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    • L.A. Noire, not a very nice review.

      8 years ago


      I'll say it right off the bat, L.A. Noire let me down as a consumer. I was promised a game with a nearly unrivaled central story and immersive game-play all a cool interrogation play-style. What I got was Red Dead Redemption (Which I disliked with a passion) set in post World War II America with a character I couldn't care less about. Why does Rockstar insist on churning out awesome sounding games that bank on people having enjoyed the GTA series? Sure, the game sounds great on paper and in commercials but in real game-play it just kind of fizzles out. Now granted, I have just now gotten into the "Broken Butterfly" case but for crying out loud, I shouldn't feel required to turn the game on to see if the story does ever get rolling.
      Your character is totally undeveloped and just doesn't illicit any kind of emotional response from me. I can't even really go into detail on him since there is no depth to delve into.
      The whole interrogation thing is kind of fun for the first three cases but after that I just got bored. The people being questioned act pretty stupid. Reactions to certain questions seem very out of place. Sometimes they either over-react or just don't seem to care. Cole will also act rather odd at times. He will go from being a pretty nice guy just asking about some things to a total ass if you say the person is lying. Damn Cole, I told you the kid was lying about her memory not that she had killed the guy! So that whole aspect seems a little off. And after a few cases, the witnesses start giving tells that they are lying but in reality they were simply caught up in looking at the butterfly over your shoulder. This makes for a very distracting game experience. I know it is supposed to be hard and you need to both watch them and also must listen to their story but it all gets to being tedious.
      Voice acting of some characters are impeccable. Your Irish Captain is perfect at his role but less necessary NPCs sound wrong for either the period or for the situation; again tying into odd reactions of characters.
      Fighting is fine I guess, it's just GTA sifted through Red Dead then refined into something sort of like the Godfather game. Chases are fun but don't feel as hectic as I had hoped for. I wanted to be running through traffic firing my weapon so cars would stop as I flew past them... Instead a chase happens across linear rooftops and back alleys.
      Driving is probably my favorite aspect of the entire game... Not what I was looking for in a game that revolves around a "great" central plot. I had more fun in driving around finding hidden car parks and flying through the train-yard areas and the far southwest portion of the map.
      Game "physics" like the running and in game actions are just as jerky as Red Dead was. I do enjoy that when going down stairs, Cole will stay in the middle if you just press forward. Jumping and climbing are okay but are what I would expect from a standard sandbox game.
      Graphics are great for interviews but everything else is comparable to GTA IV if you ask me (Perhaps it's better on PS3) but again, this is to be expected from an enormous map sandbox game.
      All in all I would give it a 6/10. I guess if you really love Rockstar or just want a game to play for a long time then yeah, go and get it. But I regret paying $60 plus for day one release.

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      Reacher is the most badass badass ever. Of all time.

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