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    • School stress and gang problems

      10 years ago


      Well i know i haven't made a real journal in a very long time but i think i found a sufficient topic to tell you guy's about. I have been severely stressed lately, i have an 8 page paper due by Friday for my English class and a 6 page paper due by Friday for my criminal justice class. That wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't piled ion top of local gang activity. There is this state gang here called G.O.B. I have yet to learn the exact meaning but i am sure it's something like gang of brothers or some crap, we just call em gang of bitches since none of them have won a 1 on 1 fight. Well i have a friend living with me due to his overly mean parents and he is in love with a ex gf of one of the gangs leaders. The leader used to do stuff like beat her up shove bottles down her throat etc. Well the gob members didn't like the fact that he sympathized with her so they made up a bunch of stuff and death threats started going around. I really didn't care till bout am last night when they parked next to my house for 10 mins then drove away. The next day that gob leader was arrested for assault harassment etc. so he told at least 10 members to find my friend and beat him up, well since he lives with me it's my problem too, so i got a sword, so did my friend, my mom got a knife and baseball bat, my moms ex got a steel police baton, and my friend called six friends to come with baseball bats, while they never found us it was severely stressing and there had to be cops at my school and other classes. So looks like school is gonna be extra stressing for a while the moral is screw gangs, they are for pussies who can't fight one on one.

    • el oh el

      10 years ago


      found this video and thought it was so funny and true i had to post it
      what if god disappeared?
      Enjoy your lulz :3

    • Kiss me, I'm Shit Faced

      10 years ago


      Just wanted to post this cuz, well, I love this song lol ^^
      so here it is Kiss me i'm shitfaced

      I play in a band, we're the best in the land
      We're big in both Chelsea and France
      I play one mean guitar and then score at the bar
      There's a line of chicks waiting for their chance
      So come on now honey, I'll make you feel pretty
      These other gals mean nothing to me
      Let's finish these drinks and be gone for the night
      'Cause I'm more than a handful, you'll see

      So kiss me, I'm shitfaced
      I'm soaked, I'm soiled and brown
      in the trousers, she kissed me
      And I only bought her one round

      I can bench press a car, I'm an ex football star
      with degrees from both Harvard and Yale
      Girls just can't keep up, I'm a real love machine
      I've had far better sex while in jail
      I've designed the Sears Tower, I make two grand an hour
      I cook the world's best duck flambe
      I'll take the pick of the litter, girls jockey for me
      I don't need these lines to get laid

      So kiss me, I'm shitfaced
      I'm soaked, I'm soiled and brown
      in the trousers, she kissed me
      And I only bought her one round

      I'm a man of the night, a real ladies delight
      See my figure was chiseled from stone
      One more for the gal then I'll escort her home
      Come last call, I'm never alone
      I've a house on the hill with a red water bed
      That puts Hugh Heffnor's mansion to shame
      With girls by the pool and Italian sports cars
      I'm just here in this dump for the game

      So kiss me, I'm shitfaced
      I'm soaked, I'm soiled and brown
      in the trousers, she kissed me
      And I only bought her one round

      So kiss me, I'm shitfaced
      I'm soaked, I'm soiled and brown
      in the trousers, she kissed me
      And I only bought her one round

      Ahh, fuck it. Who am I shitting?

      I'm a pitiful sight, and I ain't all that bright
      I'm definitely not chiseled from stone
      I'm a cheat and a liar, no woman's desire
      I'll probably die cold and alone

      But just give me a chance, 'cause deep down inside
      I swear I got a big heart of gold
      I'm a monogamous man, no more one night stands
      Come on, honey, let me take you home

    • Best, Cookbook, Ever

      10 years ago


      I am buying this book, and then, I will cook
      for all my friends and family, and you will all find it delicious and wonder why!

      btw NSFW

    • Wasted Money

      10 years ago


      By June of 2004, The U.S. had already spent 119.4 billion dollars on the war in Iraq. Here are some other things that money could have been used for

      748,495 people (nearly everyone in Jacksonville, Florida) could have been sent to Harvard University for 4 yrs

      2.8 million people (nearly the size of Chicago) could have been sent to local, state University's

      It could buy a median U.S. home, for 685,000 people

      could buy a Caddilac Escalade esv suv for 2 million people

      could purchase a suite on the queen Mary 2 for a six day cruise from South Hampton, England to New York, for 25.4 million people.

      could buy a 4 bedroom penthouse apartment at the trump world tower for 7,024 people (each costs 17 million dollars)

      The money is also equal to the combined incomes of everyone in Vermont, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, and Montana

      If the money was divided among Iraq's citizens (s5 million people) it would give each, 4,776 dollars

      If it was divided into $1 bills and each was laid end to end, it would stretch around the equator 465 times

      stacked on top of one another it would be 8,234 miles high

      It would take 3,785 years to spend it all at the rate of 1 dollar a second

    • anonymous doing actual good!

      10 years ago


      I recommend you all watch this entire video, as to completely inform you about anonymous and that cult of scientology

    • Poe

      10 years ago


      Since I must be giving a 15 minute oral presentation in my class on something that interests me, so I figured that I should share one of his works with you. Edgar Allan Poe is so sick and twisted I love it ^^


      by: Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

      Thank Heaven! the crisis--
      The danger is past,
      And the lingering illness
      Is over at last--
      And the fever called "Living"
      Is conquered at last.

      Sadly, I know
      I am shorn of my strength,
      And no muscle I move
      As I lie at full length--
      But no matter!--I feel
      I am better at length.

      And I rest so composedly,
      Now, in my bed
      That any beholder
      Might fancy me dead--
      Might start at beholding me,
      Thinking me dead.

      The moaning and groaning,
      The sighing and sobbing,
      Are quieted now,
      With that horrible throbbing
      At heart:--ah, that horrible,
      Horrible throbbing!

      The sickness--the nausea--
      The pitiless pain--
      Have ceased, with the fever
      That maddened my brain--
      With the fever called "Living"
      That burned in my brain.

      And oh! of all tortures
      That torture the worst
      Has abated--the terrible
      Torture of thirst
      For the naphthaline river
      Of Passion accurst:--
      I have drunk of a water
      That quenches all thirst:--

      Of a water that flows,
      With a lullaby sound,
      From a spring but a very few
      Feet under ground--
      From a cavern not very far
      Down under ground.

      And ah! let it never
      Be foolishly said
      That my room it is gloomy
      And narrow my bed;
      For man never slept
      In a different bed--
      And, to sleep, you must slumber
      In just such a bed.

      My tantalized spirit
      Here blandly reposes,
      Forgetting, or never
      Regretting its roses--
      Its old agitations
      Of myrtles and roses:

      For now, while so quietly
      Lying, it fancies
      A holier odor
      About it, of pansies--
      A rosemary odor,
      Commingled with pansies--
      With rue and the beautiful
      Puritan pansies.

      And so it lies happily,
      Bathing in many
      A dream of the truth
      And the beauty of Annie--
      Drowned in a bath
      Of the tresses of Annie.

      She tenderly kissed me,
      She fondly caressed,
      And then I fell gently
      To sleep on her breast--
      Deeply to sleep
      From the heaven of her breast.

      When the light was extinguished,
      She covered me warm,
      And she prayed to the angels
      To keep me from harm--
      To the queen of the angels
      To shield me from harm.

      And I lie so composedly,
      Now, in my bed,
      (Knowing her love)
      That you fancy me dead--
      And I rest so contentedly,
      Now, in my bed,
      (With her love at my breast)
      That you fancy me dead--
      That you shudder to look at me,
      Thinking me dead.

      But my heart it is brighter
      Than all of the many
      Stars in the sky,
      For it sparkles with Annie--
      It glows with the light
      Of the love of my Annie--
      With the thought of the light
      Of the eyes of my Annie.

    • *breathes deep and points*

      10 years ago



    • birfday

      10 years ago


      it twas yesterday but i didnt get a chance to get on, oh wells, just thought i would let you guys know, i gots some good gifts, a antique hatchet, a three piece japanese sword set, a egyptian kris, tarot cards, rammstein's cd Reise, Reise and the dvd Volkerball
      so now, pics times! I am sure you will be able to match the stuff up but i will still help with some labels
      Antique Logging Hatchet
      Japanese sword set

    • Concert

      10 years ago


      Yesh i went to the concert and it twas great, All the begining bands were not all that good but i enjoyed them, dragonforce played just as i predicted, unimpressively, nobody in the crowd seemed to care lol, the best bands that played were Dsturbed and Slipknot, The lead singer for Disturbed came out in Red Dragon , Hannibal Lector fashion, starapped down with a straight jacket and a muzzle, twas awesome sauce ^^ They got the entire crowd going crazy and i thought that would be the best of it, till Slipknot came on hehe, I almost thought people would start moshing in the chaired areas lol, Joey Jordison ws drumming with a broken ankle yet he did as great as ever, and the dj, now known as "DJ moonboots" played with 2 broken fet lol, at the end of the show he fooled around the stage in his wheelchair and mick thompson (bass player) carried joey around piggy back style lol, Also i have a sick pair of gauntlets from a rennasaince fair!
      they are made out of leather and are quite thick and tough, then again they are a type of armor lol, they are pretty much custom seeing as how i picked out the design to be riveted into the armor ^^

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