ONE IDIOT USES HOMOPHOBIA! It's not very effective...

      Seriously though, I didn't know someone could be that ignorant! I mean, just because someone is gay means that they have the urge to feel a guy up when he is close to one? Give me a break. So I pretty much say that to him, but he was too occupied with other stuff to really take in my words, but I don't mind. Also, for the record, I'm not gay, but I do believe gays are just as human as anyone else on the planet. Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of idiot smiley0.gif .

    • 6 years ago

    • OOC Chat

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      This thread is primarily used for OOC (out-of-character) chat. This means questions, comments, complains, concerns, etc.

      I know one concern is the fact that I haven't admitted any kind of system of ranking to the Spartan IV personnel (in-character ranks, of course). If anyone wants to propose something like that considering I haven't any experience in that field, feel free to get this topic kicked off (which, for the record, I totally support having a ranking system of some sort).

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      Greetings. How do you fare?

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