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    • marc12345

      12 years ago

      hello !!! ^_^

    • crashdummy30

      12 years ago

      u might want to concider adding a few new things to ur main profile page. its a little bleek

    • fishman22

      12 years ago


    • Glaxton

      12 years ago


      I created a website with tutorials on how to use this site.
      You can locate it at

      Feel free to ask me any questions.
      I respond as quickly as possible.

      Please check out my F.A.Q..
      and if you Watch Me I post a lot of interesting journals and pictures..

      If you never want to receive any kind of message from me again, simply reply in my comment section saying Block Me.

      Thank You! Have a Great Day! smiley0.gif

      I appologize for sending this greeting so long after you joined.
      However, there is currently a problem with the messaging system preventing me from sending or receiving any messages.

    • bendecko

      12 years ago

      Hey thxs for the RFR (random friends request)
      the more friends the better...
      ill try to comment as much as i can,
      Hope you can do the same..

    • Zeta101

      12 years ago

      Read my policies please.

      It takes time to get on my friends list

    • EtotheN

      12 years ago

      it takes more than that to be my friend, sorry

    • narutoman_9

      12 years ago

      but your a nooby so i'll be nice ^^

    • narutoman_9

      12 years ago

      hallo if you read the first banner you need to comment first thank you

    • YourDead

      12 years ago

      welcome to rvb. I hope you will enjoy this site.
      Heres a helpful site to get started

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