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    • life and the internet

      3 years ago


      a lot has changed in three months, and I haven't been online nearly as much as I'd have liked to be but here's a quick rundown:

      - roommate turned into an ex-roommate with no warning which gave me a nice three weeks to find summer housing

      - finally gettin that manager title at work

      - new cat, new roommate, new apartment

      So I haven't had a TV for a few months (no Xbox gaming), and I've been at work a lot (too much), and all the rest of my time is going to a lot of strange new connections! Life! What can you do. I'm psyched for RTX but also nervous that I haven't been able to catch up as much as I'd like. I'm worried I'm just one of those old fans stuck in the past...

      So, that's it really. Just wanted to show a little of my life outside the internet.


    • third time is a charm

      3 years ago


      I feel like I need to make a post here since it's been sooo long. This is the third time I've tried to get back in RoosterTeeth in the last year, and so far it's been going great. So I guess, here's just an update!

      - I got back into RWBY, which was awful and a mistake and I hate everything after the finale.

      - I'm checking out Funhaus (they're the ""new guys"" for me still, I've been away a long time) and slowly trying to catch back up on all the Achievement Hunter I've missed.

      - still podcasting it, of course, except now there's like a million to keep track of

      Other than that....I've just bought my ticket to RTX2016!! #itslit


    • RTX2016 Carpool

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      When I went to RTX in 2014 I carpooled there with a few other people- it usually saves a ton of money on flights, especially if you can get three or four people in the car. I'm trying to see if anyone is interested this year!

      The drive itself is about 17 hours, and with rotating drivers there's no need for hotels along the way. For this to be successful we really just need:

      1. A car that the owner is willing to let other people drive along the way (unless you're some freakish person who can drive for 17 hours straight)

      2. At least three people (it's probably not as worth it with just two)

      3. Matching schedules- I'm not leaving Austin till the 5th, and I was planning on leaving Florida on the 29th (I think...I don't remember what I requested at work)

      Please let me know if anyone is interested! It's a good way to save money on flights and bond with strangers in a small environment!

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    • 3 years ago

    • Casually Returning to the Land of the Living

      5 years ago


      It's been, what, ten months since I've posted on here? And now here I am again, getting ready for RTX number two.

      So what have I been up to...I finished a year of college, changed my degree to Journalism, played a lot of games, and traveled a bit. Not much else.

      Seriously I was planning on writing some nice "oh hey I'm back!" post, but my complete lack of anything noteworthy kinda killed that.

      Anyways, hopefully I won't disappear for another year after this!


    • RTX Day 3...not late at all...

      5 years ago


      Well this last month has been insane...after I got home from RTX, everything kicked off. I haven't had the time to sit down and write out my final post about RTX until today. So just pretend this is from about a month ago.

      The third day of RTX was just as busy as the first two. A few of us from the first two days got up ridiculously early to get in line for the Slo Mo Guys shoot. Luckily, we stood next to some entertaining people who kept us from falling asleep. The shoot itself went pretty well- we were in the first two lines of filming, and it was pretty fun to hit Dan and Gavin with water balloons.

      After the shoot, we went and dried off (the people in the far rows had less clear of targets and mainly hit us), and then went our separate ways. I headed off to stand in line for the live podcast, where I ran into a friend from the mixer. After standing for about an hour, we all got seated- luckily everyone fit. The podcast was probably one of the best ones I've seen...Jack and Joel's little soap opera was hilarious.

      Once the podcast was over, Cody and I decided to wait in line to see Joel. That turned out...interesting. We ended up waiting till about 5, with Kara and Barbara keeping us all company. Once we were done there, we looked through the merch store before the guardians started showing us out. I actually ran into a lot of my friends from day one again at the airport the next day, which was pretty great.

      Overall RTX was a huge success- I'll definitely go next year, and I hope I run into everyone else again.


    • RTX Day 2

      5 years ago


      Yesterday might have been busy, but it had nothing on today. My convention friend and I woke up at an inhumane hour to attend the Achievement Hunter panel- the late night and early morning did a number on us, but the panel certainly made up for it by being fantastic, as expected.

      After the AH panel, we headed downstairs to watch the live Assassin's Creed 4 Let's Play- another great decision. By the end, our group from yesterday had found us and invited us to Gordo's. My friend and I then made it back for the Slow Mo Guys panel (which, for an unprinted panel, was packed) and really enjoyed ourselves there.

      The Mixer was the last event for the evening...it was a fun experience, but our group decided to leave early. We had actually stayed up with this same group till the early hours of Saturday morning, so I wasn't sure if tonight would be the same. Instead, we decided to get pizza on 6th and split to our separate hotels and get ready for possibly being a part of Sunday's shoot.

      I can't believe there's only one day left of RTX this year...it's gone by so quickly.


    • RTX Day 1

      5 years ago


      Today has been an absolute blast- I've met some great friends and seen really awesome content. It's weird to think that my first RTX is already a third over. I've been super impressed by the whole thing- all the crew is helpful, the cast is patient and inviting, and the attendees are friendly and ready to talk. It feels a big old family vacation, but with 10000 people and most of them strangers.

      Today was mainly walking around the exhibition hall, but my group also took the time to see the RWBY panel. After that excellent nonsense, we all headed downstairs to be surprised by a live Let's Play. Always fun.

      Unfortunately, Geeks Who Drink met max capacity before we could get in. Instead, we're headed to a community karaoke event- we'll see how that goes.

      All in all, it's been an incredible first day and I can't wait till torrow.


    • The Necessary "How I Got Here" Post

      5 years ago


      I'll be flying to Texas for RTX in just under ten hours, so I figured now was as good a time as any to make my first journal here!

      I was introduced to Rooster Teeth over a few years, through two of my best friends. One had been mentioning something called "Red vs Blue" to me for about two years, but every time I went to watch it I had school or some other nonsense going on. What ended up happening was that I would see the odd episode of an early season, then watch some short that she would email to me. It went on like this until about February.

      In February, the other friend sent me a link to a Minecraft Let's Play. She kind of had to force me to watch it at first, but by the end she didn't have to force me to go watch all the previous ones (we had started with Clouds, I believe).

      From there it was just a downward spiral through Achievement Hunter, into the Podcast and the Shorts and just everything. And at the end was Red vs Blue (which thanks to fantastic friend number one, I am able to watch on her DVDs).

      So I really ended up where I started; but with a lot more useless knowledge, a deeper love of construction through cubes, and a spiritual connection to a bunch of idiots in a canyon.

      - J

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    • MsRoseRed

      5 years ago

      Hiya! It's been a while. How've you been? :DD

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