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    • Downloading streaming video from various

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      I am in the process of building a PVR but my funds are currently limited (as they are with all of us right?)

      So here is my question. I know all these TV stations out there have "on-demand" viewing online. But certain channels only keep 1-2 episodes on the site by the time I get a chance to go and watch it one of the episodes I missed is gone.

      I need a program that will download these episodes from sites like:

      Fox, USA network, The CW, TNT, CBS... Whatever.

      No I do not intend to sell any video or anything like that. I just want to download the episode so I can save it until I get a chance to watch it. I've come across multiple programs that say I can do this but all of them are "capture" programs. They force you to play the video while the "recorder" well.. records it. If I had time to do that I'd just watch the damn video.

      Any assistance would be great. Either PM me or put something on here. I thank you for reading.

      Justin (Wade)

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    • Site TOS and age.

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      Terms of Use, Article 1, Line 1:
      Members must be 16 years of age or older and that they are eligible to enter into this Agreement"

      Why is it, in the past 10 minutes i've come across 5 people of people flat out admitting. "I'm not 16, i'm 15" or younger.. why aren't these people getting banned? personally i don't care if they are here as long as they show some sort of intelligent. it's just a point.

      I got bored one day, went and neg modded every post someone had made.. (yeah i know children, but like i said i was bored. also rather drunk and it sounded like alot of fun. but that is another story) anyways, the Mods/Admin contacted me and stated that what i was doing was in violation of TOU, due to the fact that i was "stalking and harassing" or something along those lines..

      i was in violation, i admitted it and i stopped.. these children are in violation.. they are admitting it.. and nothing is being done.


      Justin (Wade)

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    • File Converter for Videos

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      Okay, heres the deal.. i just downloaded a video from Itunes, and i'm pissed i don't like using Itunes but it's of course in m4v, and i want to convert it to.. whatever.. i really don't care what i convert it to.. be it Avi, or WMV (maybe that cause i'm gonna buy a Zune soon)

      Anyways, does anyone know of a converter i can use? thanks.

      Justin (Wade)

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    • OGM and MKV formats..

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      Maybe this is the wrong forum.. but.. anyways

      i have alot of Anime DVD's and i'm trying to convert them to OGM or MKV i'm moving and i'm leavin' alot of stuff at my parents house but i would like to take my anime with me on an external hard drive you know?

      i want to be able to keep the English/Japanese Audio and the subtitles (where i can turn them off) if anyone know's how to do this.. please let me know, it would help out alot.

      i am aware that i can copy the ISO file and just load it on my computer but i don't want to do that, that is more data then i need.. anyways thanks

      Justin (Wade)

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    • a stupid Ipod question

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      Hey guys, i've never played around with it before.. and i can't find anything on the net about it.. but does an Ipod work with Windows media player.. or do i have to use the Itunes program?

      like i said.. a stupid question.. but.. i honestly don't know.. lol

      Justin (Wade)

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    • burning DVD's

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      Hey guys, i've got a simple question, i'm attempting to burn an already burnt DVD.. but the program i have wont let me burn that.. (the one i am using is a factory one) does anyone have a suggestion as to what i can use?

      my friend has a huge burnt movie collection, some movies i want to get for my own.. anyways thanks

      Justin (Wade)

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    • Windows XP (simple questions)

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      Simple question.. i installed Windows XP, i need to do another Reformat of my hard drive. so.. um.. would my activation key (yes it's legal) still work even though i've used it before.. (i know when i try to put it on another computer i get the whole "this activation key has exceeded it's limit" so.. yeah.. anyone know?


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    • Logging in with two screen names

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      Well, i don't do alot of forum posting so i'm not sure if this is where i should post this but i have a simple question. I'm trying to log into a site with Two Screen Names at once.. But of course much like this site i can't.. does anyone know anything i can do? and please don't say get a second computer lol. anyways yeah so that you and i hope you all can help. And keep in mind i'm not looking to do it on this site and i'm mostly curious about it more then anything. is it even possiable?

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