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    • Arsehole Arsonists

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      So some people on forums with me may have seen me mention it but this week has been interesting so I thought i'd make a quick journal post about it

      Monday 6.00am

      Awoken by my wife who is wanting me to take her to work saying that her phone is blowing up with messages from one of my staff members

      Monday 6.05am

      Get added to the chat and find out our warehouse we work out of is suspected to have been caught on fire as part of a larger fire in the unit next to ours on Sunday night

      Monday 7.00am

      Try to contact my boss (who is also the owner of the company), his phone s switched off as he was on holiday until Monday anyway

      Monday 8.00am

      Finally raised my boss after ringing his house and speaking with his son who informed me he was asleep and he would wake him up.......meanwhile chat discussion is going mental with speculation as police and fire won't let us near building (i'm at home btw as i didn't want to drive 45 minutes to get stuck outside) 

      Monday 9.00am

      All staff sent home temporarily (or told to wait in my case) boss is on scene, still no access or idea of damages

      Monday 9.30am

      Boss told Forensic Police on route, fire out but no access until building declared safe and forensics done

      Monday 10.00am-12.30pm

      Boss is told by helpful police guy that it is almost certainly Arson attack, at lunchtime we are allowed access all staff called in (there's only 5 of us for clarification)

      Monday (Rest of Day) and Onwards

      All arrive stories told, turns out from police that it was deliberate arson attack as they have clear CCTV of the guy smashing in the triple glazed door with his foot! and then walking downstairs setting a fire and walking upstairs and setting a fire (not a smart arsonist setting fire to his exit route). 

      We begin the clean up as there is a 2 inch thick layer of soot and fire dust, we have a hole in our roof where their one collapsed dragging ours with it (not massive to be fair but annoying) and 2 big holes in the roof for emergency smoke vents used by fire brigade

      Most of our product may be a write off but assessors have to decide that, so now we just play teh insurance waiting game

      So there you go, interesting start to my week. I'm constantly covered in soot for the last 2 days but luckily our building and contents are more or less ok given how wrecked the unit next door is.....it certainly could have been worse.....

      Thanks for reading this tale, and stay lovely to each other  

    • Weight Loss Diary Week 4 (Bounce Back)

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      Week 4 down and it's not been so good, today's update is

      Today 19/09/16 I currently weigh

      20 stone 1lb 

      or 281lbs

      or 127.5kg

      The observant among you will notice that I have put weight back on.....oh for shame!!

      Yes i have added a lb of weight back, but do not worry it is only a temporary set back,

      I could make all sort of excuses but honestly I just indulged slightly to much, I will say its not helped having some family issues to deal with that have sort of thrown the eating habits out a bit, but as i say that would just be an excuse so i can't blame that really.

      Anyhoo back on the band wagon I go and here's to a much more successful week :D

    • Muted Xbox People

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      So this is a very short kind of rant.

      Many moons ago when I had a 360 I decided to quiet the little screaming kiddies down by using the newly integrated block all voices unless in Party Chat feature.......problem is now I want to be able to talk to randoms again and this feature no longer exists but is permanently active.

      After 2 hours (yes 2 whole hours) with XB support i have given in as they seem to have no idea...annoying given that its their system that created the problem.......

      So in short if you want to talk to me on XBL I have to be partied up with you not in game chat..........please remember this if ever we play and we forget. I am not ignoring you, i just can't hear you.

      Mini rant over

      HybridSquirrels Out x

    • Weight Loss Diary Week 3 (Round Numbers)

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      Week 3 is, as they say, in the books so today update is

      Today 12/09/16 I currently weigh

      20 stone exactly

      or 280lbs

      or 127kg

      Another 2 pounds of and my first round digit number! Although this is only a small hop again it feels like a big milestone because of it being a rounded digit.

      So I have been walking my dog alot more this week which i think contributes to the weight loss a bit, along with continuing to eat smaller portions. Not sure my dogs little legs are happy about it though :D

      So there you go a short ans sweet post today, another loss, it may be small steps but i would rather have small losses consistently than a big loss that i rebound on.

      PS Special note of thanks to the various community meember who have been so supportive in me doing this in general and keeping a log of it like this. Thanks xx

    • Weight Loss Diary Week 2 (Two Quid Down)

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      Week 2 is upon us and its been a fairly successful start so:

      Today 05/09/16 I currently weigh

      20st 2lbs

      or 282lbs

      or 128.27kg

      For those keeping track I've lost 2 pounds basically, but as the old saying goes from small acorn does a big oak grow......although I suppose a reverse analogy would be needed if I'm getting smaller not bigger :D

      My weakness i think as going to be at weekends were as I'm at home most of the time there are many more temptations to eat unhealthy stuff.

      Also I need to find a way to get exercise more but can't really go to a gym, no time and I tried it before and hated it so I'm off put, So if you guys in the community have any great ideas for cheap workout at home ideas with limited space at home and limited time please comment below!

      Otherwise I would say that any loss is a good loss so i'm happy with my 1st week results.

      Thanks for the support guys, loves you x

      See you later :)

    • Weight Loss Diary Week 1 (The Begin-nin-ning)

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      So I felt i wanted to keep a record of this for my own benefit/motivation and also a little in the Buff Buddies spirit (as i didn't do it when that show was originally aired lol)

      Today 29/08/16 I currently weigh

      20St 4lbs

      or if you prefer 284lbs

      or even 129kg

      Believe it or not about 12 months ago i weighed over 21 stone and have lost to where i am now by not really trying to hard.....now is where the hard work starts though.

      Every Monday i will do a very short journal post with my weight at that time and thoughts on the weeks trials and tribulations.

      By doing this it will provide motivation for me personally and maybe even for other people in the RT community by seeing (hopefully) that anyone can do it (ala Buff Buddies).

      Thanks for your time

      Hybrid Squirrels Out x

    • Moving on Up!!

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      So those of you who follow my YT/FB/Twitter/Twitch may have noticed a re-skin with fancier logos etc, its been a few weeks in the works but we are there and thanks to @NorthernHam for the hard work in designing and creating the logos etc.

      Today marks the first video i have posted with these new designs and so excited!!! see it here

      Please share this around to help my channel grow and check it out on Saturday, when to celebrate properly i will be posting 3 new videos in a mammoth video drop + live streaming at some point in the evening (check my twitter @HybridSquirrels on Saturday for latest on that).

      Thanks to everyone in the RT community for any and all support you give this is why this is the best community ever!!!

      Loves you all

      HybridSquirrels out x

      PS GMT times for stream and video uploads just to be clear

    • Ok so what the hell is and why should I be using Discord?

      in Forums > Ok so what the hell is and why should I be using Discord? | Follow this topic

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!


      So everyone keeps mentioning discord on twitch etc, even had a few peeps mention it on here,

      i have downloaded it but my old man brain is rebelling what the hell do I do with it??

      Any tips as I'm sure its a whole new world that I'm missing out on

      4 replies

    • Xbox FriendList

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      Hi All on my RT friends list, just to give you heads up I have decided to add as many of you as I can to my XB friend list, don't worry you don't have to friend back unless you want and I won't pester you.

      That said if anyone's on when I am and wants to maybe play something give me a whistle!!

      Cheers and Happy Gaming!

    • Weddings

      2 years ago

      HybridSquirrels The Keeper of Nuts!

      Off to a wedding today.....wish me luck as i am not looking forward to it for a few reasons but one is defo my concern of talking face to face with people which i feel like i will have nothing in common with....ironically more concerned about this than my own wedding last year!

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