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    • Somewhat Confused

      14 years ago


      Recently I've been getting a number of friend requests from people I've never posted to/with etc. I spend most of my time in the sponsor's area, and most of these requests are non-sponsors. I've been accepting, (its no big thing), but I just wanna know why you're all asking me, and how you came to my profile.

    • Updates, They're Everywhere

      14 years ago


      My neck is better, no thanks to you. Yea, you know who you are.

      Been trying to figure out what I should do tomorrow. The responsible thing to do would be wake up early, start packing my stuff for the movers on the 15th, and go running.

      The thing I will probably do is sleep until 12, go out driving, waste some cash, eat, and go back to sleep.

      I think I've just discovered my problem.

      ...I should wake up at 1.

    • Heyo

      14 years ago


      Not much to report. I fucked up my neck somehow...woke up this morning and can't turn it more than 20 degrees before I get blinded by agony from the deepest rings of hell...But I'll take some tylenol or something.

      On another note, Comcast sucks squirrel nuts. I have a horribly slow connection, called them 2 days ago, and the earliest they can help me out is the 2nd. Wow.

      I may go to sleep soon, depending on whether or not I get the inspiration to stay up and watch Taxi reruns and whore the forums some more.

    • A Culinary Adventure

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      Friends, I invite you upon a journey. A quest that shall thrill, wonder, and perhaps terrify the tastebuds. Join me, and together, the land of spatulas, mixing bowls, and ovens shall be ours!

      I invite everyone to post their favorite recipes in this thread. Dinner, desert, breakfast, brunch--it doesn't matter. Those who are participating are then asked to report back how their experiences with others' dishes went. But I don't want to see "it was real good and yummy." If you changed the recipe somehow, tell us. If you altered the process, detail how.

      Guidelines for Recipes
      A Title
      Optional: Summary
      Serving Suggestions

      I will post my first recipe tomorrow morning.

      To Good Taste!

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    • I Finally Understand

      14 years ago


      Everytime it's been said against me during a Halo 2 match, it's been true.

      I am a whore.

      Specifically, a Mod-point whore. Not the points themselves, or even at all...the coming back to my homepage and seeing a new image comment, journal comment, or updated mod makes me feel good. I like knowing people consider my drivel worthy of their time. Thanks for all my +modders and you foolish fools foolish enough to read this fool's journal entry.


    • Update

      14 years ago


      Got my license a few weeks ago.

      Got a car. (My grandfathers '98 LeSabre, 35k miles on it)

      Get a new stereo installed in my car.

      Broke the stereo.

      Fixed the stereo. (Who knew I could blow a fuse by simply playing a song for my friend...who lives two states over).

      Made approximately 132 trips in the past week (note: slight exaggeration) to the dump as my family attempts to move to our new house, so we now are dealing with 13 years of refuse.

      Still hate my job, hoping for my GameStop application to come through.

      Thats about it.

    • I Will Never Believe in Humanity Again

      14 years ago


      As I browsed around, looking for a paintball background to update the current Detroit Strange one I'm using, I found proof that nothing is sacred.

      Warning...sad, sad adult content (nothing explicit...just sad)

    • Soon

      14 years ago


      Update soon

    • Not much to say.

      14 years ago


      Found out that my mom has esophigial cancer tonight.

      Nothing else to say.

    • 2019 years ago

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      13 years ago

      Damn, Wellesley kicked Needham's ass this year in the Thanksgiving game. yes this is a very late post of it, just thought I should post something in your profile relating to our locations.

      Post edited 1/24/06 10:51PM

    • Marduk FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      14 years ago

      Wellesley, eh, too bad I'm from needham, it's all good though

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