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    • Cinnamon Rolls Too Good For This World, Too Pure

      3 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      So yesterday my friend and I got together to watch the finale of RWBY Volume 3. Last week we had joked about "making cinnamon rolls to watch the cinnamon rolls," and actually ended up doing it. We chose our favorite characters, mixed some food dye into homemade icing, and ended up with these sickly-sweet treats.


      Since my decorating skills have improved little since I made the Fallout cakes, it is ridiculously difficult to tell what we were going for when I took hold of the icing. So I'll go through and tell you what these are supposed to be.

      Here we have my plate of cinnamon rolls. Pink is Nora, with a not-too-bad icing rendition of her hammer symbol. Red is Ruby, with what is supposed to be a rose, but ended up looking like algae. Yellow is Yang, with the message 25% off. (Haha. Ha.)


      Next is my friend's plate (which was decorated by me, but she chose the characters). Purple is Blake, with a cute lil' kitty face on it. Blue is Weiss, with her usual crown and exaggerated disappointment. Green is Penny, with a dead face. (Hey, how much did you pay for that Penny cinnamon roll? Four quarters!)

      It was a lot of fun talking about our theories for the latest episode while making these, and then completely ignoring the cinnamon rolls while we were glued to the screen for the finale. Hopefully we can make some more for the RWBY Volume 4 premiere!

    • How to Freak Out Your Family - The Amazing Race Edition

      3 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      Step 1: Hear a commerical for the Amazing Race in the other room.

      Step 2: Run into the room unannounced.

      Step 3: Scream in excitement when you see Burnie and Ashley.

      Step 4: Don't explain yourself. Just stand there and appreciate seeing RT members on television.

      Step 5: Leave without explanation.

    • Feeding the Nerds

      3 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      So I somehow picked up a job at the local GameStop. And I somehow got roped into volunteering to bring food to tonight's release party. Now I debated just buying pizza and chips, taking the easy way out. But that doesn't say "Fallout," now does it?

      So I have two cola-flavored cakes cooling on my counter. One will be iced to look like a Nuka-Cola advertisement, and the other will have the Vault-Tec logo.

      Go hard or go home, right?

    • 4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      *screams about the twists in Until Dawn*

      *screams about the Hannibal Season 3 finale*

      *screams about Red vs Blue Episode 19*

    • Joining the World of Current Gen

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      Three years ago I bought a used Xbox 360 from my local GameStop. Since then I have been slowly making my way through whatever "older" games caught my eye. I never bought anything new; the only game cases without considerable wear came at Christmas. And I was alright being years behind the gaming world.

      Yesterday I walked out of Best Buy with a new PS4 sporting 500gb of storage and a digital copy of The Last of Us: Remastered. Also in my possession were hard copies of Bloodborne and Until Dawn. And let me tell you that at that moment I was the happiest girl in the world. I had joined the current generation of gaming.

    • Just because I didn't go to RTX...

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      ... doesn't mean I wasn't keeping up with everything that happened. You can bet you cute lil' butts I had my eyes glued to social media tracking the big announcements. One panel I was particularly interest in was for 'RWBY,' because I have a strong connection with the show. So once the main announcements were out I decided the news was far too great not to share. And, since 'RWBY' is technically an anime, and I am technically the only writer for the anime section at my job... This happened: 'RWBY' Volume Three Set to Release Late 2015.

      Of course this wasn't the first time I wrote about 'RWBY,' Nor will it be my last. Once the show is in its next volume my boss wants me to write a weekly recap/review for it, which is similar to what I did with 'Once Upon a Time' and am currently doing with 'Hannibal.'

      Hopefully one day I will be reporting from the front lines of conventions, but for now I'm happy with what I can do to spread the word~

    • Portfolio of Oddities

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      One of the interesting things about freelance journalism (emphasis on free) covering television, anime, and movies is the portfolio you build after awhile. When applying for other writing positions you want to send in your most popular pieces, but those can be a bit odd when viewed as a whole.

      Currently the most popular thing I have ever published is a review on an episode of Once Upon a Time, followed closely by a feature detailing the "Top Five Most Gruesome Deaths" of Hannibal Season One. And, just to add a bit of randomness to my work, another highly viewed article of mine details the "Top Ten Most Important Lessons" My Little Pony has taught viewers young and old.

      So if I were to send in a portfolio to another website right now I would basically be shoving fairy tales, murder, and technicolor ponies into the face of a potential employer. Of course I would like to think my portfolio shows a healthy amount of genre versatility.

    • Post-College Life

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      What it's like being out of college with a major that only counts if you go to graduate school and become a scholar, and the one thing that college taught you is that you do NOT want to be a scholar:


      But on the bright side I can research and analyze like a boss. Which is proving to be fairly useful in my blossoming freelance career as an entertainment journalist, and even has its application in my current job as a reservationist.

      So the lesson here is that there is a bright side to everything. smiley12.gif

    • Proud Lizard Father

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      This was the scene I didn't realize I needed in Red vs. Blue. smiley12.gif







    • The Real World

      4 years ago

      JECheres Mercy Main

      One week from now I will leave the final class of my college career. Walking up the steps to the Wren Chapel I will ring the bell, signifying that my time at William and Mary has come to a close.

      Faced with "the real world," by friends and I find ourselves in a state of nervous excitement. Almost none of us have "adult" jobs. Most of us spend our days writing cover letters during lectures and watching our emails for any indication that our dreams can can come true. Some of us are facing the irony that most jobs require three to five years of experience, but the past three to five years we've spent in school trying to earn a degree to even qualify for those jobs. We have spent our time locked in the library, heads buried into books, struggling against time and the expectations we felt the world was placing on us, but in reality we were placing them on ourselves.

      So where are we now? Soon-to-be graduates of one of the most revered colleges in the country, almost as helpless as we were on the day of our high school graduation.


      College does this weird thing to you where it makes you determine what you actually care about. It's simultaneously stressful and freeing, and challenging in the strangest of ways. When I left high school I thought I was going somewhere very different than where I am currently heading. Back then I would have been devastated had I seen the path I'm on now. But in reality what I didn't know then, that I know now, is what I want. There are places I want to go, a kick-ass group of people I want to work for, and things that I want to accomplish. And I am far happier on this path than I ever was setting off down the road my 18-year old self chose.

      So, I may not have an "adult" job. None of my friends may have an "adult" job. Life may be kicking most us in the ass with the irony of needing experience for a job to gain experience. But we sure as hell know exactly what we want. And, one way or another, with the skills we possess and the work experience we've picked up here and there, we will definitely achieve our goals. It just may take a little longer than we hoped for.

      But, hey, people always say it's about the journey, right? So we might as well enjoy it. smiley12.gif

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    • Intergalctic_Godfather A deal you can't refuse

      3 years ago

      so based on your tag... you like Hunter X Hunter?

      • JECheres FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Mercy Main

        3 years ago

        Sorry but no, although I have been told many, many times that I need to watch that anime. My tag is actually a reference to the game Bloodborne. In the game you can assist a character, Eileen the Crow, who "neutralizes" hunters who have gone crazy and are a threat to themselves and others. If you complete her quest line she passes along her role to you, and you become the next Hunter of Hunters. (You also unlock her weapon, which is one of the best in the base game.) Bloodborne in my favorite game, and she's my favorite character, so when it came time to choose something other than "Sponsor" for my tag it was the first thing I thought of, haha.

        I've actually been re-binging Bloodborne for the past couple days, because I have some crazy idea that there's a chance I can go platinum in it before Dark Souls III comes out. But most likely I'll be stuck in a seemingly endless loop of suffering with only brief tastes of victory. As is the SoulsBorne way. But if you have a PS4, I'd seriously recommend giving the game a try!

    • Giries PA Guardian

      4 years ago

      I guess since no else has done it yet, I will be the first. Welcome to the RT community and site, home of the cockbites on the internet!. Hope you've been enjoying your stay, and if you have any questions about the site in general, feel free to ask. smiley0.gifsmiley13.gif

      • JECheres FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Mercy Main

        4 years ago

        Hello~ Thank you for the kind welcome and your aid in the chatroom earlier! I will be sure to take up your kind offer if I have any questions. I've never been in a place where there are so many cock bites. I'm sure this will be an interesting stay.

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