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    • *SPOILERS AHEAD* Vol 3 chapter 3 discussion

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      I loved this episode, Qrow is easily near the top of my favorite characters list!

      I also noted an inconsistency with Mercury. When he leaves the fight to go tell Cinder about Qrow, he mentions that Qrow was using a scythe, however he had left the fight before Qrow began to shift his sword into scythe mode.


      Everyone else's thoughts on the episode?

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    • NORA!!! :D

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      I wont give any spoilers so those who haven't seen episode 2 can see it for themselves, but Nora without a doubt has the coolest damn semblance to date! God I love her, shes incredible...

      Your thoughts?

      "Oooooh! We'll break his legs!"

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    • Jaune Fan Theory

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      There is no doubt about it...

      Jaune Arc could potentially be one of the strongest huntsmen to ever emerge in the world of Remnant. Not only due to his courage and boldness on the battlefield, but in the hidden greatness in his undiscovered Semblance.

      It is this Semblance, one even noted by Pyrrha for its greatness, as well as his mysterious sword and shield that I will be theorizing about in this post.


      I want to start with the known capabilities. Jaune has already shown that his Aura, like many others, can be used as a personal shield to fend off attacks, but he has already shown it to be capable of going beyond that. Note that when Pyrrha first explained what Aura was to Jaune, we saw Ren fighting with creatures of Grimm in the forest. Ren was successfully able to use his Aura to stop an incoming attack, and then focus his Aura into an attack defeating the Grimm. Skip ahead a few episodes into Forever Fall, and we're met with a similar instance; Jaune using his Aura not only to block a hit from Cardin, but the energy came out with such force that it deflected the attack right back to Cardin, causing him to be the one who was hurt (as well as healing all of Jaune's wounds instantaneously).

      That is quite an impressive feat Jaune, but there must be more to you than that.

      Lets talk for a little bit about his weapons shall we?

      As we all know, Jaune's sword and shield are somewhat "hand-me-downs" from his ancestors known to be fierce warriors from days past. While they don't seem to have any extraordinary capabilities on the outside, perhaps it's what's on the inside that counts? (that does sound like something Miles would say huh?). What if their true purpose is made to be conduits for Aura? Perhaps Jaune's ancestors too had massive amounts of Aura, and in order to use this in battle, they would project part of their Aura into their Sword and Shield allowing them to block nearly any attack, and strike with an almost unstoppable force. This could work seeing as how every time Pyrrha tries to unlock Jaune's Semblance, they appear to do so after their "swordplay" when Jaune sheathes his sword.

      For the next part of my theory, I want to talk about one of the soundtracks in RWBY vol 1&2 (now available on iTunes, and I highly recommend them).

      RWBY vol 1 soundtrack, Track #12 "Wings (feat. Casey Lee Williams)" has an underlying theme of someone not being able to understand their full potential, and that soon they will be lifted up, and they will fly. Interesting... I spent a while thinking about who this song could be addressing, since most of the songs from RT volumes including Red vs Blue always seem to be directly intended for a specific character. I believe this song is directly speaking to Jaune, and could possibly mean that he could have the ability to actually grow wings from his Aura, and literally fly!

      Lets talk about the name!

      Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls off the tongue right? Almost too right if you ask me. A lot of other popular theories try to associate his name with Joan of Arc, but I want to go down a different route. What is Arc was meant to be similar with the title of Arc Angel? This could tie in perfectly with my bit on the music theory. Jaune's ancestors could have been blessed with Angelic powers on the battlefield, being able to soar over enemies and strike from behind. If this is true, looks like Jaune will finally have his own landing strategy? ah? AH? well, I laughed at that anyway.

      This concludes my Theory so far. I may come back and expand on this theory some more if I see anything else that could match up! Feel free to comment with your own theory, or if you think I missed something that could line up with this one, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

      "Don't ever mess with my team - my friends!"

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    • Sunday Date and Xbox

      5 years ago


      Hello my numerous followers! (which is still currently next to none) here I am with another small update, and this time, it gets a little personal. I've been talking to a girl on my ship, and I finally build up the courage to ask her on a date. So this Sunday I am happy to say I will have a brilliant and beautiful girlfriend, who is also, like me, a hardcore gamer, and as of recently (with my help) has started to watch Red vs Blue. Wish me luck!

      In other news, with a new call of duty on the way from the makers of the modern warfare saga, Xbox had better put on its game face if it expects to keep up with play station. Being the only console with Halo on it is great, but will only take one so far.. best of luck Microsoft.

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      *To my Navy Federal card* I've been looking for you for a long time, now your going to help me do what i should have done YEARS ago... Your going to help me become a Sponsor... >:)

    • Doing things to my profile's naughty places

      5 years ago


      I've finally begun to start making modifications to my profile, and will soon be adding pictures of the things I do from time to time. Gotta go and get drunk now, bye!

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