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    • HHTYD Overload

      5 years ago


      Well it's that time of the year again when I get called to do 5-10 scoring sessions in a week for the same film. But this time its How To Train Your Dragon! (Scene where Astrid is flying with Hiccup and all that jazz.)
      Still remember when I did my first session here at Berklee. Still gives me goosebumps!!

      Also...after a lot of talking yesterday I'm not gonna be joining the military since it would mean leaving my music career behind for awhile and I can't afford that.

      Music is my passion. I'll be a humanitarian in that aspect.

    • Some Big Decissions

      5 years ago


      Come November I'll be (hopefully. Still trying to get a flight) with Bronson for his birthday before I have to return home for Thanksgiving. I'll miss class and work but other than that I'll be there for a few days, relax, enjoy spending some type of holiday with him and come back. I'm still trying to build up the courage to tell my parents I want to see Bron for x-mas...*looks at draft email sitting in the draft box*

      There's something else as well.
      You know how sometimes things come in 3s and such? You see a theme that's constantly repeated and then you find out why?

      Well....I've been seeing a lot of military postings around...the fact that Bron and Wikia are in the military....and one of my RAs 'friends' will be joining the Marines...

      I saw a posting in the Career Development Center here for the CT National Guard looking for musicians and well...


      I'm thinking of joining the Air National Guard. Or the Chair Force National Guard...har har... . Its a lot to think about. But it would be something I could get done over the summer and have the stable finances to stay at Berklee. It's a big decision but...

      I feel like it would be worth it.

    • Laptop Help

      5 years ago


      EDIT: Well turns out that my speaker settings were set ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT. Didn't cost me a penny but I feel like an idiot now.

      This is just a pre-warning if I disappear for a bit my laptop is getting fixed by Apple. Found out my headphone jack isn't working correctly and realizing that maybe when it fell that one time from my bed the bottom of it warped. Also the fact that my speakers sudden sound like complete CRAP.

      But I'm hoping I did get extended warranty from Berklee on this thing...

      So if it does get fixed I'll be on my mobile a lot of today.

      As for now I have to get dressed and ready for a Harmony 3 quiz that's going to be so darn easy even Jaune could do it. And work...(and hope that I hear from someone...)

    • Needing money...offering commissions!!

      5 years ago


      I've been in a bit of a financial jam since I've had to start paying my phone bill AND my federal loans on top of that and I literally have no pocket cash for myself. I have events and places I need to save up for and my bills always take the fun out of knowing I have stable money to use. Even several of my co-workers agree that what they're getting paid right now is not paying their rent.

      So..I want to try my hand at doing chibi commissions. I work fast and do really well with visuals when drawing. They're uber cheap!!

      Prices in US Dollars

      -Chibi- $5
      -2 Chibi characters- $7
      -3+ characters- $10
      -Detailed chibis- $20 (i.e. Halo armor, fur details, shading)
      -$2+ each new detailed chibi

      If you see anything in my gallery that you would like me to draw or make, we can discuss pricing as well. Detailed chibis will take longer than a regular $5 chibi, so please be patient with me.

      -Paypal only
      -I will only start the commission once I have been paid
      -No porn
      -Picture references preferred (helps me visually)

      Send a private message if you are interested. I will then give you my paypal address in order to send your payment.
      Sorry if you don't pay for you commission, I have the right not to draw it. Those are the rules.

      I'd really appreciate the help.

      EDIT: This also helps me pay for a flight to go see my boyfriend for his birthday.

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    • So uh...

      5 years ago


      I'm meeting this kid aka @jetsteam101 , for the first time on Saturday.

      There will be squeeing of ponies, hugs, maybe a few drinks, dinner...drag him around Boston till he can't stand it anymore....

      Or spend half of our time playing TF2. (HEY I DO MY HOMEWORK OKAY? 8I)

      PS. Chris. Did laundry. Bring some pocket money for the T..k?

    • Update on Life and such

      6 years ago


      There's been a lot going on lately. I've been in Boston at college for almost 2 weeks now and going into my 2 week of classes. I've been having a lot of stress lately due to working on family issues with Bronson and trying to deal with some...dark thoughts lately...

      I've made a few new freshmen friends who care about me and have proceeded to give me nicknames xD (like hot mama and big sis and the occasional onee-san.)

      But I found out recently that SOME people I call 'friends' that I have been hanging out with in the lounge and have been talking shit about me behind my back like calling me anti-social and such. It makes me happy that people are actually caring about my situation and its helping me to reevaluate my friends. One of my friends who's now an RA is gonna talk to one of the RDs about my situation...its the reason I love this school. You can never fail or hurt yourself because they will ALWAYS be someone there to catch you :)

      Also thank you @Rxk_Treece for the Xbox live gold that you gave me a few christmas' ago. Sad to say that now (as of yesterday) my xbox live account is done until I decide to pay for a few months or wait it out and ask for it as a present or trying to make some extra cash on the side. So...don't freak out if you don't see me on a lot.

      Things with Bron are still going really well. No complaints there :) <3

      ..Oh. And I get to see this kid @jetsteam101 for the first time ever and show him Boston. And maybe get a few drinks...

      Anyway, that't it for now. Hopefully with the therapy I'll learn how to manage my stress better.


    • 6 years ago

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