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from Fredericksburg, VA

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      Username: J-Jo
      Age: 24
      From: USA
      Sponsor: Yup
      Date Joined: 10/24/13
      Last Signed in: ... Right now?

      Rooster Teeth Content:

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red vs Blue episode 1 season 1
      Last Podcast you watched: Uuuuh... It was a couple months ago...
      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Joel
      Did you watch an RT video today: Was going to but I got tagged. :P
      -If no why not?: I just got home from work and I got on the site to watch stuff but I had a notification.
      Favorite RT Series: Red vs Blue
      Favorite RT video: The DMV RT Short.

      RT Site:

      Current Number Of Notifications: 0
      Name of first Journal: Tagged
      Name of your latest Journal: Tagged, as in this one which is my only one.
      Last Photo you uploaded: Pics of my Food Fight Lie Ren cosplay.
      Last Thread you commented on: Welcome new people? Which may or may not have been the title?
      First group in your group list: Where do I find this list?
      Last Private message sent to: I've sent one of those?

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score: IDon't have any gaming consoles other than a DS
      Total Trophies: ... I have a 6th place ribbon from horseback riding does that count?
      Team Lads or Team Gents: Lads
      Favourite Achievement Hunter: Ray
      Minecraft Skin: I think it's Neo from RWBY?
      Favourite AH show: Let's Play

      The Community:
      Favourite Group: None have stood out to me.
      Have you gone to a community event: Nope.
      Have you gone to RTX: No, it keeps conflicting with Anime Expo! XD
      Favourite Fellow Community member:

      Tag 5 people to do this: Not really a fan of tagging people so just do this if you want and if not then don't!

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    • conrad500

      5 years ago

      Welcome to the site! Great cosplays!

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