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    • 4 years ago


      Alright guess. The stream will officially be starting in about 15 minutes. Follow the link to the Twitch Stream when you are ready or able:

      --IndiaRT28 smiley9.gif

    • Star Wars Battlefront II Stream

      4 years ago


      Hey guys. So about two weeks ago I did a twitch stream of me playing Star Wars Battlefront II and I really found that enjoyable. Thus I am happy to let you all know that I am going to be continuing from where I left off since the last stream.

      I will be hosting this today at around 8:00pm CST. Feel free to drop by and enjoy the show.'

      My Channel:

      --IndiaRT28 smiley12.gif

    • Happy Anniversary Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      I can hardly believe that Rooster Teeth has been around for 12 whole years now. It seems like time has flown by at a incredibly fast pace.

      I'll never forget the first time I even heard about Rooster Teeth: It was back during Red vs Blue Season 5 when I was looking over some random youtube videos. I wasn't too sure about what the show was or how I would feel about it, but after looking at a few episodes in season 5, I was starting to really enjoy them because the episodes made me laugh. Eventually I decided to get the DVD for the first four seasons when I saw they were on sale and watched all four including the fifth near the end. Once episode 100 was posted, I thought perhaps that was the end of the show, but boy was I in for a surprise when word of a new season came up in the form of Season 6. Ever since then I continued to watch and wait for what surprises awaited.

      The next set of content I got around to seeing was the Achievement Hunters. Now I don't remember when I started seeing their content, but I know it was around the time when Jack and Geoff were doing Achievement Horse. My brother and I would watch those two trying to complete some crazy, yet awesome challenges in a classic game of H.O.R.S.E. After that I started to take a peak at some of the other shenanigans they got themselves into. It's funny to think about since back then Achievement Hunter was made to offer achievement guides to random games, but now evolved into something bigger. Not only that, but the people that started to join in is what I was happy about. So thank you to Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Micheal, Ray, Ryan, Caleb, Lindsay, Kdin, Kerry (since he also showed up a few times), Matt, and Jeremy.

      The most memorable moments would have to be the past 2-3 years of content that has been released from Roosterteeth. More specifically the new shows: RWBY by Monty Oum and X-ray and Vav by Lindsay and Jordan. Not to mention the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures based on either the Podcast, a let's play, etc. Just seeing these animated videos brought a smile to my face because I thoroughly enjoy watching such things upon release. I enjoyed RWBY because of the overall story plot, the characters presented in the show, as well as the amount of work and dedication done into this one show, which I found stands out compared to any other animes I have viewed. X-ray and Vav was a bit of a surprise to me because I remember Ray and Gavin having that as their team name and they use to fool around about what kind of powers they would have if X-ray and Vav were actual superheroes. So I guess it was only a matter of time till we saw this as a legit show and finally it is a reality. So yea I am definitely looking forward to RWBY Volume 3 and X-ray and Vav Season 2.

      There is probably a lot more to go on, but I think I addressed my main points. Over all it amazes me just how much stuff Rooster Teeth has accomplished over the past 12 years and yet they are still going out strong despite a few setbacks they might have encountered a long the way. To also finalize my expression, because of Rooster Teeth and the people that work there, I managed to find the one creative part of me I never knew existed so I also want to thank Rooster Teeth for helping me find that part of myself. I am I am proud to consider my self a Rooster Teeth fan and also a member of the RT community.

      Thank you so much for the 12 years of outstanding work you dish out Rooster Teeth and to many more in the future!

      --IndiaRT28 smiley12.gifsmiley1.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Birthday Streaming Event.

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be starting up the streaming event at about 15 minutes. Feel free to drop by and have a watch.

      The game I will be playing is one that was recently brought up during the Top 5 video @Kdin did regard @caleb favorite games he enjoyed, which is Star Wars Battlefront 2. Enjoy smiley11.gif

    • Two big news in one small journal!

      4 years ago


      First off, I just wanted to say thank you guys for wishing me well after getting in that biking accident back on Wednesday. I am happy to let you all know that I am fully recovered and can get back into the swing of things. Which means I can get back on my bike and ride like the winds, while also staying more alert of my surroundings.

      The second thing to mention is that today is actually my birthday to so the fact I got fully recovered on this special day does mean a lot. As for what I might have planned for the day:

      1. Might go see kingsman the Secret Service since some people said it was a good movie with Samuel L Jackson in the movie.

      2. Heading out to the Mall with my family just to enjoy the afternoon.

      3. I think I might wrap up the day with a little livestream event of playing either Star Wars Battlefront II or Heroes of the Storm for about 1-2 hours from 8:00 to 10:00PM CST. Although that part might be debatable at best right now.

      Anyways that's about it for what is going on with me. How are the rest of you guys doing on this great Saturday?

      --IndiaRT28 smiley12.gif

    • Biking Accident

      4 years ago


      So yesterday I was out on my bike doing my usual 10 round routine around the neighborhood, while listening to the RWBY Volume 1 soundtrack (Because I enjoyed most of the songs listed there and it's a good motivator). SO as I was about to start my sixth lap, there were some kids on their scooters and bikes blocking up most of the pathway. I decided to veer to the side since I saw an opening. Just as I do this, one of the kids on the bike moved right in my pathway to where I couldn't get around him. So I ended up hitting the curb and fell down to the ground.

      I ended up getting scrapped on the palm of my left hand and my right knee. It didn't seem to bad when I got hurt in the first place, but slowly over time I begin to notice other pains I wasn't even aware of. One of them being my left ankle felt like it was twisted. I'm not even sure how I was able to go around college today with a hurt ankle because each time I try to take a step, it just hurts like hell until I sit down in one place.

      The only thing I was thankful of is the fact that when I crashed, I didn't get that kid hurt in the process because I think if I rammed him from his front wheel, he might have fallen off too and thus both of us would have gotten hurt. So yea. . .yesterday absolutely sucked after going through that, but atleast it didn't get far worse is about the only bright side I can see here.

      --IndiaRT28 smiley9.gif

    • Lack of Inspiration and Motivation

      4 years ago


      Well guys...I'm finding myself a bit stumped on my little artwork spree I was in before. This last thing I actually made was the special Valentine's Day card for the Warm Fuzzies Event:


      Only now I am having a problem where I can't seem to get anywhere with something new to make or losing the motivation to keep on going. So my question, to anyone who reads this, is what would you do if you found yourself in this situation? Because I honestly have no idea myself and right now seeking some guidance at this moment.

      --IndiaRT28 smiley9.gif

    • RTX Badge Acquired!

      4 years ago


      Just as the titles says, I got my Badge for RTX 2015. Just to show how hyped I am for this year's event, here are a few photos from RTX 2014 I never actually posted here on the site:

      Hanging with the Chief

      Meeting @jack and @caleb

      Being here with my Brother. smiley0.gif

      Seeing @griffon

      Blazing with @Ray. Except the lighting sucked smiley3.gif

      Meeting up with @Ryan and @Kdin

      Finally being silly with @jack

      I'll be sure to post the rest later on in one album, but these were a few of the highlights from Last year. Hope to see you all there at RTX 2015!

      --IndiaRT28 smiley12.gif

    • Five Night's at Freddy Stream

      4 years ago


      Hey guys. I'm going to be setting up the stream in about 10 minutes. Feel free to drop by if you are around.

    • Five Night's at Freddy Livestream

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone.

      I know people are just about to get into the Spring Break holiday that is either coming up soon or you guys are actually enjoying it at this very moment. That being said, I am planning on doing my first ever livestream video on twitch, where I will be playing a new game that was gifted to me by @brittcyo. That game happens to be Five Nights at Freddy.

      I have never seen any of the game-play done in this game. Not even the one Gavin and Micheal did before in the recent Let's Play videos. So this will be my first time seeing what is it about this game that makes people jump out of their seats.

      I will be arranging to do this stream on this coming Friday at 7:00pm CST. If at any point I might run into a complication or something sudden happens around this time, then my back up timing will be on the Saturday after at the same time specified. Feel free to stop on by if you happen to be running out of things to do on Friday.

      I hope to see you guys there, I'll send the link to my Twitch channel later this week before the stream.

      --IndiaRT28 <3

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