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    • Hooray!!!!!!....im tired

      6 years ago


      So I just recently reached 30,000g. That may not seem like much but considering when the new year kicked in I was at 8965g. I consider that quite the goal...However since it is only may, i have decided to set a new goal.

      Drum-roll please......................................80,000g!!!

      So that is my goal for this year. Here are a bunch of games i have completed in that time: Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, CSI: Hard Evidence, CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, CSI:Deadly Intent....there's a few more

      Anyway since my last post i have had some major additions to my life. Considering how bleak my last post was, it came to my attention that I have gained more weight then i have lost, since i weigh in excess of 300 pds, i decided to go on a crash diet scheme, by cutting out all Fat and Sugar from my daily intake. Whats great is the diet is working....but the lack of Sugar in my system is making me feel woozy, and harder for me to get up in the morning.

      I went to the doctor and he said nothing was wrong, but try to eat a bowl of cereal every day, or a scoop of Ice cream...so i have to pig out....to stay healthy.

      Anyway on the positive side, my GF and i just recently celebrated 5 months together...unfortunately 4 of those have been spent apart for she is in Mississippi taking care of her sick Grandma, and her cancer ridden mother...My friends and family keep saying to me "Why stay with her, if you never see her?"...So i understand the pain that both Ray and Courtney are going through...however, i haven't seen Amanda since she left, for she does not have a smart phone for us to send pics, and Skype with each other.

      But...i am committed to this, I care about her so much...and she feels the same way as i do..Hopefully soon i will be able to travel to Greenville Mississippi and meet her...however its a long shot

      Meanwhile i am looking for any job i can get my hands on, but writing is my main attribute, so i have been publishing out my poems and short stories to local papers, magazines, and i am going to a couple of acting jobs (Amazing Spider man 2 is filming in the closest city i live near) and things are looking up

      smiley12.gif you all


    • Well....

      6 years ago


      So these past few weeks have been fun....Got my credit card info stolen...Had to explain to the Bank how there would be no possible way i could buy a Latte in NYC when i am 300 miles away buying a DVD at the exact same time.

      As for my completed games: I have perfected 2 since my last update.. Both are Rockstar Games: L.A. Noire(Good Fucking luck finding all those vehicles!) and my favorite game of all time, Bully Scholarship edition.

      As for the games im playing now: I am playing Halo 4 and Black ops 2 mostly, but I just finished playing MGSHD collection. Also I Just bought Metal Gear Rising(Thanks to the bank settlement) and Tony Hawk American Wasteland on Xbox360..which i had no idea it was on Xbox360 till i searched the Xbox launch titles.

      What I will be playing this week: Not alot of games for me to choose but I will be playing alot of Metal Gear Rising...And The Mass Effect Trilogy(Everybody do the Shepard!)

      So message me on LIVE or on here if you wish to partake in the good times ahead. GT is Ic3mancom3th smiley0.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Weirdest day ever

      6 years ago


      Ok...So today was a weird fucking day

      I woke up with a shit ton of things to do, mostly writing music, and screenwriting's.(btw one of my productions will be looked at by NYC play association teehee!)

      Anyway i like to start out my day with a nice hot cup of coffee, it clears my mind and wakes me up. I get all my necessitys, Keurig cup, thermos, cream, etc. I like my coffee slightly chilled so i decide to get some milk....open the fridge....no milk. GF used the last bit for her oatmeal. CURSE YOU AMANDA!!!!

      So i decide to skip the whole Keurig process, and i make my way to Tim Hortons (being from Western NY, i have to follow the tradition)

      While passing all the stray dogs, and the occasional homeless man. A familiar song came on the radio, it was "This Fire" by Killswitch Engage. As i sing along to this kick ass song, a group of old ladies were staring at me.

      Quickly realizing how dumb i looked, i hit the Seek button(Thats on a Radio, what Shuffle is on an iPod) and hoped for the best.....Unfortunately the Angels of fate were not on my side as the song "OK2BGAY" by Tomboy started blaring...And the Old ladies were laughing so hard, they had to change their diapers twice....Strike one

      As I shuffled into the friendly atmosphere that is Tim Hortons, I spot a HS buddy of mine, and walked up to say hi. He said he was doing fine and he recently got engaged. I asked "Who is the lucky girl?" he replied...."Garrett, Im gay, and his name is Stefan"....Strike two

      So as i sulked into my booth, sipping my coffee, and eating a delicious Muffin(Double chocolate, and yes it was good) I decide to check and see what my buddy Sam is up to. I give him a text, and he replies "Dude...were you driving a white Jeep today" I respond positively, he then asks "Were you driving in front of the post office 30 mins ago?" I again respond positively.

      Then comes the part you all expected, he then asks if i was singing to "This Fire"....Oh Dear god...he knows

      He responds with "Man im so sorry....but you hit a squirrel with your jeep, and it freaked out the old ladies.".... And Strike Three Called, he's out!!!

      Anyway, i decide to go to the supermarket and pick up some milk...and i hear a conversation that was literally killing my brain cells. I heard two 25 year old women arguing about one of the weirdest topics....The Sun!

      Yes these girls were arguing about the big bright magical star in the sky. One girl said "The Sun is a big bright Asterltoid(her words not mine)" and the other said "the Sun was bright because its a planet, and its the closest planet to earth"

      I had to interject, I said to these fine women(and I do mean Fine) "Actually, the Sun is neiter an Asteroid, nor a Planet. It is actually a star, and the reason it is so bright is because the sun is only 92 million miles away, while the closest planet is only 24 million away"

      They laughed and said "Ok Bill Neigh the Wizard guy(Please kill me), If the Sun is so far away, and Venus is So close. How come we can see the Sun, but not Venus?"....she asked me this...in the middle of the day...where it is bright outside.

      I say "Because Earth is rotating around the sun, as well is Venus. However as it takes us 365 days to do this, it takes Venus only 225 to rotate around the sun, making our visibility of Venus short." Then came the Dumbest question, i have ever heard spoken from a human being. "So If we orbit around the sun, how come we cant see it all the time?"

      I responded with two words...."ASTRONOMY BITCH!!!!!"

    • 6 years ago

    • huh

      6 years ago


      well...its been 3 months since i joined the site....and i still havent found a bunch of people to play with me over XBL, what is it about me? Am i really that unnoticable?

    • ahhh...my childhood

      6 years ago


      You know, very recently i was blessed to receive a couple 1600 microsoft point cards. As i was shopping around, spending my points, i came across a game that helped me out alot during my years in school.

      The ironic thing is that this game should not have helped me deal with the issues i faced. The game stirred up quite a controversy when it was released in 2006, but i still played it nonetheless.

      The game was called: Bully

      Bully is a game set in the late 80's in a New England town. You play 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins who is sent to a school for troubled youngsters where he has to deal with: Bullies, Corrupt teachers, cliques, and of course...Girls.

      When this game was released, i was struggling to find my place in life, i wasnt a popular kid, in one of the characters words in the game. I was "To cool to be a dork, but i was too dorky to be anything else"

      This game helped me realize that Bullying, no matter how it occurs, will never go away, but its the things that distract you away from it, that matters most

      Ic3mancom3th out

    • End of the world

      6 years ago


      Well the 21st is finally here, and as of this moment its 12 mins past midnight, Im still alive....F&%$ YOU APOCALYPSE!!!

    • IM BACK!!!

      6 years ago


      So as all 1of you know, the day before Thanksgiving i woke up to turn on my Xbox, and i was surprised to see a RROD....now 1 month later, I have continued to hunt Achievements...and i have missed this experience of signing on, putting in Black Ops II....and then proceed in getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis by 8 year old German kids.....Yay!!!

    • RROD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      6 years ago


      Well it finally happened...My Xbox has caught the RROD....and since i need 199$ to get a new one...i have no choice to...give up achievement hunting for at least 2 weeks

    • 6 years ago

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