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      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?


      WTF is with this Bullshit!!!

      I wanted a weekend plus and you told me they were all fuckn GONE! and so i got a regular weekend pass and SUDDENLY!!! POOF!!

      NOW there are MORE?!!


      I wanted a weekend plus!!! now i'm stuck with basic because I was told THERE WASN'T ANY LEFT!!

      This will be my ONLY chance to go to RTX!! I got a flight with a 9hour stop over for FUCK SAKE! rage

      Go fuck your self with a shovel!

    • oh shit

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      I just bought a ticket for RTX...

      holy fuck....

      I need to make PLANS!

    • goodbye

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      my Ruby is gone to be with dad. I know it was for the best because she
      was so sick and in pain, she wouldn't have made the weekend, but i can't
      stop crying.







    • one last time

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?


      I told you so!

    • hurtfull things

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      I know i've been posting a lot depressing thing on my journals lately, and i'm sorry for that, but i need a outlet that is kinda private from my 'real life'. I can say things here and ask things i can't to my friends. I will post happy again but not right now..

      I wanna ask you.

      Whats the most hurtful thing your parents ever said to you? 

      I told mom one time i wanted to go to craft college. There is one about 8h away and another across the bay about a day away. specializing in different courses i was interested in learning to do properly. I had looked them up and was telling her about this. 

      This is of course after she had been trying to convince me to go back to college (the local one about 4min from my house) and get something I will like(because at the time (still do) hate my job). telling me she would help me in anyway she could.

      There was nothing i wanted. Nothing i NEW i could do. I already have a 2 year course in IT web technology, that is useless. I didn't even understand what a SERVER did till after i graduated. and i was building web pages!! I didn't even wanna learning that! I wanted to do the shit Rooster teeth was doing!

      anyway, i was telling her all the things i could learn and do and she started.

      the listing...

      the Negative listing.

      Instead of asking questions, or being sportive i get the list of reasons why i shouldn't. as if i'm to stupid to know even the basics of what to do.

      You will need to move away

      you will have to get an apartment

      you will have to pay for the apartment

      you will have to get a job while your there to pay for it.

      So you will have to go to school and then work the rest of the time.

      you might have to share one with someone and who would you find?

      What about your cat? are you just gonna leave her here?

      You will have to pay for your own materials, you know they don't supply that right?

      You will have to drive a long way just to get home. that's gonna be a lot of gas,

      you will have to do your own laundry and cooking and cleaning and etc... etc...

      You don't know a single person there.

      It's going to be very expensive and what will you get out of it?

      You will have to get a phone, 

      you will have to get a new mailing address
      are you going to live up there all summer?

      and the last one. the one that broke me.

      "Who would hire you?!"

      that question. that's the question that made me cry myself to sleep more then once.

      Who would hire you? 

      I wasn't sassy back then. I had an answer on my tongue but i didn't say it. She's my mother... i can't talk back.

      "Can't i work for myself?" I waned to say this so bad.

      As if working for myself wasn't even an option. I had to have a job and a signed contract before I should even consider looking up the college again. 

      Thats what that felt like. A back hand to the mouth. LIke telling me i'm worthless. My little hobbies are nothing more then hobbies and I could never make a living off it! 


      me?! make and sell things for a living?! Like the only reason ANYONE buys my things is not because they are good, but because they take pity on me!! Like i'm the equivalent of a child selling lemonade by the side of the road. It's shitty and no one wants it, but they will give you $0.50 to make you feel like a special little kid!

      I know she didn't mean it to hurt me, but it DID break me. 

      I wanted to learn a trade. Properly, from skilled people who could teach me how to take this 'hobbies' of mine and make it into a business. make money with them and do something i love. that i actually have some skills at. 

      but who would hire me?

    • Don't think about it

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      This year is off to a shitty start.

      There was a fire last week not far from here. 

      4 kids died. all under the age of 7.


      Don't think about it.

      That means I've met all those kids at least once. When they were born in the hospital. 

      Don't think about it.

      I brought their mom dinner more the once while there.

      don't think about it.

      The youngest only 2 months old..

      don't think about it.

      Don't think of the father my age in ICU in a medically induced coma, covered in burns trying to save his kids.

      Don't think of that mother who is walking up and down the halls with his haunting lost look in her eye.

      Don't think of the cadaver dogs they brought in from the city to find the body's of the babies.

      Don't think of the parents who's only physical memories they have of their children are now just a few facebook pictures. not even a shoe or a shirt of theirs. 

      Don't think of the empty look in his eye when you delivered his dinner today. another that he didn't eat because whats the fucken point when your kids are all dead?!

      Don't think of the fact that when they do get out of the hosptial they don't even have a home to go back to.

      Don't tking about

      Don't think about it.

      Don't think about it.

      Don't think about it....

      don'think about it....


      Stop crying!

    • Twas a week before Chrismtas

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      Twas a week before Christmas and at a friends house, 

      Coronation st was over, 

      so mom had to bounce.

      Out the door she sprung without a thought or care,

      unaware of the danger lurking out there.

      A slip and a bang, she was down for the count, 

      a string of curse words she muttered out loud. 

      Up she got, then brushed herself off, 

      and home she drove without another thought.

      Through the front door she fumbled with a great clatter, 

      I sprung from my craft room to see what was the matter.

      "I slipped and fell, would you get me some ice?" 

      "Mom your arm!" I exclaimed, " It doesn't look right!"

      "It's fine, it's fine i can still move my fingers," she said with a wiggle, "I'll be fine in a few days, this problem won't linger."

      "It's turning BLACK!!" I stated a matter of fact. 

      My cries fall on deaf ears, nothing new about that.

      As much as I pleaded and begged her to go, she insisted she's fine. 

      I'm just her daughter after all, 

      What the hell do I know?(insert sarcasm here)

      The next day it's swollen, and all different colors, 

      "You should see a doctor!" I continuously mutter.

      Wednesday passes, Thursday and Friday too.

      "My other friends agree, you should see a doctor too."

      Finally the Saturday before Christmas eve, 

      after a threat from a former nurse to call 911, 

      she yields to the pleas.

      "I'm at OPD", I get a text about 3.

      "To prove all of you wrong!! I'm FINE! You will see!!"

      The hours go by on the busy winter day,

       car accidents, and other emergency flood the Hospital bay.

      "The doc want some x-rays," she send about 8.

      "I can't imagine why," I exaggerate.

      At 9:36 on the eve before eve, I'll never forget the text I received.

      Three little words to make my heart flutter! Something so simple sent to me from my mother! 

      "You were right." she texts me.

      "Yes I know."

      It shouldn't never have been this hard to get her to go.


      But HELL! 

      What do I know?!

      OK, so it's not perfect, and version i told mom about 2h ago rhymed much better, but then again i'm practly eleletrret

      Here's hopeing 2018 is better then how this last few weeks went! lol

      Happy New year everyone!

    • 3 little words

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      There are 3 little words i don't hear nearly as much as i would like.

      "You were right"

      just sometimes i wish it wasn't about somethings. 

      me: "wow, mom i think your arm is broken, you better go to the hosptial"

      mom: "na its fine"

      took 4 days before she finally went in. stubborn thing!

      mom : I thought it would hurt

    • Christmas, uniforms and 272hours of holiday and vacation

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      start with the bad.

      we are going to get uniforms at work. I don't want to. so much HATE! rant for another day, TRYING to be happy for fuck sake!

      the bad, but getting better.

      Christmas is almost over, Thank god! I've got all of mom's gifts so i just need to sit down tomorrow and wrap them all up. I know all of what i'm getting couse i picked them all out myself pretty much.

      Christmas for me and mom is just really and excuse to buy what we wanted all year long and just say, "here, give this to me for xmas."

      For my half brothers and sister its a store bought gift, and for my actual friends it usually something i make. it was paintings last year and this year.... its another painting.... hey, i'm a one trick pony.

      ETSY!!?? WTF I love you!! it was so slow and dead and then BAM! End of November hit me like a bus! well not really, but i got about a sale a day and thats alot of me, and then one day i got 5 sales in one day! that was NUTS! evey time i finished packing up one item my phone would go Cha-CHING! It was amazing! 

      is that what success feels like?

      So the boss called me into the office the other day, "hey jade, umm, you have about 272.3 hours of vanactoin and holiday you should use up before april first."

      because getting payed out just means it gets taken in taxs, its better to just sit home and get paid...


      for the next 3 months i an working 2 days a week..... yepo... gonna have no excuse now to watch all of RWBY and catch up on all those thread that have been building up in my noticications. and get my craft room moved around and get those YouTube videos up and running again, and finish those projects promised years ago.

      actually thats not completely true. because i can carry over 35h into next year, and even takeing my short day off and 2 long day that still leaves me with about 55.5hours of times i need to spend by april first so ya... 

      lots of time to get shit done.

      anyone know a free animation program i can use? feel the need to doodle some stories.

    • not so merry

      1 year ago

      JadeTiger what?

      "It's what you make it!"

      "Where's your Christmas sprite?"

      "You're only sad because you wanna be."

      "You should be happy its Christmas!"

      If i completely vanish from here one day know it was for murdering my stupid as FUCK co-worker!!!

      SERIOUSLY? HOW fucking IGNORANT can one human be??! Wait, don't answer that, i know.

      I'll give you some advice! When someone it mad or sad at Christmas time, IT'S NOT A FUCKING CHOICE YOU BRAIN DEAD DIP SHIT!! 


      For FUCK sake!! It's a sad time for A LOT of people! We don't all have the JOY of celebrating it with friends and family! 

      As we get older, people we love ... aren't there any more... there not there to help get a tree and decorate it... pick out gifts... spend time with.. talk to.. hug...

      You get the decorations out and there is dad's Christmas sock... and you wanna hang it up, but looking at it makes you wanna cry.

      Its a hard time of the year. It hurts. It hurts to be alone, and i'm not happy. 

      I'm sitting here crying i can't help it 

      This was always dad's holiday, his favorite time. He would get so excited like watching a little kid, it was so cute.

      I remember he would lay in bed xmas morning and cough LOUDLY till i woke up, because i needed to be the first one up but he couldn't wait so he would cheat the system. 

      You just find him one with his name on it and he would rip it open without even bothering to see who it was from, and mom would get mad at him for it, lol.

      I always got one big gift evey year and it was hidden in the back and he would be like, "whats that behind the tree? hmm Holly it looks big, wonder who its for?"

      miss you dad, especially this time of year.

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    • laflower1966

      3 years ago

      hey I'm going to say that church will be back because in all the serise of red vs blue or other shows they always bring back there characters on all of there show we just have to wait for a season or two and then they're back and one of the ai's that are coming back I agent texas.

    • laflower1966

      3 years ago

      umm I just looked up what season 14 might look like and I think when it starts its not going to be a long story line like the blood gulch crhonicles or like season 13 aka charon trilogy it will be a anthology.an anthology is basically like a shor poem or short stories about characters lives and the creator miles luna said he doesn't thing it will last more than one season,but he also said its just an idea. If this does happen where basically going over things that we already know and I'm going to hate it because I don't think in my opinion its going to start from where we left off from. ;(

    • laflower1966

      3 years ago

      hey my question is that if church really dissappeard do you think that this is going to be the worst next season, or do you think they're going to find away to bring church and tex back alive and don't for get omegas in doc right so the ai that looks like omega all the way on the left last episode of the season tex because texas is still and ai and he still haves her as a fragment?!!!!

    • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the Rooster Teeth community I hope you have a great time here

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        Goodnight, see you tomorrow

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        4 years ago

        need to save my money, wanna go to china first and see the great wall. That will make 3 wonders of the world for me! The Colosseum, and Chichen Itza. My mom only need to see the Wall and Machu Picchu. she's a lot more traveled then me.

        gtg to bed, thanks for the chat!

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        Yeh you'll have a good time down here its quite fun, looking forward to you being here

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        4 years ago

        boooo.. ohwell thanks for telling me :)

        so your from Australia? thats awesome, its on my list of places to go some day. I do end up selling alot of my crafts and plushies there, and i was in www.reart.com this year too, but Melbourne is quite a ways away from Sydney when it was held.

      • mattbab4 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        Sorry there is no tex poster

      • JadeTiger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold what?

        4 years ago

        Thanks so much! I'm not much of a talker really, more of a lurker on forms and things, but it just looks like so much fun on here! And I love rvb even thought i'm not a gamer, I'm in it for the sass, lol.

        Maybe you could answer me a question I've had for a while, I am relatively new to RT and the shops and items in there, was there ever a 'Tex best quotes' poster made?

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