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    • Emergent Gameplay

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      So for those of you who don't know what emergent gameplay is, it's where players of a game use in-built game mechanics and customisation to create something like an entirely new gametype, a new strategy or way of playing, or sometimes even change the way the game is played, in ways the developers never thought you could. It is NOTHING to do with modding or hacking, it only uses the game itself.

      Examples include:
      Halo Infection (when people made zombie slayer way back in the day)
      Speed Halo
      Speedrunning (started way back in metroid)
      Nudging pinball machines
      The video game Left 4 Dead
      Using scout times in Starcraft to guess where your enemy is
      Redstone computers in minecraft

      So has anyone done any emergent gameplay themselves? Revolutionised a game on a small scale (or attempted to)? Any bits of emergent gameplay you really love?

      Recently, I spent a couple of hours trying to make Super Smash Bros 4 play like Soul Calibur. It kind of worked, and that's the most I've ever done for emergent gameplay, so yeah

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    • In The Time of Reckoning

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      So the premise of this game is simple. You have to survive the attack before you, and direct an attack at the person above you, but the weirder the better. Example:
      "I shoot you in the face"
      "I channel Neo from the Matrix to dodge the bullets.
      I drop you in an active volcano"
      "I turn into a diamond so I can't be melted.
      I stab you in the asshole with a lightsaber"
      And so on.

      I stab you in the asshole with a lightsaber

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    • Destroy the Godmodder

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      ((credit for the idea and game goes to TT2000 of

      So, if you Roleplay over the internet or play rather hackable/moddable games, chances are you've encountered a godmodder at least once. For those of you who haven't, a godmodder is somebody who, in an online game, has hacked it to make themselves invincible, super fast, super strong, aimbot, uneffectable, basically a god (hence the name). In online roleplay, a godmodder is somebody who refuses to let their character be hit by attacks and takes control of your characters to make sure your attacks fail, and theirs always hit. Normally for bullshit reasons.

      In this game, you get to kill one (controlled by me). All you have to do is think up an attack that is so unique and wonderful, that I (the godmodder) cannot think up some way to block, stop or avoid it. Imagine we're in the Halo universe, but don't let that stop your creativity. Punching, shooting, dropping a creeper on, bending reality, all can be used, but I'll probably godmod it.

      1) Each person may only use one attack per post
      2) Each person may only post once inbetween my posts
      3) Don't expect your attacks to work, I will survive them through ridiculous means
      4) This game is not you competing with each other. You are working to bring me down
      5) I lose when I (The Godmodder) reach 0HP
      6) Chances are I will invent game mechanics
      7) Please be really imaginative


      Godmodder HP: 100/100

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    • Looking for players in a Minecraft game?

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      So for my youtube channel, we were going to do various challenge scenarios in Minecraft, and the first one I've made is inspired by Season 4 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones (and the ending of Storm of Swords) of course so please note THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR SAID EVENTS (but if you haven't gotten that far already and you have a vested interest, dude, seriously)

      Basically, there is The Wall (so much fucking effort to build) there is a very small reproduction of Castle Black on one side, and a blank wasteland on the other (with minerals and the like). In Castle Black, there will be players who play the Night's Watch, denoted by black chest plates, and those who play the Wildlings.The Knight's Watch obviously start with fewer people, but also with iron swords and helmets, and The Wall, and ender chests set up with limited defensive supplies (arrows, bows, buckets of water and ONE of lava, and some anvils). They also have the flag in Castle Black. The Wildlings' aim is to steal the flag and get it to the other side of the wall, and the Watch defend it.

      The Wildlings can do whatever they like to get to the flag, with two rules: 1) No damaging the structure of the wall (as Bedrock would have looked ugly to use), and 2) Don't go around it (as I would have killed myself out of frustration if I had to extend it further. It's very finite). So they can use ladders, they can noobtower, they can attempt to break through the doors in the tunnel.

      However, the Wildlings start with only stone tools, and odd bits of armour, and few bows and arrows. Fortunately, they are allowed to mine and build up equipment, whereas the Watch aren't (also for gameplay reasons they can't equip Watch chest plates), there are more of them, and they have a few spawn eggs to represent extra numbers.

      There will probably be a time limit for the flag to be captured, and if they don't manage it, then the Watch win.

      Anyway, I currently only have one friend who I'd like to play this with and has gold currently, so I was wondering if anyone would want to help me test it out. Hopefully it'll work and be fun

      If so, add me on XBL (ApocolypticCow8) and I'll be in touch :)

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    • In Felix's Situation...

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      So imagine you are Felix (you just got about 8 times more attractive) or Locus (you just got about 8 times more creepy), and you've been hired to kill everyone on a planet. Every. Single. Person. Not most of them, not the powerful ones, but every single person (except your own men, of course). So Felix and Locus sparked a civil war between the two sides. Would you do it a different way? And if so, please go into all the details that tiny evil part of your mind can come up with. The more wacky and awesome your idea, the better

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    • Red vs Blue Song Parodies

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      So quite a while ago, I had the ideas for these, but I only just plucked up the courage to post them here XD I'm sorry if they're not great (I haven't written parodies for quite some time)

      Here's the first:

      Moves Like Meta

      Just shoot from the start
      'Cause it feels right
      Just tear them apart
      When you feel like
      They'll take you away
      Take you from your play
      They'll make you behave

      Now I've got control
      And I've waited
      I put on a show
      Helped them make it
      Just their little kid
      Boy, his ego is big
      They don't give a shit
      Because things happen like this

      Shoot me in the throat
      Why don't you?
      Don't need to speak
      I'll still own you

      With my moves like Meta
      I've got the moves like Meta
      I've got the moves like Meta

      Don't need to try, you let me control you
      Just said one word and now I own you

      Because you're now the Meta
      And now we are the Meta
      And now we are the Meta

      Our journey is hard
      But we've left them broken and scarred
      Making things right
      And now you're with me
      You want to believe
      That I'll give you the key

      I got you a care
      And you survived it
      Were falling to death
      Get inside it
      So now York you steer
      But load up your gear
      But it happened like this

      Shoot me in the throat
      Why don't you?
      Now I've got the Brute Shot
      I can own you

      With my moves like Meta
      I've got the moves like Meta
      I've got the moves like Meta

      Don't need to try, you let me control you
      Just said one word and now I own you

      Because you're now the Meta
      And now we are the Meta
      And now we are the Meta

      And I was there, scheming all the while
      I'm in control, own you and it's right
      Now you've seen my secret
      And I'll make you keep it
      Nobody else will see this

      They'll crash and burn
      Won't defy you twice
      Friend and foe, set them alight
      But now you've seen my secret
      And I'll make you keep it
      Nobody else will see this

      And so it went like this

      Shoot me all you like
      Wash why don't you?
      Don't need no AI's
      I can still own you

      Even though I'm still the Meta
      He's gone, I'm still the Meta
      I betrayed you as the Meta

      He was gone but still his influence grew
      Don't listen to a word he says, 'cause then he'll own you

      But I'm still the Meta
      I'm sorry I'm the Meta
      And now I will die as the Meta

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    • User-Created Content

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      What's your opinion on user-created content. Is it as good as official Bungie/343 content? What are some of your favourite user-created maps/gamemodes? Do you ever make your own maps or gamemodes, or have any you routinely play?

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    • 2019 years ago

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