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    • Why retard circus boys alway finish last

      13 years ago


      So I just found out again that I really have no clue if someone is intrested in me or not, and no don't ask.

      on a second note, I think I might be real sick, I have this cough that feels like bones are rattleing in my chest, and the ribs on my left side have shooting pains at random times. I think I might of also pulled a muscle or a tenden in my left foot.

      thats all for now.

    • Slightly bored....

      13 years ago


      So let me start this thingy off with a comment I konw most of you really don't give a rats behind about what I might or might not say. Never the less I still think I should have some kind of voice in this bloody world!!!(please note that this is a retarded rant about nothing...mmmk?)

      So a few weeks ago the pastor of my church was talking about relationships and stuff....anywho he was telling us we should be making lists of what we are looking for in a companion, so I thought I might as well post what I think the "Perfect" girl would be for me.

      Number one! She has to be atleast as smart as me or smarter(to the peanut gallery in the back I know I'm not that smart...thank you very much).

      Number two! Has to like or deal with me likeing history.

      Number three! Must like to cuddle(......yes I said it).

      Number four! Doesn't mind my weird sense of humor.

      Number five! Has to have a sense of humor.

      uhh I've run out of thinks to look for....how about nice eyes?

      meh....now we know eh?


      P.S. are you happy now that I posted something?

    • Rant

      13 years ago


      because none of my friend really ever look or even use RvB anymore, I'm gunna post the grand daddy of all rants.

      /start rant

      okay, so whats with girls? I mean when ever I meet a girl they are all nice and stuff, then I find out that they think I'm a moron or something, it's really annoying. then there's the hole "I just want to be friend" part that really pisses me off(more on this later).

      how hard is it to just act normal around someone? I do it all the time....yea wiseass jokes aside. I'm just tried of all this sneeking around, I just want the girl to be intrested in me, I don' t even care if she falls from the sky.

      and the friends thng I've had some girls get all sweet and nice on me then find out they tink of me as a brother or some crap. I seriously have had it up to my eye balls. Even my family is trying to find someone for me, I just can't take it anymore.

      would someone out there just shoot me already? end this sad thing called life.

      /end rant

    • title: end of the world

      13 years ago


      so this weekend a few(few=2) of use got together and played CSS(counter strike source) and we had tons of fun shooting up bots and the like, I got very good at the sniper rifle and crazy got good with the P90,M4,night hawk, and etc....

      so yeah...

    • Hai life is good.

      13 years ago


      ^ says it all.

    • totally boned.

      13 years ago


      so on sunday I go to CCF and I as soon as I walk thru the door I get cornered by an old aquatince I thought I had forgotten(it was a bad part of my life that I never wanted to remember) but we spend the next 3 hours digging up old memorys(again none that I wanted to remember) we finally stop and we decide to meet at LCC on the following wednesday(we both go to LCC......duh).

      so anyway this person is connected to a gal I really like and want to ask out. and if I try and break it off with this person I'll come off looking like a total gerk(I know some of you are thinking "woops, to late ang" yea yea I know) and I really don't want to blow this.

      just when things were going my way I get blind sided and there's nothing I can do about it. Right now I feel like crawling in to a corner and dieing.

      I hope all my m8's are doing better then I am, go with God m8's.

      (P.S. most of you guys know both of these people.)

    • the greater jihad.

      13 years ago


      so last night my laptop gets a virus from DLing stuff(it was Ghost in the shell!) I shut everything down and start working on finding the little SoB....my firewall takes care of most of it, all thats left is the .exe(that it couldn't find) and registry stuff...

      as most of you know messing around with a windows registry is like screwing with a nuke(AKA not a good idea for you or your kids) so I ever so carfully delete bits and pieces here and there.

      and it's good!

      mazltoff! it's a boy!


      anywho back to the story...

      after thinking my sweet lappy was going to be reformatted I rise above the evil Virus(it was a trojan too!) and stand victoriously over my defeated enemy!

      the End.

    • Let the pain begin.

      13 years ago


      Hello, your about to hear a two part story(don't werry you'll hear all the gorey deal tails)

      First part is that I've been tryin to get up the guts to ask out this girl I've known for a long time. Anywho, I know she's most likely not intrested in me what so ever(but you can never tell with girls). so I'm gunna try and ask her out this next sunday at church or CCF. if all things go as planed there should be much happyness.....and cake.

      P.S. there's all ways singles awareness day(SAD).

    • hells bells

      13 years ago


      I'm in a pickle, about 8-9 years ago there was this girl I really liked, she was 2 years older then I was, she was very sweet and I liked her alot.

      then she moved away, and I thought I'd never see her again.....then I find out she's been under my nose for the last 6 months and I had no clue. and to make matters worse one of my friends seems to like her, I really have no idea what to do.

      her name is Chiquita, to some of you this might be a surprise, and to others it might not be. but it's still not good for me.

      oh bugger,

    • mmmm

      13 years ago


      well sunday was a horrible day, and no I won't bore you with the details.

      I'd like to thanks JEDICAB for the sweet reward.

      in other news, I found a sweet place to get news on new episodes of bleach, it's www.bleach7.com/.

      oh yea, I uploaded some new pics let me know if you liked em.


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