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    • MacBook Pro Update

      5 years ago


      After I found out about the MacBook Pro with Retina update for 2013, I was one of the first ones to grab it once my local Apple Store had them in stock.

      Got to say that I am in love with it as everything is running smoothly and amazingly efficient and quick. I'm still using a boot camp partition, yet it has been a work horse for me. Hope to get some more writing on this Rooster Teeth thing again.

    • Going to Apple?

      5 years ago


      I've been a stickler for avoiding Apple for all things non-music. I've been thinking on moving on to a MacBook Pro for my long awaited laptop upgrade.

      To prepare, I watched the OS X Mavericks keynote and saw the great features that it has and integrated with iOS. It got me thinking: Should I move onto iOS? I've stuck with BlackBerry through 3 phones and currently have a BlackBerry Z10 which I enjoy and love dearly. With the continued integration of OS X and iOS, it should probably be a no brainer that I go to an iPhone because of the seamless transition of applications with the Calendar, Maps, Messages, and other applications.

      This could be an interesting couple of months for me here as I plan to start school once more going to my third year in college. I will finally be absorbed by the ire of the MacBook, but I think it would be a better move for productivity and hobbies as I move to more editing of photos due to shooing KCON as well as making videos as I plan on getting Final Cut Pro X as soon as I have the cash for it. We just have to see what happens.

    • PC to Mac?

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      I'm planning on getting a new laptop in a couple of weeks for the new school year, and I was thinking about getting a MacBook Pro. I've always been a PC guy, but I think a change in pace is needed. I wanted to get some opinions from those who made the move to Mac and what their experiences was like during the transition and how they enjoyed it now. I plan to get the MacBook Pro that may be announced in one of the next Apple keynotes too.

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    • Anybody into Trance?

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      I've been getting into trance with artists like Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, and ATB with some of the new breed like KhoMha and Andrew Rayel making waves in the trance world as well. I wanted to know how much of the RT community goes and listens to Trance.

      I've been listening to A State of Trance to get my weekly fix, and it hasn't disappointed me as of yet, and I went to EDC this year to listen to nearly all the trance DJ's that were performing. I was blown away with all of their energy as I was bouncing off the walls except for Above and Beyond where I got super emotional. What other songs/artists would you recommend for me to check out as well?

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    • Diet Tips for Those on Budget

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      I've been meaning to get into shape for quite a while. By senior year of high school, I finally broke 120, but now into my second year of college, I'm tapering off at 160. I think not playing volleyball consistently slowed my metabolism as well as eating fast food on a semi daily basis now that I have a job and money.

      Since I'm living in a college apartment and have a meal plan, I wanted to get some tips about how to eat but at the same time, not eat every 2 hours since I feel if I eat consistently, I'll just won't have the energy to work out. I'm moving back in over the summer and planning to commute to school for the rest of time, and my mom rarely cooks anymore due to being a work mom with no time to cook as well as on an exercise regiment herself.

      I plan to follow some of the exercise routines with video games as well as go to my university's gym (free admission) soon, but I wanted to get some diet tips for those who can't think they can handle eating every 2 hours.

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