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    • Duuuude.

      9 years ago


      I totally cannot remember the last time I was online. I feel like I have abandoned you, Rooster Teeth. D: But I'm back. And I will never leave you again. And that was the biggest lie ever. I have to leave you right now to check my Facebook chat.

      Back! I'm talking to Liz and Adam. Like you know who they are. Erm, well. Adam has an account on here. Yeah, so, NightHuman. That's him. And Liz, well, she was in my English class. x3

      This is being cut short. Mainly because I don't think I have anything interesting to say.

      OH. At the mall Thursday, the one before last, I wore my "Ask me about my zombie plan." shirt, and some chick recognized it. :D I felt special.

      Well, that is all.

      Latuh. <3

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      9 years ago


      Since my brother is a little douche-nozzle, I had to stop watching RvB 'cause of That 70's Show. At least it doesn't suck...
      Could be worse, though. Degrassi was on. But the two gay guys kissed and hooked up. So, it's all good. This is only like, six sentences? Cool.
      My ankle is still swollen... Dunno why. Musta smacked it on something. I sure as hell am not preggers. No sexual relations for me. Why? 1. I don't really want to. 2. None want me. 3. I can't afford summer school, how can I raise a kid at 15?

      I'mma stop rambling. This serves no purpose.


    • 2019 years ago

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