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    • Rogue One Catalyst + IMAX Poster

      2 years ago


      A month from today people will be waiting in lines at their local theaters to see the first ever Star Wars anthology film ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story. With the anticipation of seeing Darth Vader back on the big screen growing ever more present as the days go on, we now have a IMAX poster as well as a book release to tide us over until we make it this final month.


      Now that's one fucking great poster if you ask me. It's rather minimalist, yet it perfectly encapsulates what the film is going to be about. 

      In addition to this poster, James Luceno's ROGUE ONE: CATALYST has just been released. This novel preludes the events of the film, providing more backstory to these new characters we're going to meet. Including setting up how Saw Gerrara from Clone Wars knows Jyn Erso. Reviews from trusted sources state that this novel is fantastic and any die hard Star Wars fan that wants to get a taste of whats to come in ROGUE ONE should definitely read this book. I know I'm going to pick up my copy. 

      How about you? Do you like this new IMAX poster? Are you going to be picking up Catalyst? 

      ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story releases in ONE MONTH on December 16th, starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Forrest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelson, and Donnie Yen and is directed by Gareth Edwards.

    • My 2016 Movie List so far...

      2 years ago


      With 2016 quickly moving out the door and 2017 on the horizon, I feel it's time to look back on the movies that I HAVE seen this year. Obviously we are still in the throughs of Oscar season and still have yet to see films such as Fantastic Beasts, Rogue One, and Assassin's Creed. But as of now, I can already start to arrange my Top Films of 2016. So without further ado, here is an overtly long post about the movies I saw in 2016 including a small blurb about each. 

      Expect an official TOP 10 List with more through detail near the end of 2016.

      Hail, Caesar - (Brilliantly cast homage to classic days of moving pictures, delightful)

      Zootopia - (One of the smartest Disney Animated flicks next to Inside Out)

      Zoolander 2 - (Horribly disappointing and utterly forgettable)

      Deadpool - (The Deadpool movie America deserved, God bless Reynolds and Tim Miller)

      10 Cloverfield Lane - (One of the biggest surprises of 2016, a tense claustrophobic thriller with a   sci-fi spin)

      The Witch - (The thinking man's horror film. Atmospheric and exquisitely acted) 

      Don't Breathe - (Another delightful 2016 surprise. An edge of your seat thriller with an uncomfortable twist)

      Civil War - (A comic book lovers wet dream. Also Spidey so fuck yeah)

      Batman v Superman - (A confusing mess that was ultimately a let down. However Batman and Wonder Woman were on point)

      Midnight Special - (A small and intimate sci-fi drama by Jeff Nichols, Michael Shannon and Edgerton are gold)

      Hush - (Another great midnight movie to watch and scream along with with friends)

      Everybody Wants Some - (Richard Linklater's spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused finds a soft place to rest in my heart)

      Green Room - (A taut/gritty and realistic thriller from Jeremy Saulnier featuring the late great Anton Yelchin)

      The Jungle Book - (Favreau's CGI human hybrid interpretation of the classic story we all know and love, nothing more nothing less)

      Keanu - (A fantastic debut film from Key and Peele that unfortunately overstays it's welcome by the third act)


      Finding Dory - (Solid Pixar flick that unfortunately will not stand the test of time)

      Swiss Army Man - (Brilliantly acted, expertly directed and edited, one of the most original and genuinely moving films of recent memory)

      Eddie The Eagle - (Following standard "Sports" movie troupes, this film boasts a great performance by up and coming star Taron Egerton)

      Raiders - (A fascinating and motivating documentary about the joys of being youthful and chasing your dreams) 

      The Shallows - (A standard summer popcorn flick. We need more shark flicks and for the most part this satisfied that hungry)

      Warcraft - (Probably the best attempt to turn the most famous online MMO into a movie. Duncan Jones did his best but he's better off doing his own thing)

      Goat - (A dark and uncomfortable look at the trials of rushing for a frat in colleges with unflinching performances by mostly unknowns)

      American Honey - (An overtly long tale of youthful freedom and 

      Blair Witch - (The best Blair Witch sequel we could possibly have gotten)

      Sausage Party - (While it lulls around a lot in the second act, it's first and third act cement this R rated animated film in the books as a great stoner comedy)

      Suicide Squad - (The most WTF movie of 2016. How the shit did they fuck this movie up this bad?)

      The Magnificent Seven - (Another great entry in the western genre with a fantastic ensemble cast and an even more amazing third act action sequence) 

      The Greasy Strangler - (Tries to be a Tim & Eric sketch meets Napoleon Dynamite and fails spectacularly) 

      In The Deep - (A more tense and frightening shark movie than The Shallows)

      Rats - (A terrifying and informative look on

      Other People - (A Sundance darling from back in January starring Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon. Has a gay character and cancer, so yeah... it's a Sundance film)

      31 - (A rather messy and unfulfilling horror film from Rob Zombie that has better promise in premise than in execution)

      Doctor Strange - (Cumberbatch's charming charisma is showcased at great length as he dons a superhero cap in one of Marvel's most fun solo hero film yet)

      Imperium - (Next to Swiss Army Man, the most far removed performance from Radcliffe we've seen yet)

      Tickled - (A bizarrely intriguing documentary that quickly devolves into something more sinister)

      Ghostbusters - (Works for the most part when it's NOT trying to be an SNL sketch)

      The Purge Election Year - (Next to IDR, actual Horse-Shit. Left halfway through) 

      Independence Day Resurgence - (Actual Horse-Shit)

      Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - (One of the best mockumentary type films ever. Throughly hilarious with equally great stabs at the music industry)

      Hardcore Henry - (An experimental video gone feature length, the most bro like film of the year is batshit insane)

      The Invitation - (A quiet and patient thriller that edges you closer and closer to a fever pitch until it pulls the floor out from under you, leaving you speechless)

      Holidays (An uneven holiday themed horror anthology that has a few great moments, but ultimately nothing else beyond that)

      Yoga Hosers - (100% the most divisive Kevin Smith film yet. Oddly enough, killer Nazi bratwursts seemed to hit me in all the right ways)

      Southbound - (A fun midnight flick with a consistently good horror ideas)

      The Nice Guys - (The most underrated summer film, Gosling and Crowe are dynamite)

      The Conjuring 2 - (A superior sequel that complements the first film beautifully)

    • First Shot of King Kong in the new KONG: SKULL ISLAND

      2 years ago


      Paving the way towards what could quite possibly be the greatest movie mash up since Batman v Superman.... wait... scratch that. What could quite possibly be the greatest mash up since the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour


      Of course you remember this shit ^ 

      We have the first official shot of Kong from the hotly anticipated KONG: SKULL ISLAND releasing Spring 2017, which will be the next stepping stone towards the mashup between Kong and Godzilla after GODZILLA 2


      I am still undecided if I prefer this look for Kong over Peter Jackson's KING KONG


      (KING KONG - Peter Jackson)

      It is confirmed though that this new incarnation of Kong is the tallest version yet and that is clearly evident by the Comic Con trailer we got back in the summer. 

      The anticipation for this new Kong film builds as we approach March 10th, 2017. 

      KONG: SKULL ISLAND is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, John C Reilly, and Samuel L Jackson. Fuck that's a great cast.

    • Co-Op Multiplayer Friends

      2 years ago


      With the latest in AAA titles swiftly hitting shelves such as Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, and Titanfall 2... I am in dire need of some Xbox One friends who have one or all of those games and are willing to do some multiplayer and co-op campaign gaming. 

      Anyone down to play some of these games? Add me on Xbox: I Am Very Moist


    • QUIPLASH Twitch Stream - 5pm CT

      2 years ago


      5pm CT. LIVE on twitch.tv/iamverymoist

      QUIPLASH. Tell your friends. All you need is your smart phone to play and your wits! Let’s do it!

    • RIP Julie Andrews - Emily Wants To Play Gameplay

      2 years ago


      RIP Julie Andrews... Thanks for the magic. Nick drops off a pizza at a creepy house and remembers fondly of Julie Andrews.

      Julie Andrews is still alive as of this recording.

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    • 4 Achievements | Emily Wants To Play

      2 years ago


      I'm here to show you how to get 4 fairly easy achievements in Emily Wants To Play on Xbox One.

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    • Bioshock The Collection - Full Play - Ep 1 | Jerry Popped

      2 years ago


      Nick delves back into the underwater world of Bioshock now with the  newly released collection. Join him on his full playthrough of the first Bioshock game.

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    • Recore Full Play - Pt 1 | Robot Dogs

      3 years ago


      Robot dogs are cute. Nick dives into the newly released ReCore on the Xbox One S. Join him on his adventures with Joule and Mack. 

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    • The Grass Is Greener... oh and GOODBYE

      3 years ago


      They always say that. That the grass is greener on the other side. But I say NAY! Nay to the people who believe that claim. I've seen patches of grass as brown as gravy right behind a patch of good ass green grass. 

      At any rate, the BIG news of this post is that I have stepped down from my position at CARBYNE STUDIOS


      SHOCKER right? If you have been keeping up with my goings on's you will maybe be aware that I left my personal channel BeyondTheSmallScreen to join Carbyne Studios channel. I was reached out to by @DaFFtv about joining the crew. After making the transition to their channel and basically closing down my personal one, I began on quite the adventure. 

      Making the decision to step away from Carbyne Studios wasn't necessarily easy. I felt it coming up over the course of a few weeks leading towards my initial decision. First and foremost, I need to publicly thank all the guys in Carbyne that I worked with and the influence they've had on me in my almost year of service with them. @Baeger, @CraazyLegs, @DaFFtv, Austen, Shane, Anthony, and Alex (I don't know their RT usernames off the top of my head). These guys are crazy talented in all sorts of aspects of video production. The attention to detail and hard work that we all collaborated on in my time with Carbyne was insane. We had a lot of great laughs and moments that I will forever remember. Without Carbyne, a lot of what has happened to me in these last 5 or so months may not have happened. And for that I am eternally grateful for the connections and lasting memories I'll have in making videos with these guys. 

      So what am I doing now? I'm resurrecting my old channel (refer to link above) and beginning to make more content on that. Whether it's Let's Plays, Achievement Guides, Vlogs, Reviews, Shorts, etc, nothing is really off limits. I'm working right now on multiple projects both LIVE ACTION and GAMEPLAY so stay tuned and subscribe if you haven't yet. 

      During this time as well I'm currently in the throughs of college and working on my 2 year technical degree in Applied Sciences of Media and Video Production. At the rate I'm going I'll be done by Fall of 2017. I'm getting close but I gotta keep at it and stay focused. 

      With that and my personal channel I also have to carve time for work and helping produce @JJ's FILM GEEK ARMY podcast and help with his VR company Viewer Ready in any capacity. 

      That's just too much stuff.


      :subtle Kroll Show references: 

      At any rate, my departure from Carbyne Studios is a sad but needed one. I hope to still work with the lads in future endeavors either on their personal channels, or mine, or even Carbyne. Who knows what the future holds. So stick around with me and my shit and Carbyne's if this interested you!

      Have a week!


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