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    • ThePurpleSpy

      10 years ago

      Well, I agree in some respect with the guy below me (dashiva). And I to do not exept random friend requests.
      But first off I think that was an extreamly ass hole way to put his point, and secondly I have no problems with geting to know you a little and then exepting your friend request after geting to know you. So I am going to hold off on the firend request for a moment and say that you should look at some of the more resent journals and comment if you wish. Happy to get to know ya.

    • Dashiva

      10 years ago

      I will reply, and by that I mean I'll reject your offer
      First of all, there's my bold text at the top of my profile, explicitly stating I DO NOT ACCEPT RANDOM FRIENDS REQUESTS. I define random as anyone who I have not spoken to for a while on a forum first, and unfortunately you fall into that category.
      Second - I don't have to be your friend simply because you're new, and sending me 3 repetitive messages, when I don't even know you, pestering me to reply to your friend request, does not do much to engender a positive response from me. Bugging people to be your friend is just noobish.
      Good day to you, and please stop annoying the locals

    • screenaholic

      10 years ago

      No, I don't.

    • screenaholic

      10 years ago


    • deraj

      10 years ago

      uh, not much?

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